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Add a Little Glitter to Your #GIRLBOSS Biz Plan

The Skinny Confidential business plan.

Here’s something you may or may not know about me: I LOVE business.

Like, love, love.

It gets me goin’.

I love making moves.

I love growing my company.

I love branding.

It’s my ultimate passion.

& I’m hungry.

The Skinny Confidential business plan.

Sorry to get all realzies on ya, but growing The Skinny Confidential in to a mini empire is my dream— so naturally I thrive off anything that grows my mind when it comes to business.

BTW: I’m not hungry in a weird way, but ‘hungry’ in a healthy, motivated way.( Kinda like Leo in Wolf of Wallstreet. But without the illegal money shit, hookers, & coke ).

Leo was hungry for a challenge.

& whelp, Leo D. so am I.

The Skinny Confidential business plan.

Ready for a lil book club?

First I started reading #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso ( like every other girl in the world ), I was instantly inspired ( like every other girl in the world ).

But seriously.

Inspired because I felt like Sophia spoke to me.

Not, like, actually spoke to me, but I felt like she spoke ‘my language.’

Ya know?

Anyway, I wanted to share some of my favorite book quotes because you’re all my favorite homies…

The Skinny Confidential business plan.

Ahhhh. So, so true!!

AND THEN!!! I read The Glitter Plan by the Juicy Couture babes. Basically I read the whole thing in about three hours because it’s SUCH a great read for women entrepreneurs.

The Skinny Confidential business plan.

Here’s the deal: these badass, DETAIL-orientanted women ( Pam & Gela ) grew a company from $200 to to a multi-million dollar, global brand.

But wait, wait, wait, let’s back up: for me it’s not necessary about money. Money doesn’t motivate me.

The global brand part motivates me.

Noowwwwww we’re talking.

That gets my wheel’s spinning.

To create something out of nothing ( literally thin air ), is magical.

Not only is it magical, it’s inspiring, ambitious, and…well goes against the grain.

And lets be real, going against the norm is rad.rad.rad.

Reading about Pam & Gela’s journey has been so inspiring so I kinda had to showcase some kick-ass quotes on the blog:

The Skinny Confidential talks business.

Back to their brand, Juicy Couture ( heard of it? HA! LOL ).

Basically it F-ing killed it.

The Skinny Confidential business plan.

What I love most about their brand/book is it’s the real deal. They share the nitty-gritty shit that no one sees.

You see their struggle. The hours, the passion, the time, the sweat, the tears, the F-you’s, the hard work.

I mean…it’s not like they nonchalantly woke up to Juicy billboards all over LA/NYC/etc one day.

And I’m totally with them ( & Sophia ) on the luck thing.

I’m not lucky, you’re not lucky, Steve Jobs wasn’t lucky, Rachel Zoe isn’t lucky…


Also, they talk competition. They pretty much say a lil competition never hurt a flea. In fact, it kinda pushes the flea to do better:

The Skinny Confidential business plan.

Pam & Gela lay it out simple: they worked their asses off to get where they’re at. And in the meantime, they stayed true to their brand & consumer.

So basically, as Drake would say, they “started from the bottom now they’re here.”

Anyway last night I was laying in bed finishing The Glitter Plan & a lightbulb went off: I had to share my bookmarked/dog earred pages/quotes with YOU guys.

The quotes I’ve chosen, REALLY resonated, so I hope you love them as much as I do ( AKA they’re hanging on my ceiling/on the fridge/tattooed on my face ).

The Skinny Confidential business plan.

So ta-da.

These are part of #GIRLBOSS & The Glitter Plan that spoke to me. At the end of the day, I’m just sharing any piece of the puzzle that inspires TSC-empire-on-training-wheels.

The Skinny Confidential business plan.

Anyone else got a badass #GIRLBOSS Glitter Plan? Share!!

x lde

{ My entrepreneurial journey can be found here || TSC business plan here }

{{ Pam & Gela’s new brand can be found here— OBSESSED! }}

The Skinny Confidential business plan.
The Skinny Confidential business plan.

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  1. I’m going on vacation next week and I’m looking for some serious inspiration to get my brand to the next level. I’m picking up both of these books tomorrow!

  2. I heard of Girlboss and I intend on reading it but I hadn’t yet heard of the Glitter Plan 🙂 Will definitely get this too now 🙂 Thank you for the great post, in a world where it is often frowned upon to be competitive as a woman, I have found it inspirational to hear these things from a relatable person! xx Lara

  3. Had to favorite this so I could look this over later! I’m not sure I will ever start a business as huge or a brand as huge as Rachel Zoe, but I will say that I can take these tips into my life, into my job, into my blog, and I hope to be HUGE in my own right. Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. I just recently read #Girlboss too and it’s so unbelievably inspirational. I loved reading about how she literally hated school, was basically poor and struggled for years and now look at her!! It just goes to show hard work and dedication can really pay off! Now I’m going to go order The Glitter Plan.. it’s been on my wish list for a while 🙂

  5. I read both these books in about a span of 10 days and it def got me hungry(in a good way:) But here’s the thing, I don’t know what I want to create, just that I want to create and be creative and wake up and hustle. Maybe some meditation is needed for the light bulb to go off. That or a trip to a medium:)

  6. the two suggested books look great. I will order them now so I will be able to read on the plane to the Dominican Republic. thanks, for always leading me onward. (small business owner and mother of 7)

  7. What a great post! We read #girlboss but the Glitter Plan is officially going on my “summer must read” list – thank you so much for sharing your favorites, sounds like we also speak the same “language”. Business, motivation, girl power – us girls of 204 Park love that $#*t!! haha XO, D

  8. I also loved #GIRLBOSS Lauryn, but what I loved most about this post was your own quote…YOU.MAKE.YOUR.OWN.DAMN.LUCK. Seriously, so true! My Dad is a successful entrepreneur and he always tells me “You make your own breaks!”. I think about that every day as I build my own mini-empire ; ) Thanks so much for reminding me of that too! XO

  9. OMG, LOVED #girlboss!! Thanks for the second recommendation! Must get on that as well. love reading about entrepreneurial women who kick ass. Poppy Lipstick has a pretty interesting story, too. She inspired my business.


  10. It’s inspiring to read about ambitious entrepreneurs, who are women. My sister and I have started The Boyfriend Experience, and we’ll be launching in mid-September. It’s motivating to have other, like-minded women who have started and grown their brand. Thanks TSC!

  11. I have both these books on my to read list and am hoping I get gifted for xmas because I could use a little guidance. Love the attitude here!
    xoxo, Laura

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