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Alyssa Lynch’s Morning Routine, Healthy Hacks & Ride-or-Die Skincare Products

Alyssa Lynch's Morning Routine, Healthy Hacks & Ride-or-Die Skincare Products

Alyssa Lynch is on The Skinny Confidential today! She is someone who I’ve totally admired in the influencer space. She always provides value & creates beautiful content.

We met at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show on the steps of The Plaza Hotel, about to go in for a workout. She had glowing skin, a real wellnessy vibe about her & was absolutely stunning.

Alyssa & I kept in touch over Instagram & it was so fun to follow along as she got facials from Sonya Dakar ( one of my favorites, who is also in GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE SUN ), shared her healthy tips & why she loves her HOT MESS ICE ROLLER.

It’s so great that she’s on the blog today because I thought she could provide you guys with lots of takeaways from her favorite snacks & skincare, to her tips for getting out of a funk.

Without further ado, let’s welcome influencer, blogger & entrepreneur Alyssa Lynch to the blog.

Alyssa Lynch’s Morning Routine, Healthy Hacks & Ride-or-Die Skincare Products

Introduce yourself to The Skinny Confidential audience.

Alyssa Lynch: Well hello! I’m Alyssa Lynch! A 26 year old Canadian girl now living in Los Angeles, CA. I was an actress when I moved out here but slowly made the transition over to the influencer world, & focus on lifestyle & wellness, & really just all the things I’m super passionate about. 

I know you love a morning routine. Can you break yours down for us?

 AL: I wake up & I take three deep breaths. I go put the kettle on & feed my dog. Then I meditate for five minutes & I journal in my gratitude journal.

Next I go over my day, my goals for the day, & what my schedule looks like. I visualize it & write it all down, & then go make my Bulletproof black coffee while posting to social media.

I apply my Highline Wellness CBD Eye Balm, & then use my THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL HOT MESS ICE ROLLER & DE-PUFF while sipping my coffee. Then I get my workout clothes on & get ready to do a workout or some type of movement. 

You know we need your nighttime routine too!

AL: I actually just posted a video to my YouTube channel with my entire nighttime routine you can watch here! My routine definitely involves lots of skincare. Then I make my Beam Dream latte, take all of my supplements including magnesium ( I use My Girl Wellness ).

I’m also trying to read a little before bed now, & I also take my Highline Wellness Nighttime CBD Drops & sometimes the gummies too if needed. 

What wellness hacks have made all the difference for you?

AL: Magnesium at night – insane. My digestion would suffer without it.

Getting a water bottle with a straw.

Ice rolling & gua sha.


Lymphatic Drainage massages.

Infrared saunas. 

What are 10 steps that can help change someone’s life if they’re in a rut?

AL: These are my go-tos:

1. Journal

2. Meditate

3. Try not to surround yourself with people who don’t fill up your cup. 

4. Get outside as much as possible, even if it’s just a walk.

5. Romanticize plant-based foods.

6. Every time you feel yourself getting negative, close your eyes, take three deep breaths, & think of three things you’re grateful for. 

7. Write down things you’ve done in your life that you’re proud of. 

8. Try workout classes, meeting new people & being motivated by others. 

9. Download some good inspirational podcasts.

10. Focus on letting go. 

What are 3 of your healthy go-to snacks? 

AL: This one’s tough because I love so many but here are three of my favorites: 

Sea Snax – either by themselves or cutting up veggies & making little veggie rolls with hummus on top. My favorite hummus is the Trader Joe’s eggplant hummus or one from my local farmer’s market. 

Simple Mills or Hu Kitchen crackers with Misha’s Kind Foods truffle cream cheese ( if you can’t find that cream cheese, Kite Hill makes really good cream cheese – they have a seasonal pumpkin pie one right now that’s amazing ).

Coconut yogurt – there are so many good ones but I love Kite Hill greek style coconut yogurt or Culina – & I love to put Sunbutter in it with chocolate chips.

What is your ‘healthy’ cocktail of choice?

AL: A spicy skinny margarita if I’m out. If I’m at home I like to mix it up but right now I love the ginger lime Drink Poppi with a splash of tequila & lime. 

What’s a day in the life for you?

AL: 6:30-7:30 am: Morning routine

8-9 am: Workout 

10 am: Meet up with my assistant Alex & go over what we need to get done for the day, & send over content to brands for approval.

12 pm: Take a break. Go to Erewhon, get a matcha (‘Alyssa’s Secret Matcha’ to be exact) & a bite to eat. 

1 pm: Calls with brands to consult & advise or discuss content creation.

3 pm: Shoot with my photographer Jess (branded & creative content). 

5 pm: Walk over to Whole Foods to get ingredients for dinner. 

6 pm: Feed my pup, light a candle, & start cooking

7 pm: Eat dinner & watch a show with my boyfriend. 

9 pm: Nighttime routine

10 pm: Bed 

Alyssa Lynch favorite snacks

What does a day in the life of eating look like for you?

AL: Breakfast: coconut yogurt bowls with coffee. 

Snack:  Nowhere Bakery, Eat Deux, or Go Macro bar with a matcha latte from Erewhon

Next snack: Crackers & vegan cream cheese or hummus, or the Sea Snax veggie rolls I mentioned above.

I’m not a lunch gal, much prefer multiple snacks !!

Dinner:  I always make a bowl with the base being greens & cauliflower rice or sometimes soba noodles. I air fry whatever veggies I have on hand with this amazing sourdough bread I get at the farmers market & put hummus on top. Literally every day, I can’t stop. 

Alyssa Lynch fashion brands

What are your 3 favorite skincare products & why?


+ My Highline Wellness CBD Eye Balm – mixing this with the ice roller is a game changer that helps me de-flame in seconds.

+ Sonya Dakar’s Butterfly Balm currently because I’ve been having some skin irritation from wearing masks.

What 3 makeup items can you not live without?

AL: + Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

+ A beautyBlender

+ Refy brow products 

+ & if I can have a fourth – Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner

You always look so damn cute. What are your favorite fitness clothing brands?

AL: Thank you!! Fabletics, All Access, & Vuori currently. Also Stori, Alo, Set Active, Koral, Lululemon – I really wear & love all of them. 

What is your favorite meal to prepare? Bonus points if it’s quick & easy!

AL: A healthy bowl! You can do the base as greens, you can do some type of noodle or grain, & then you just air fry or put a bunch of veggies in the oven to crisp them.

Then pick your protein, whether it’s some type of meat or vegan protein like chickpeas, tofu, or a meat alternative, & add some type of sauce ( try the Romesco Dip from Trader Joe’s & a creamy hummus ).

What’s a book, podcast or resource you recommend? 

AL: The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER Podcast, as well as Jay Shetty’s On Purpose podcast. And I know I’m the last person on earth to read it but I’m reading The Untethered Soul right now & I highly recommend!

Alyssa Lynch's Morning Routine

Where can everyone find you? Pimp yourself out! 

AL: You can find me @alyssalynch on Instagram & Tiktok. Linking my YouTube channel here, & I also have a blog where I link my favorite things & will be posting my holiday gift guides for this year!

Be sure to follow Alyssa on Instagram @alyssalynch for all things wellness. Her feed is so aesthetically-pleasing – you guys are going to LOVE !!

x, lauryn

+ stalk all the benefits of matcha.

 ++ check out my routine for optimal relaxation.


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