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Almond Oil x Dry Brushing x A Sexy Cold Shower

The Skinny Confidential talks almond oil and dry brushing.
The Skinny Confidential talks almond oil and dry brushing.

I got a blog comment the other day from one of you guys that was literally life-changing.

I asked you guys your most powerful habit. And there was an insane comment from a reader named Carla; she stated the following:

“Most powerful habit: dry brush in the morning, massage almond oil on the skin and then step under the cold shower. It’s from the Kundalinia yoga tradition and one of most healthy habits you can actually develop for your body and skin.”

(( Side: Carla!!! Thank you! You’re amazing! )).

The Skinny Confidential talks almond oil and dry brushing.

First things first though, I’m SOOOOOOooooo ( soooo, soooo, SOOOO ) obsessed with dry brushing. I know I’ve done a post on the subject in the past but I can’t stop, won’t stop.

Michael thinks I’m a weirdo because I’ve resorted to dry brush Pixy.

True Life: I’m an F-ing Weirdo.

So, back to the bod: all you do is dry brush before a shower, massage your skin with almond oil ( before not after you shower ) & go into a cold shower for a quick min. I like to use calming soap while I’m showering too so it’s like a mini spa treatment!

Taking care of yourself is muy importante and this beauty tip will help you feel your best. Plus your body will begin to crave dry brushing especially because the feeling after dry brushing is SERIOUSLY indescribable. It’s kinda orgasimic ( too far?? Whatevs ). But I promise, it’s the most invigorating feeling ever, ESP with almond oil & a cold shower.

Just make sure the almond oil is pure/raw/organic. K?

The Skinny Confidential talks almond oil and dry brushing.
The Skinny Confidential talks almond oil and dry brushing.

Some almond oil benefits,  for ya according to New Health Guide:

1. Moisturizing

Almonds have a way of trapping moisture in the skin keeping it moisturized at all times. Better still, its high lubricating quality makes many users stick to using it as their daily skin care product.image001

2. Anti-inflammation

This oil has also been proven to have a calming effect on people with skin allergies and inflammation. It has both the ability to soothe as well as treat skin allergies. Minor wounds, chapped skin, and other skin infections can also be treated using almond oil.

3. Emollient Properties

Emollient properties refer to the ability of the almond oil to get absorbed into your skin. It is also used in many spas for its less fragrant and less greasy qualities. It is also useful in massages as it restores the normal PH of the skin and allows the skin to glow thus preserving moisture.

4. Removing Dark Circles

Its lightening ability is another reason that has made this oil popular among many people with dark marks on their skin. All you need to do is mix some almond oil with some honey and apply on the affected area.

5. Reducing Wrinkles

Almond oil contains vitamins that help it delay the appearance of wrinkles. It is best to apply almond at night after taking a shower. You could choose to do this twice a week or alternate days depending on how soon you wish to see the end results.

6. Sun Protection

Harmful ultraviolet rays cause wrinkling, sunburns, aging, and skin cancer. Though sun -blocks and sunscreens are effective. Almond oil can help reverse the damages brought about by sun exposure.

Ok, so now it’s your turn: share your most powerful habit below and I’ll pick my favorite tip & feature it with picutres on The Skinny Confidential this month.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to dry brush with a lil almond oil.

Pixy’s super jealous.

Mwah, x. L

The Skinny Confidential talks almond oil and dry brushing.
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  1. I may have to go out and get myself one of these brushes and some almond oil. Not sure about the cold shower though, I’m a cold person and shower time is pretty much the only part of the day where I’m a comfortable temperature!

    1. A cold shower really jump starts everything! Try it for 10 seconds and slowly work up Jess! I’m addicted now. xx

  2. love the body brushing and thank you for getting me started! question.. are you saying that you’re body brushing, then you’re rubbing the olive oil on your skin, then taking a cool shower? or are you rubbing the olive oil on your skin with the brush while you’re body brushing? thank you so much!! xoxo

  3. Hey sweetie. Dry brush first, then massage almond oil? Is that right? Or do I dry brush with my skin already massaged with almond oil?

    Please enlighten me. Thanks! :))

    1. I don’t! I love using a jade roller & ice roller on my face though to help with puffiness, inflammation & circulation.

  4. Most powerful habit: keeping a moleskin by my bed where I write down all my to-do’s that are running through my head, so I can effectively turn my mind off and sleep well, starting fresh in the AM!:-)

    1. @Jess- have you tried writing things down in the morning? The best thing for my anxiety has been writing down my first thoughts about the day. There’s something about seeing my day ahead on paper that makes everything less overwhelming.

    1. I would workout and then dry brush. You always want to shower after you dry brush to make sure you are removing all of the dead skin cells. xx

  5. One of my most powerful habits has to do with social media. I can’t stand the negative nelly’s that come out of the woodwork so I try to counteract those creeps with positivity. Every day on instagram I leave a positive comment on 5-10 strangers posts. I know it’s super trivial but I like to think that spreading the love that way might brighten someone’s day 🙂

  6. ~ Such a great tip to add almond oil before the shower!

    My most powerful habit: Every morning I sit down with a cup of warm lemon water (or coffee ; )) and write down 8 (The number associated with Karma!) things that I am grateful for, and why. It only takes a few minutes, and regardless of whether the things are big or small, I always start my day on a positive note. Plus, a positive attitude breeds confidence, and creates more to be thankful for! This practice has been a major game-changer for me : )

  7. I’ve been wanting to try dry brushing for a while-I think I’ll take the plunge and purchase a brush today! When you do this routine, is it fine to take a normal shower after standing under the cold water for a minute? AKA turning the heat up, using body wash & loofah, etc.?

  8. My most powerful habit: Surround yourself with everything positive. Positive people. positive colors, positive phone backgrounds, positive everything. I always make sure my space is in order so I never wake up in a negative, cluttered environment. I find several positive things in every situation and/or person. Creating that mental setting makes living a healthy lifestyle SO much easier.

  9. I’ve followed your blog for awhile now and I absolutely love it! Thanks for this great beauty post 🙂

    xx Bee

  10. Oh my gosh.

    Seriously, this has been on my to-do list for like years. I finally got it out of the way and ordered the supplies.

    So excited for sexy skin!!

  11. Your comment is awaiting moderation…

    Oh my gosh.

    Seriously, this has been on my to-do list for like years. I finally got it out of the way and ordered the supplies.

    So excited for sexy skin!!

  12. I LOVE dry skin brushing–and almond oil is the best secret to the softest skin ever!!!! Better than coconut oil for sure! Love this. You’re brave doing a full on cold shower. I’ve been alternating cold & hot (ending on cold) and it’s tough!!!!

  13. My most powerful habit is a little exercise I do with my boyfriend. We are currently doing the long distance thing.. trying to move together (he has a job, I am still looking) so right now things are obviously stressful and not a bed of roses BUT when we talk on the phone we each say 5 things we are thankful for and we try to do this everyday. The rules are no repeating what you already said, so as you keep going you have to get creative. It’s a great way to feel close to each other and also a great way to keep life in perspective every day.

  14. I was wondering the same thing Taylor posted. I use St. Tropez sunless tanning mousse. Can you still use those products and dry brush?

    1. Oh my most powerful habit- I love working out hard core so that I’m always sore the next day so after my work out I’ll do a nice long session of foam rolling, sauna and draw a warm, candlelit epsom salt bath that I soak my muscles in while listening to calming music. Its amazing.

  15. Ok this is gonna sound so dumb… Buuttt.. Do I put the oil on my skin then dry brush or like do I literally get naked and dry brush and then put the oil on my skin and get in shower. (How long do I let oil soak before getting in the shower) haha I know sounds so absurd. I wanna try this just don’t get it. Haha thanks!!

  16. Great review! I’ve always wanted to try almond oil and might just give it a shot now. Could you also possibly review Vain Pursuits? I’d love to hear what you have to say about them!

  17. So why is it that you put almond oil on before the shower, only for it to be rinsed off in the water? I’ve been dry brushing before showers, but then I will apply almond oil to my skin AFTER the shower, which moisturizes it all day or night. Would love to know the reasoning behind your method!

  18. Hey lauryn, since you had mentioned that you apply almond oil after dry body brushing and then head to shower but there are theories on the internet which says impurities from dry brushing needs to be washed away with shower and then the oil should be applied.

    Could you please enlighten on the same?

  19. This was a pretty good article on dry brushing, but you were asked some really great questions in the comments section. It’s too bad you didn’t answer them. You took all the time to write the bolg, but not help folks to understand better. Sigh….

  20. I have been doing something very similar since 2007. Couple of times a week, I dry skin brush before shower, then massage cold pressed apricot oil all over my body before shower, then wash off under warm water and a quick cold rinse before getting out. Then use same oil to moisturizer. Also only use oils on face too. I never wear make-up. Just turned 47 and skin still looks pretty good still. In fact, better tone than when I was 20!

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  22. I am also into kundalini yoga. I read your post and as suggested by Carla, I started massaging my head before shower….Gives you a fresh kick start. Thanks!!!

  23. You have literally changed my life, I make you part of my daily routine. Also my habit is taking Biotin vitamins which is good for your hair, nails, and skin, lots lots lots of water, and Johnson & Johnson baby lotion. Literally these three things alone are my go to all the time! Of course there’s clensers involved but OMG!! Also, still haven’t started dry brushing, Im thinking about going home today and trying this out. Thank you so much for sharing!

  24. Different people have different habits. Sometimes they can be good and sometimes they can cause damage. Cold showers are not my thing but oil massage is. I think one needs to take care of their body. Love yourself and you will see the results. Massage with almond oil is a great thing as it is a natural moisturizer. It helps the body to heal so do try it.

  25. When you said dry brushing is addictive I can relate; can’t start the day right without it. And oil massage and cold showers. At first I got a little sick, would take breaks but now I’m tougher. And use mustard oil during the winter. Love it. I agree it’s a great habit to be into.

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