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Accessories 101— Because Every Girl Needs A Few Staples

Accessories 101 by The Skinny Confidential

I’m a total accessory girl.


A total picky, picky accessory girl.

So when I find something I like, I really freaking like it.

ESP if it’s comfortable.

Of course it also has to be effortlessly chic, understated, cool, amazing, versatile, & not too in your face too.

Anyway my ultimate fav accessory right now is a delicate gold arm band ( see above pic )…but if I had to pick my other must-haves?


Accessories 101: Staple Accessories For Your Closet:

The Skinny Confidential talks accessories and fashion.

Sweet Besitos Headbands: Sweet Besitos Headbands are super fun to wear to the gym or while running errands. They have super rad patterns & are a take on a cool fitness headband. I’ve been rocking mine to spin ( I ESP like it around my head like a festival partier ( LOL ) ). Headbands always make any boring workout outfit chic & stylish. Love!

The Skinny Confidential talks accessories and fashion.

2.} Koolaburra sandals: Ahhhhh!! Koolaburra shoes are They’re literally the best shoes ever. All their flip flops are worn by major celebrities & best part? They’re actually comfy. I wear these slip-ons all the time ( think: with a black maxi, skinny jeans, &/or a little summer skirt…cute, right?! ). These are neutral so they pretty much go with anything. Anyway next time you’re looking for some hottie shoes, check Koolaburras out!

The Skinny Confidential talks accessories and fashion.

3.} Child of Wild bag: It’s no secret I love Child of Wild. & her bags just get me. First off, they’re perfect for someone who’s perpetually running late— I throw all my shit in this bag & throw it on. I love wearing it as a cross-body & it’s understated. This Navajo purse is probably one of my favorite accessories because it’s easy…who doesn’t love easy? Check more bags out here.

The Skinny Confidential talks accessories and fashion.

4.} Flower Gypsies Crowns: ok, so I found Flower Gypsies Crowns on Instagram & I feel madly in love. They’re so whimsical & magical & seriously look insane on. I’m in love with this one in particular. I feel like I want to throw a garden party just to wear this crown. I mean…cute right? This crown is such a statement & would be perfect for any summer party.

The Skinny Confidential talks accessories and fashion.

5.} FRENDS Headphones: you guys know I’m a huge, huge fan of FRENDS headphones. Yesssssss. I know they’re an investment. BUT. This is an investment you’ll use daily AND I feel like I will wear them forever. Plus they’re so cute—- people are constantly asking me where they’re from. When it comes to accessories, FRENDS are a must have.

The Skinny Confidential talks accessories and fashion.

6.} I’m With The Band Headbands: these lil velvet headbands make another amazing accessory— & the name? I’m With The Band. Die!! This badass company really does it right because it holds my rat’s nest hair back in a stylish and cool way. Because I totally don’t want to be a dork in Pilates with a weird, ugly headband…thx God for I’m With The Band’s velvet turbans. Yay!

The Skinny Confidential talks accessories and fashion.

7.} Tavi Noir Knee High Sock: if want to look hot while sweating ( think barre classes, Pilates, &/or yoga ) these socks by Tavi Noir will be your bestie. Not only are they great for workouts but they’re literally amaze for transitioning to the gym to date night. I like to wear the lace ones with some black knee high boots & a little off the shoulder top. Hot! Check out more of these rad socks here & enter TSC10 for a 25% off all socks.


* photo 1: Katherine Rose, photo 2/5/7: Sam Blumberg, photo 3: Chantel Marie, photo 4: Chris Tran

  1. Oooo that Child of Wild site is such a good find! The bags are cool but I’m especially digging the pillows. One of those bad boys on a rustic leather couch…

  2. I am a total accessories junkie as well, whenever I feel like I need an update in my closet I go out and buy myself some cute new accessories and feel like I have an entirely new wardrobe! Thanks for sharing all of your cute finds <3 Lots of Love C

  3. That’s a really nice round up of accessories and loads I wouldn’t really have thought of. The gold arm band is absolutely beautiful xxx

  4. I’ve been seeing those awesome headphones everywhere. I’m guessing sound quality matches cuteness? – a clean eating bento blog. Japanese or Asian-inspired!

  5. I love these accessories! I’ve been wanting to try out some headbands like the Sweet Besitos ones but I didn’t really know how to pull it off — seeing how you style it is super helpful! Totally getting inspired for summer now with these accessory ideas!

  6. I neeeed to get more accessories! I love the way they pull together outfits, and make you look so ‘done’. However I am absolutely rubbish at them, and always just forget!
    Thanks for some timely inspiration! x

  7. Awe. This post just reminded me of all the super cute bags, jewels and hair accessories I have at my finger tips but I’m just to f’in lazy to utilize.

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