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Amalfi Coast Travel Guide

Amalfi Coast Travel Guide

Consider this Part 2 of your Italian travel guide. As I said in the one for Lake Como, Michael is such a good planner. He researches and books reservations and just really plans out everything perfectly. Here we go with our favorite spots for food and drinks on the Amalfi Coast.

Amalfi Coast Travel Guide:

Da Paolino

Get the fish. It’s a whole show and display. The vibes are vibing and everyone’s there to have a ball. The lemon sorbet was immaculate with a mint tea. One cocktail then we switched to red wine because the food is the kind you want red wine with. GO IN THE HUGE DESSERT ROOM AND GET ALL THE LEMON DESSERTS. So good.

La Fontelina

An iconic spot. There are a million different spritz options. We tried every kind of spritz which was a fun game. You can’t go wrong with the lemon, buttery pasta. Zaza had homemade vanilla ice cream with a huge cookie, which ended with me needing to get an Affogato with the homemade vanilla ice cream. The view is stunning and reminds me of a real life Slim Aaron picture.

Dinner at Aurora

This is a perfect dinner spot. If you go in you will see every celebrity on the walls who loves this place. The pizza is 10/10. I got a La Piscine de Champagne that fit the mood of the place. Next door there’s super cute shopping- everything is like lemon themed which is fun. There’s this little kid’s shop next door that has very chic outfits for kids.

TSC Amalfi Coast Travel Guide
Lauryn and Michael Amalfi Coast Travel Guide
The Bossticks Amalfi Coast Travel Guide
Lauryn in Italy

Hotel La Palma

Go for drinks and soak in the design, furniture and energy. This is an adult spot and ideal for an aperitif before dinner OR a night cap. Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc owners just opened this in Capri- they know their stuff.

Nightlclub Anema e Core

Michael insisted we go to this club- I am not a big clubber but this was cool. Great band and energy. Also the restaurant takes a picture of you and your friends and puts it on a bottle of champagne which is fun.

Conca Del Sogno

MY FAVORITE. The waiters are a HOOT. So funny and they’re constantly keeping things spicy. They dance and sing and bring out lemon sorbet (that they soak in vodka). It’s a party restaurant but also a leisurely lunch but also you could bring kids. It’s a rare breed of a restaurant and FUN. The decor is major.

Il San Pietro di Positano

HOLY SHIT- this place is INSANE. The food was my favorite. Get a bottle of Brunello and bring good friends- you will sit around the table and just tell stories for hours. THE PIZZA ! THE PASTA ! THE STEAK ! Go early for a cocktail on the terrace. They have this smoked Mezcal margarita situation that is TO DIE.

Lauryn red lady jacket

Pupetto Beach Club

A little beach spot with good pizza. Kind of crowded but I liked it for an early lunch. An outside restaurant so it was HOT. Bring a Squeeze Breeze LOL.

Il Riccio

Exclusive beach club with cute, little stairs to the beach. Food is 100%. View is idyllic. You can’t go wrong.

Le Sireneuse

Another good one. This restaurant has impeccable design, tablescapes, food, alcohol, entertainment. I was losing it the whole time because every detail was thought out. Go for cocktails early and sit and watch the sunset- very romantic. AND make sure the band comes to your table and plays Italian jazz.

Giardino Eden

You can swim here so bring your bathing suit. You take a boat to this restaurant so it’s a trek but worth it. THE BEST PRAWNS I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE. There’s like a pesto sauce they have too that’s incredible. Fun for kids. OH and get an Affogato. YUM.

If you’ve been to the Amalfi Coast, let us know your favorite places to go, things to do, and where to eat in the comments below so we can all use this as a resource.

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