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A Lazy Saturday

fresh ahi tuna on a lazy saturday in Del Mar California

Faye [ my sister ], Michael and I decided to take a stroll through Del Mar the other day for a little lazy Saturday. We stopped by the beach & then realized we were all hungry & thirsty [ wine, anyone? ]. We walked a few blocks up & decided on the restaurant Pacifica Del Mar, which provides a relaxing ambiance with a killer view.

Since I frequently eat out, I am extra careful when ordering off the menu. I try and start with protein and veggies to fill up on. At Pacifica, I opted for oysters [ my FAVORITE food — so many benefits, I could literally pen a book: high in B12, protein & zinc and NO sugar ] with Tabasco & a side salad as an appetizer. I choose raw ahi tuna [ it is really yellowfin tuna, but we all say ahi 😉 ] for an entree which was accompanied by a glass of Pinot Grigio. Faye tried a fresh, muddled peach cocktail with vodka, soda water and a splash of peach juice — it was fab.  We split a dessert of homemade mango sorbet. Needless to say, it was a beautiful day. Just the perfect lazy Saturday for the three of us.

Del Mar 15th Street Restaurant: Beautiful San Diego Ocean View

Healthy Cocktail in San Diego

Fresh Oysters San Diego on a lazy saturday

Mango Sorbet on a lazy saturday


  1. Not sure if procrastination is about me, but I frequently have lazy evenings, just to relax and enjoy the chilly windy weather. As I was born in Alaska region, I often write about winter and mountains (main heroes are often men who came to Alaska to rescue people).

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