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The Actual Hangover Elixir

the hangover cure 1b by the skinny confidential

Wait, what if I told you that I had the ACTUAL hangover cure?

That’s right, would you be excited?… Promise, the literal BEST hangover cure on the planet.

I mean let’s be real, I sure as hell had those days in college drinking a little too much…so it’s entirely appropriate to say that I’ve had a few hangovers. & they SUCK.

Nowadays, ( look at me being all grown-up ) I do anything & everything to AVOID hangovers. They are unhealthy, annoying, & screw up my AM workout.

So one random Saturday night I was in bed, drinking Pinot Noir, casually watching Game Of Thrones, eating watermelon jerky & cinnamon popcorn…& OH, YOU KNOW, HANGING OUT WITH MY BEST FRIEND — Suzanne Somers.

If you don’t know about me & Suzanne‘s relationship, let me explain: Suzanne Somers is an INSANE role model. She’s VERY well read/experienced in all things health & wellness.

Basically I’m obsessed with her in every way.

One of my favorite Suzanne book quotes:

“People are so busy counting calories. I think we should be busy counting chemicals. Where’s the tipping point? There’s the air freshener. There’s what you’re cleaning your house with. Pest sprays…all poison. The chlorine that you’re using. The fluoride in the water… And then you’re eating food that is not organic. You’re putting on skin care that’s all chemicals…Well, guess what? That’s going to go somewhere. It drops into the bloodstream…”

Technically my BF & I weren’t actually hanging out…she was ‘talking’ to me on her YouTube channel…but that’s neither here nor there because it most certainly FELT like we were hanging out…you know?

…Or maybe it was the Pinot.

I’m not a creep, I swear.

the hangover cure 3 by the skinny confidential

Anyway, I stumbled across her YouTube & Instagram one night & well, I sat in front of the computer for about 6 hours watching her stuff. What I like about Suzanne Somers ( & no this isn’t sponsored by SS, I just live for her ) is that she’s relatable.

Ok so the word ‘relatable’ makes me want to punch myself in the face. Like it’s sort of the most overused word in 2016…BUT she is just SO relatable.

…& she’s also fun because she talks about alcohol. HA.

Suzanne says the best alcohol women can drink is 100% agave tequila. You can watch her whole video on the topic but pretty much she says she noticed weight gain around 45…….from WINE. Ya, that’s right — she states that too much wine is not good for women.

:: sips Pinot ::

After that glass of red though, I made a commitment to be more open-minded with my alcohols. Let’s just say tequila has been a theme the past two months & I feel much better after two tequilas on the rocks with lemon, lime, & a splash of Cointreau ( salted rim too PLZ ) vs. wine.

Sad, I know. But Suzanne is on to something. The tequila thing is working for me thus far.

THEN SHE GOES ON TO SAY SHE HAS THE HANGOVER CURE. This cure is also known…wait for it…to help with a food hangover too. Ate too much at the county fair? Too much sausage pineapple pizza? Binged on In & Out, Flaming Hot Cheetos, & light beer over the weekend?

Got you covered. Presenting……….

The Hangover Elixir

spoonful of ascorbic acid powder ( make sure it’s non-GMO )
3 ALA capsules

+ directions: mix the ascorbic acid powder with water & ice, STIR/STIR/STIR. After sipping on that, swallow three ALA capsules. I like to do this routine after I’ve eaten something small!

combat hangover easy recipe by the skinny confidential

♡ | ♡ | ♡

After a night out on the town, I ALWAYS drink this in a huge-ass Mason jar with a straw. It works. I don’t know why, it just does. Her favorite doctor has raved about this concoction for years. The mixture of the ascorbic acid powder with the ALA helps so, SO much when you’re feeling not so hot.

Other benefits of the mixture? Ascorbic acid benefits include: “prevention and treatment of scurvy, treatment of the common cold, boosting the immune system, lowering hypertension, the treatment of lead toxicity, curing cataracts, treatment of cancer, combating stroke, maintaining elasticity of the skin, ETC.”

As for ALA, “the benefits of ALA can appear near miraculous…the antioxidant also fights off alcohol hangovers.”

Ultimately I’m just not one of those ‘drink coffee’ to cure a hangover type of people. In fact, I feel like the coffee makes it worse? Is it just me?

Peppermint tea & ginger tea are ALWAYS fantastic the day after a bender too.

Trust me…HA.

Does anyone else have a secret hangover tip? Would love to share it with my BF, Suzanne.

– lauryn x

+ my three favorite cocktails: mulled wine, margarita, & a Kombucha champagne cocktail

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the hangover cure 2 by the skinny confidential

Scoop The Goods:

    1. Hi Julie!

      Added more directions to be more clear!

      + directions: mix the ascorbic acid powder with water & ice, STIR/STIR/STIR. After sipping on that, swallow three ALA capsules. I like to do this routine after I’ve eaten something small!

  1. Let me just take a moment and be “that girl”…. do you just take the 3 pills and then drink the vitamin c water? or are you mixing one big concoction? I guess the real question is does it matter? This is so interesting though, I’ve gotta stock these goods ASAP.

    The weekend before memorial day I got accidentally drunk – you know the kind where everything is great until its not? Well the next day I thought I was on deaths door step. I needed to eat but food made me what to barf and then my blood sugar started getting really low. The odd, very odd, cure for me was my BF insisting we go to Cracker Barrel (welcome to OK) and it did the trick. Maybe the heavy food? Who even knows but this little elixir would have been so handy then.

    1. Hey babe! Added directions so I’m more clear : ).

      + directions: mix the ascorbic acid powder with water & ice, STIR/STIR/STIR. After sipping on that, swallow three ALA capsules. I like to do this routine after I’ve eaten something small!

      Let me know that helps! Always ask questions, keep them coming!

  2. I agree re: coffee – just have no desire for it if I am hungover, which just makes me sad and not want to be hungover! I’d rather have a coffee 🙂

    Having said that – I find kombucha helps the day after a few too many!

  3. interesting!! i’ve never thought of drinking those together. something i’ve been doing recently is taking charcoal pills after a night of drinking. My boyfriend (who is the biggesttttt baby when it comes to hangovers) swears by them.

  4. My go-to hangover cure:

    -Take two activated charcoal pills with a big glass of water first thing
    -Oil pull with coconut or sunflower oil for 20 minutes
    -Light Exercise! Or once in a while, a nap…depending on hangover severity 😉

    I might have to try your drink suggestion too! 🙂

  5. Def not just you when it comes to coffee – it is seriously the least appealing thing after a night out. However, green tea is my jam! I will absolutely give this a go, this sounds so interesting (& I do like my dranks) – this ALA seems like a necessity! What a cool ass antioxidant! x Shannon

  6. Thanks for sharing this is awesome! It’s so hard to figure out what’s the best of the worst (alcohol) and I guess tequila’s my new thing!

    1. I’m having such a tequila moment right now! It’s important to make sure you’re avoiding chemicals and extra sugar when making drinks too : ) xx

  7. Need to try this to see if its better than my go-to which is perfect for me on the road….IBU and 2 or 3 B12 pills before hitting the pillow.

    1. Hi Britt! ALA stands for alpha lipoid acid and it is an antioxidant. Antioxidants protect against damage to the body’s cells. Your body produces it naturally but sometimes not at optimal levels. It’s like an amped up vitamin! Hope that helps

  8. Omg milk thistle capsules!! I will definitely have to try this method too (I’ve been obsessed with SS since my mom had her workout videos when I was a kid ?) but milk thistle is a dream. Two before I start drinking always and two before bed if I’ve had more than 2-3 drinks. It has made many a morning workout more possible!

  9. Definitely trying this! What is the serving size of the ascorbic acid powder? The back says 1g and you suggest a scoop? 🙂 Thanks!

  10. Helloooo… Do you down this little remedy before you go to bed or the next day when hangover is in full affect?!

    1. Hi Lauryn, have you tried the Milk Thistle Capsules by Suzanne Somers? I’m a also a SS fan 😉 I want to know which remedy works better 😉 After the “Tequila video” I started drinking Tequila with San Pellegrino (sparkling water) with a slide of lemon, and lots of water in-between, No puffiness, No blowing, working great!! but sometimes I’m not in tequila mood and crave a cold beer or a good red wine.

  11. Totally trying this after Halloween! I have been dying for a cure. Lately I’ve been using Blowfish the day after which seems to help but the effects don’t last long enough!

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