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A Grateful Alcoholic: Trauma, Addiction & Recovery with Tess Annique Souray

I love bringing you guys, the community on the blog to tell your stories. Today we have Tess Annique Souray

How To Be Productive in 2021

Hello hello. Hope everyone is having an amazing week. Today I wanted to talk about a solo podcast episode that

Navigating The Girl Scene, Part 2: How To Date As a Lesbian For Newbies

It’s Sunday again & that means we’re back with the 2nd post in Zara Barrie’s series all about navigating the

Real Estate Tips For Buyers & Sellers, Plus How to Avoid The Escrow Scam

Sasha Kaplan & I met at Parker Pilates & we immediately liked each other. She is tall, dropdead gorgeous, smart

Why You Shouldn’t Ask Someone to Go For Coffee

Recently we recorded a podcast with Amy Landino of Schmittastic & her, Michael & I got into a conversation about why

Motherhood: Real Deal Tips On Keeping It Together

I’ve said before that I’m not the most maternal person so I’m asking for all the tips, hacks, & tricks

How The Fuck To Have a Baby & Still Live Your Life

Hey guys, what’s up? Hope everyone is having a productive week so far. Sivan is back! I’m so excited to

Essentialism: How To Get The Most Important Things Done (Plus a Free Printable)

If you guys haven’t listened to the The Skinny Confidential Him & Her podcast that was released today, it’s a must listen.

How to Write a Proper, Badass Resume

SAM IS BACK. Just to reacquaint you with Sam if you haven’t read her last post: Samantha works in our

How To Get Rid of The Freshman 15

WE’VE ALL BEEN THERE. I know for me I was feeling tight & right in high school, but the second

The 5 Components of Emotional Intelligence & How I Practice It

Today I want to talk about emotional intelligence. I wrote an Instagram caption about this & I feel it’s something

3 Ways to Stand Out On Instagram Like a Real Star

SO EXCITED TO INTRODUCE YOU TO ELAINE DANESHRAD. When I first met Elaine, it was with her co-host of The Fashionably

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