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I LOVE IT- you know if you’re following along on IG STORIES.

I’ve been obsessed with skin since I can remember. Really though, I remember being like 19 under an umbrella with SPF & a huge hat on while all my friends were baking. To me healthy, glowy skin represents YOUTH! So screw spending a bunch of money on makeup, I would rather save it for skin.

You know a lot of people would call me PSYCHO. I like facials a few times a month- before you think this is excessive, WAIT! Number 1.) I get one hour of uninterrupted work done. Seriously- it’s heaven. Mo, who does my facial massage ( shout out to ShopGood ), creates this peaceful environment where I can get my self-care done ( check! ), enjoy aromatherapy ( check! ), AND return my e-mails/reply to DM’s/Slack with my team/add to social media. 2.) I LOVE A MULTI-TASKING MOMENT. This hour is efficient because I get to do a few things at once. Oh & 3.) the energy is ROCKING where I go. It’s quiet ( easy to work ), vibey ( calming ), & drowns the noise out ( so I can focus ).

ANYWAY- that’s another post. TODAY I am showing you my head to toe, current DAYTIME skincare routine. Boy oh boy has this video been a long time coming. If you guys like these in my bathroom like this, I’ll start filming more. With that:



+ Exfolikate
+ KOREAN toner
+ mandelic serum
+ facial massager ( post here )
+ ELEMIS superfood day cream ( post here )
+ sunscreen mist ( post here )
+ IT cosmetics brow pomade
+ Glo skin sunscreen
+ K’Pure deep breath spray
+ SKIN & SENSE body oil
+ Egyptian musk oil ( post here )
+ Palamrosa lip conditioner
+ alligator clips ( post here )
GLAMBOX organizer


+ how to do an at home facial massage
+ how to apply SPF throughout the day
+ why you need a facial


+ SIMPLY comment your favorite skin tip on my latest IG post.

Fun! Did you guys like that? I sure hope so because I had to tape my phone to the window to film it ( it was a real dilemma- I couldn’t find my sticky phone case ). ANYWAY, I am always trying new products but these are ones I’ve been using & loving for the last couple months.

Would love to know your daytime routine. You know how people like to look at other people’s refrigerators? Well- I like to look at skincare routines. I’m a voyeur like that.

Hope you’re all having a productive, dewey week. Keep it real,

x, lauryn



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  1. Absolutely loved this video – I have my eye on that face brush. We’re so glad you mentioned the multi-use H IS FOR LOVE Palmarosa Lip Conditioner – they make amazing products that are truly a work of art. Have a great weekend everyone!

  2. I am obsessed with this video probably one of my favorite ones yet. I love all the videos where you go step by step in the nitty gritty. I would love to see the night time routine as im sure so would everyone else! Thanks Lauryn. I cant wait til I have enough money saved up for the face massage tool, it is pricey but definitely a step up from the face rollers and def. worth every cent id imagine 🙂

  3. great post & i need to get your organiser clear glass case to store my skincare and vitamin bottles ! quick question- do you have any particular container to keep your vitamins /supplements in? i keep looking for one that is pretty airtight yet simple enough to slip into a bag

  4. I’m obsessed with active hydration serum by Rodan and Fields. You want dewy skin? This is the ultimate!!!

  5. Hi Lauryn!

    I loved the video, and can’t wait to spend my paycheck on these products 🙂 do you have a go-to cleaner on the days that you don’t exfoliate?


  6. Hi! This is my first time in your vlog. Thanks for sharing your routine—you have such beautiful glowy skin! I wanted to know what and where did you get your triangle/explore necklace!? THAT is one of my fave signs and I actually have a small tattoo of it. Please help!

  7. I LOVE how much you care about your skin. You’re amazing but I have so many questions! Why do you put on the toner with your fingers vs a cotton pad? What cleanser do you use on days when you’re not exfoliating? Also, what do you feel about spot treatments/what do you do when you have a pimple? Then my last question is what do you think about Clarisonics and why don’t you use them? Thank you so much, xo <3

  8. Are you still using Replenix Antioxidant Sunscreen Moisturizer? Is it still your favorite? I’m about to replace my moisturizer that I LOVE but it’s like $250 per bottle and I know skin is where to splurge but that plus facials, plus oils, plus toner, etc. it’s just adding up. And after a two year long love affair with this moisturizer, they reformulated it and it lost something… oh yeah, it lost the SPF, amazing smell and tightening feeling.

    Anyways, just seeking a new solution that will leave more money for MORE skincare! 🙂

    Let me know.

  9. You’re so cute and pretty! I would love to try that Korean toner as i haven’t tried beauty products from Korea yet. Thanks for this list!

  10. Excellent Tips! Some of these, I was not aware, but now I will try. I have found some more excellent tips here that can lead us to shine with organic products and especially essential oils. Good tips indeed!

  11. Hi Lauryn! I love your videos and your blog in general. I think your an amazing person who talks about so many things we women want to hear and share. I have a question about your am skin care regimen. I do have sensitive skin and am prone to acne. Nothing major but I do have break outs. With your routine, do all these products help or eliminate this from happening? Is it lore clogging? I guess I am asking your suggestions? I have been looking for a skin care regimen for a long time. I had done meaningful beauty and for the winter that seemed to be enough, but now that it’s summer, I’ve gotten breakouts. Help!

  12. thank you for introducing this glo skin beauty tinted sunscreen. i needed something lighter than my IT Cosmetics CC cream, which feels basically like foundation. Glo Skin Beauty does the trick!!

  13. Do you have a daily cleanser that you use? I love the work that you are doing, I read all your posts and listen to your podcast!

  14. I absolutely love the video step by step skin care routine very nicely explained,Ayurveda also provides the best natural ways to glow the skin,glowing skin one of the attractive thing for anyone,please share skin care routine as per seasons ..please keep sharing such great stuff!

    ayurvedic treatment for skin

  15. This video was so helpful!! I’m going to buy soooo many of these products! I need to up my daytime routine big time. I would LOVE a video like this for your night routine!

  16. LOVED this!!! Please post a nighttime routine! Loved the bathroom iPhone filming so cute and real 🙂

  17. This video was so helpful!! I’m going to buy soooo many of these products! I need to up my daytime routine big time. I would LOVE a video like this for your night routine!

  18. First of all, I would say that you look so much pretty and beautiful. I have a desire to get a skin like yours. I’ll definitely follow the skincare routine, hope it works for my skin. Thanks for the great post.

  19. Nice Blog!! Thanks for sharing this amazing blog!!
    From today I am also going to follow these steps to improve my skin. I use natural skin care product Formulyst for my skin and really it is amazing.

  20. While you may associate collagen with keeping skin looking plump, it also gives skin its strength and structure and plays a role in the replacement of dead skin cells.

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