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A Vegas Recap

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A glass of dry champy to start the trip off right
fitness blogger
Michael & Farley decided to take a nap

It’s so easy to indulge when traveling. I am all about indulging- but in a smart, healthy way. When I foresee late nights of sleep deprivation & high alcohol consumption, I try & nourish my body as much as possible. We went to many savory, mouth-watering restaurants while in Vegas; I enjoyed each and every one with slight order modifications. Some examples: dry champagne instead of sweet [ yuck! ], lemon juice instead of butter or oil on my snap peas, vodka water with a splash of grapefruit [ also seen here ], vegan meatballs as opposed to regular, cucumber wrapped sushi rather than rice & a mini version of the normal menu sized root beer float.

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Snap peas w/ lemon @ Michael Mina
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Vodka, water w/ a splash of grapefruit juice @ club XS
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Amazing vegan meatballs @ the Wynn’s SW
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Elena & I ready to have drinks at STK
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Cucumber wrapped rolls @ Blue Ribbon Sushi
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Mini root-beer floats @ Michael Mina




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