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Call me Kris Kringle because today I come bearing GIFTS.

Gifts for YOU.

Every giveaway on TSC is a way for me to say thank you. The Skinny Confidential really, truly would not be the same without you guys so to show my thanks I’m giving one reader a bunch of goodies!

About $1500 dollars worth of FUN.

Plus I’m making it ridiculously easy to enter. Like I’m not making you share your soul on Facebook or anything.

christmas giveaway | by the skinny confidential

A lot of these goodies are things I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE like a warm faux fur blanket, organic tanning mousse, & a hottie Stone Fox Swim bikini.

Also, for all the readers out there, I included The Skinny Confidential Lifestyle Guide which is perfect for a New Year’s restart AND TSC Bombshell Body Guide— new year, new ass right? PLZ.

Anyway, let’s break the giveaway down, shall we?

christmas giveaway | by the skinny confidential


Organic Loving Tan Mousse & remover glove
Flower Gypsy crown
Stone Fox Swim bikini
NuFace Mini Facial Toning Device in white ( GREAT for lymphatic drainage! )
FUJIfilm Instant Camera in white
Cucumber eye pads
Lancôme goodies
Charlotte Tilbury cream
Brazilian Blowout Instant Volume Thermal Root Lift
The Lip Scrub lip exfoliate
HELLO! hair ties
Royal Scout & CO. faux fur blanket
The Skinny Confidential Book, personalized & signed
I’m With The Bands headbands
Compartes chocolate bar
Victoria’s Secret signature scent
Victoria’s Secret body gel/scrub
Victoria’s Secret TEASE perfume
Victoria’s Secret Bronzer
em eyeshadow palette
Urban Decay Gwen Stefani eyeshadow palette
Urban Decay makeup pencils
TSC Bombshell Body Guide 1 Month Subscription


christmas giveaway | by the skinny confidential


♡ Follow The Skinny Confidential on Instagram.

♡ Tag TWO friends on my latest Instagram in the comment section.

♡ Extra credit: comment below on why you HAVE to win!

christmas giveaway | by the skinny confidential

christmas giveaway | by the skinny confidential

So there you have it! A THANK YOU FROM ME TO YOU.

Happy Sunday! Check out Snapchat to see what we’re reading tonight ; ).

Good luck, x lauryn

+ anyone eligible to enter | giveaway ends 1/05/16.

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  1. I HAVE to win because I am your #1 fan (obvs who isn’t) and I am a college student about to go abroad to Barcelona and all of these gifts would be essential needs to stay pretty abroad! Fingers crossed xx

  2. I HAVE to win because I am absolutely obsessed with your blog. You inspire me every day to be a healthier person. You are absolutely gorgeous and have such amazing daily routines that I try my absolute best to follow. I have e-mailed you before asking for some links/recipes and I find myself constantly making screenshots of everyyyyy product/recipe/makeup you use. You have drastically changed my lifestyle for the better are you truly are an inspiration. <3
    I hope you pick me as your winner!!

    Hadas Ben-Mayer

  3. How absolutely amazing of you. I have done the instagram post, and I should win because I am totally your biggest fan-girl.. because you are a celeb, ya know? 😉 kisses to you from Atlanta! xo

    instagram is _ifancythat

  4. Hi! I would love to win because I am getting married in 2016 and think this package would be a great way to begin the year! 2015 was super stressful and I am looking forward to a fresh start next week.

  5. I would love to win this giveaway! I love your blog so much and think all your tips are the best! I really hope I win!! ?

  6. I have to win because I am a college student who didn’t figure out how to budget their money very well first semester, and all these products are a lot of my favorites too!!! me and my friends from school relate and talk about your blog / insta all the time. you post really great stuff!!! xoxo

  7. I HAVE to win because I love everything on here. I’m trying my hardest to become a healthier person and to take full advantaged of my body and health and your blog has and helps me so much on how to do that. Thank you for everything that you do. Xoxo!!

  8. I have to win cause everything looks amaze balls and I adore your blog! Like seriously you and your blog and ridiculously cool. xx

  9. I would love to win this giveaway because I love everything about your blog and the goodies look amazinnggg!!! *heart eyes* You even inspired me to start my own blog! Thank you for doing cool stuff like giveaways <3 xo

  10. First of all THANK YOU for everything that you do to make this blog my go to for anything and everything health, beauty, fitness and fashion related. Your blog and story of how TSC came to be truly did inspire me to finally get my own blog started and I can’t thank you enough.

    I have to win this giveaway because I’m obsessed with Stone Fox Swim and love trying new beauty products. Half the time I never even knew some of these miracle products existed.

  11. I want to win because 1) it’s an amazing giveaway 2) I ALREADY follow you on instagram, snapchat and check your blog every day….I just love you:) and 3) it would add a little cheer to what has been a slightly bleak holiday season for me health-wise. xoxo

  12. I would LOVE to win because everything in this giveaway is just fab! Been following TSC since it first started 🙂 and winning would just make me the happiest mama of soon-to-be 2 babies! Xoxo

  13. I would LOVE to win this giveaway because it would be such a great way to bring in the new year. I have been a reader for a couple years now and through it all not until about a couple months ago I realized that you are not just posting things and talking about how great and healthy you are. You are living a lifestyle and that’s the bottom line of what you preach. To be healthy is more than a fancy smoothie and 3 crunches.. I am taking on the new year with a new mindset to be the best version of myself inside and out. You inspire me to reach big and never give up which I feel is an awesome thing for all women to realize. Nothing is too short of some hard work and determination.

  14. I have to win because I’m obsessed with you, PS, and PS Sr. Your snapchats make my day. This is an amazing gift away and I have never won giving or drawing?

  15. I HAVE to win because you and Michael are so fab, and totally my new inspirations. Love you guys! You’re what this new college grad aspires to 🙂

  16. I would love to win this more than anything because I have just graduated from college and have a ton of student loans, I have recently lost 20 pounds after a lot of hard work and tips from your amazing book, I could not have done it without your help and amazing advice. All the way from the look hot naked juice to your advice about the morning detox drink which I dilligently drink every morning, you are my inspiration and always inspire me to push myself and be the healthiest and best version of myself possible

  17. I would love to win! This christmas my family decided to take the money we would spend on each other and donated it to local charities & St. Jude Hospital. It would be so great to win all these goodies! I love your blog & of course panicky susan! Hope you had a very merry christmas and a happy new year!!!

  18. I would love to win and have a great night with some of my girls that need some pampering- a new momma, a nurse and my momma 🙂

  19. I would LOVE to win because my birthday is coming up in January! Also, you and Susan are the epitome of my #couplegoals and there is not a single day that goes by that I don’t watch your snap stories. Literally obsessed with everything you post on your website, snap, everything you wear, everything!

  20. I HAVE to win because I absolutely love TSC and would like to share these products with other women to inspire and make others feel beautiful too. I also want to read the TSC book and I’m obsessed with Victoria’s Secret.

  21. I would LOVE to win bc I’m starting medical school in two weeks and the skincare products would be amazing to have! Something nice to treat my face with after all the stress I’ll endure during my studies. if not, then please let us know how you feel about all the products so I can possibly purchase a few to try out 🙂

  22. I would loovveee to win bc what better way to start off the new year??? Also I just graduated college aka I’m broke and these would be extra fun goodies I wouldn’t normally spend my money on (bc of said tight budget), but they would be so fun to have! Plus I love your blog, of course!

  23. I would enjoy to win because it would give a great ending to what has been a tough year. It would be a blessing to win such nice products that I wouldn’t normally be able to try on a student budget. Thank you for your time and consideration,
    Xoxo Kaci

  24. Hi Lauryn,
    So I discovered your instagram a few months ago and fell in love with your blog! What made me love you even more was finding out you’re from San Diego (so am I). You have such a unique voice and I think that’s what draws me into your blog almost every day! I am a dancer from San Diego but I moved to LA a few years ago to pursue a professional career. I’m now back in school and just applied to transfer to a university! I can tell that you truly love to inspire people and that is something I like to do through dance on my instagram. I would be so grateful if I won this giveaway because this is a compilation of all of my favorite things as well! Wishing you and Susan the best 🙂

  25. Thank you for an opportunity to win such a treat! I absolutely adore your blog and constantly find inspiration to live a beautiful life. This giveaway would be the perfect set to start 2016 off right because I am focusing on ‘pampering’ myself more this year. Being a girl who works three jobs, and a soon to be graduate student, all of these beautiful items will help me make time to actually relax, take a bath, and drink bubbles! ?

  26. Not to sound like I’m selling my soul or anything buttttt… kidding. Gahh, I would love love to win this giveaway because everything listed is amazing! 2015 was not my best year to keep it simple and this would honestly start my 2016 off amazing, just an awesome refreshing start!

    In love with your whole empire; insta, snap(fave!), youtube, blog (obvi)
    Thank you for creating such an amazing blog! Psycho but I call you my blogger to my friends and they all know who I’m talking about 🙂

    -Amber Bopp

  27. Omg! What an amazing giveaway Lauryn!! I would love love to win because, well the prizes are amazeballs- but on a a realistic note, my grandma passed away just before Christmas. I was able to tell her that I am pregnant before she passed but overall sad that she is gone! This would definitely be a huge pick me up!
    Fingers crossed

  28. let me winnnnnnn lol I am such a fan. I follow on snap, insta, email. I will admit for the longest time you were my secret guilty pleasure (i never wanted to share it with anyone). Recently though as a gift to my very curious friends and fam, I let them in on it and they are just as obsessed their faves are your snapchat. Coming from south africa most of these brands are new to me but I would totally love to try them. It would totally start my year in a glam, healthy way.

  29. OMG Lauryn I have to win this, this giveaway is amazing! I recently moved away from home to Stockholm where i study and all of these things are perfect “treat yourself” things that you typically don’t buy or can afford when studying.And especially the blanket, would love that in my room.
    I read your blog every day and LOVE it, thanks!

  30. I would love to win cause i really need a new start, health wise, just heard from the doctor that i need to make big changes, so i think this giveaway will give me that extra boost! ? Thx for doing this lauryn, i ve been following your blog for a few years now (all the way from Belguim) and made even my friends hooked! Now we have skinny confidential get thogeters (chilled rosé, goat cheese/avo, dark chocolate,…) much love! 🙂 Xxxxx

  31. I would love to win because it would be a great way to start the new year especially since I finally have some goals for myself and I’m working towards making a great year for myself! :p

  32. I’d die to win because ending 2015 with a prize package picked by TSC would be the highlight of my year & a great boost of confidence going into the new year looking for a new job!

  33. Thank you for this giveaway and for creating this wonderful site I turn to everyweek at work. It helps me forgeting the stress and stays with me every single friday at lunch at work so it is as if I knew you and you were a friend of mine for months! Thaths already a win but hey! It would be awesome to win this giveaway so I will for sure try

  34. I absolutely HAAVVVVE to win because i am obsessed with you and your blog/instagram/snapchat and i feel we have Some things in common, like JAW SURGERY… mine is planned for somewhere next year and since i Will most likely be swollen forever, i would want Some other stuff to still feel pretty i guess. Anyway you are the best and such an inspiration ?

  35. I “have to win” because I’ve been living abroad away from friends and family so Christmas presents were hard to come by 😉 meaning 0. So a little treat to myself would be perfect, and the whole new year new – you thing is emphasized perfectly in this sweet giveaway!

  36. Lauryn! Thanks so much for doing this awesome giveaway. Your sense of humor makes me smile every time I read your blog. Just love it and Susan’s recent additions.

  37. I HAVE to win because I just launched my own blog and I would love to review these products and your book! Plus I’m trying to change my life around when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle (along with everyone and their mother this January).

  38. Mon dieu ,

    I really wish I can win this giveaway. Actually my favorite item would be the TSC guide, which I hadn’t the opportunity to read, even tho I follow you on social media.

    Thank you again,



  39. Hi Lauryn! This is a fantastic giveaway! I bought your book the moment it came out, but I would love a hard copy (instead of digital). I am totally loving your 28 week program… Week 9 so far, can’t wait to review it on my blog. It is one of the only programs I have been able to successfully do with Rheumatoid Arthritis, so thank you! Having a one month subscription would be even more awesome 🙂 I would love to win everything else to start of the new year! I’m a chemist, so the next series I am doing on my blog is an organic product, chemical-free, series and some of these products would be awesome to add and review. Thanks again! Have a wonderful rest of 2015!

  40. Seeing as how you are always encouraging realness and sharing truths in life, I’ll share mine. My husband and I found out 3 days before Christmas that the first baby we were expecting wouldn’t come to be. After an emergency procedure on December 23, we basically skipped Christmas this year due to physical and emotional pain. Christmas is my favourite time of year so it was a bit of a double blow. The universe knows what is best and holds our future in its hands and I trust it, so I am trying to accept this as part of our story now. It was a somber Christmas but we are ready to start the new year with a fresh perspective and new goals so something like this would help kick start my journey back to health and to pamper myself and my body with much needed TLC after this past week! Your blog is amazing Lauryn; I’ve learned so much from your posts over the years about health and wellness, and it’s lead me to try new things on multiple occasions. Please keep doing what you do and continue to be real. Life is so precious and it’s important and appreciated when people such as yourself treat it as such and encourage others to do the same. Wishing you and Michael all the very best in 2016.

  41. OMG what a cool giveaway 🙂 I am moving back to the states next month so having all these goodies to welcome me back would be SUPER awesome! Happy New Year <3

  42. Ok ok I don’t HAVE to win but I would LOVE to win. I’m a mom to a sweet and handsome 16 month old boy with another baby boy on the way! This mama is TIRED. I don’t have time like I used to to shop for myself and this giveaway takes away all the guesswork of buying great products. Plus, in an already boy dominant household, I don’t always feel like my girly needs are taken care of or important so here’s a way to make me feel special. I’m almost into the second trimester going into the new year and plan to reset and try to take more care of me while caring for my boys!

  43. I HAVE to win because I love so many products you share on your blog. My problem is getting ahold of these things and affording them! I would be so grateful and excited to receive this giveaway!!!!! ❤️❤️

  44. I would LOVE to win because I follow your blog religiously and also am super broke but want everything on that list! X

  45. Plus my mum really wanted a facial brush for Christmas but I couldn’t get it for her and winning it would be the cherry on the cake 😉

  46. First off, THANK YOU for making it so easy to enter. I rarely comment on things, but I love everything TSC stands for. I check your blog daily because it makes me so happy to read everything you write about. Thank you for your constant hard work to make TSC everything it is. I would love to win this giveaway because I never enter anything, and all of the items included are fantastic. Love.

  47. I absolutely love your blog! I would like to win because I have a 14 month old son that keeps me super busy and I need to pamper myself!

  48. I’m OBSESSED with your blog!!! I harass my friends on the reg by telling them to stalk your blog as much as I do because I constantly try your hair and beauty tutorials and I love all of your other health and lifestyle posts. I’m a fitness/health freak but I feel like I’m constantly learning new things from you and always want to test them out because I totally trust all of your honesty and opinions surrounding everything. I also have the worst luck in the world and never win ANYTHING! I’d be so thrilled, honored and amazed to win this!!!!

  49. I absolutely adore your blog and have a lifestyle blog of my own. I would love to win because i had been thinking lots this season about giving back, and this would be a really fun way to take some of those items and give back to some local teenagers in my area that didn’t get much or anything for the holidays! It would be a cool way to get the instax camera that I’ve Been wanting for a while but give away the TSC book that I already own, the Victoria’s Secret stuff, etc. to someone in need! Just a fun thought! Thanks for posting awesome content and inspiring me daily! Xo
    Live blissfully!

  50. What a beautiful give away, all very classy and Lauren conrady haha! I think I should win just because I reaaaaaaly realllllly want to, I sent you a snap of my “only eat half” new way of life so I’d like to find out more xxx

  51. I wasn’t going to comment because I figured I wouldn’t win, but then changed my mind because why not?! I would love to win this giveaway because I’m really trying to focus on myself this year & this would be an amazing start. I would be so, so grateful for everything on the list, but if I don’t win, I’m just thankful that I found your blog and get to learn new tips & tricks from you every day. Xoxox!

  52. I would love to win this giveaway! I am obsessed with all things health, fashion, and beauty related, so your blog is EVERYTHING! I have had a rough year, but your blog is one of my happy places 🙂

  53. Lauryn, I think I should be the winner of this giveaway because I am a huge fan of The Skinny Confidential and I’m a frequent reader. I also follow you on IG and snapchat! You are my favorite blogger and I use your lifestyle blog as inspiration for my blog! Thanks for keeping new content and creativity always coming our way! Happy holidays!!! 😉

  54. Entering to win the contest. Absolutely love this blog and have been following since the beginning. First thing I do when I wake up is check on the latest entry by Lauryn. It is my go to for beauty, health, fitness and fashion as well as décor. Keep up the good work and happy holidays!! I’m a big fan!

  55. What an awesome giveaway!! I have to win because my birthday is coming up and I’m going on a weekend cruise! Would love to be tanned and wearing a super cute bikini. I’m also a huge fan of this empire you’ve built! Congratulations and here’s to an even better 2016!

  56. I would love to win because I follow your blog religiously and have my very own Panicky Susan who drives me equally crazy when traveling!

  57. Hi L, happy almost 2016! I think everyone deserves to win, but I would be ecstatic to win this giveaway. 2015 was hell. My boyfriend had a lot of bone surgery complications which made the year revolve around hospital visits, sitting (inactivity) and depression. Worrying about someone else is demanding and sucks out any energy you have left for yourself. I would appreciate winning this giveaway because all of the items are beautiful little luxuries. I am determined to feel happy and heathy in 2016! These items would help just by the mere fact they are pretty, girly, and purposeful towards self-esteem and wellness. I can’t afford to purchase these types of things at the moment, so part of my motivation for entering is also financial… I wish $ was no object, but I’m a teacher with a boyfriend going through a disability and I used to be cute and well-groomed! Thanks for reading. Good luck to all! -Carla

  58. Lauryn I literally jump up and down when I see that you are having a giveaway! I was so sad that I didn’t win your last giveaway with your book & the Bombshell Body Guide but I’m so happy that you are giving them away again!

    Always have the best giveaways <3

    Instagram: @kaityfitwell

  59. You are legitimately the only blog I follow on a daily basis! I love everything that you have posted thus far and you’ve inspired me to tap into my creative side. Thank you for giving the readers so much with the content you post and being so generous with more by providing giveaways! You’re the best! xoxo

  60. I HAVE to win because these goodies are amazing, and because I’m a huge fan of the blog/ your snaps and PS, but lets be real- I’m mostly obsessed with Pixy and Boone because well they are adorable.

  61. Me and my friends have been through hell and back this year and i’m stronger because of them so this would be an amazing way to kick off this new year for us all 🙂 Fingers crossed x

  62. I HAVE to win because I love you & your blog soooo much and the opportunity to be a member and to have all these amazing things to help remind me to stay on track with my exercise plan would be absolutely AMAZING!!!! you are soooo awesome!!! Love love love xoxoxo

  63. I NEED to win because I need help kick starting my 2016. I just moved to Miami and need that extra boost to feel confident & sexy especially after the intense life changes I’ve had over the last couple of months. That’s why I would ❤️ to win this giveaway

  64. Hi Lauryn,

    I would love to win this tsc giveaway because your blog has been such an inspiration to me. I just graduate UCF with my bachelors and now I have time to really focusing on building a brand and a blog. You have been such an inspiration that I purchased the VIP ticket to the Create & Cultivate conference in TX all the way from Orlando, FL. It would be amazing to win, but if I don’t I just want to say thank you for inspiring young women all over the world & that in itself is a gift enough.

    Elena Sanchez
    insta: @thelifestyleplaybook

  65. I would love to win!! I have wanted an instant camera forEVER! I would love to give the facial toning device and all the other products a try. As a young married girl, who’s husband is still in school, it’s hard to get anything for myself! Winning this would allow me to try these products I would otherwise not be able to. Love you Lauryn.

  66. Love your blog Lauryn! It’s part of my routine to stop by here and get inspired daily. This blog helped me balance being a mom, planning a wedding, becoming a wife, being a nurse, finishing grad school, eating healthy, and working out – whew!. You’ve also introduced me to other amazing women like Wesley from Lovechugs and Annie from Blawnde; which has inspired me to surround myself with other women who are empowering and uplifting (because girl bosses like you and them are my spirit animal). Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  67. I’d love to win as I am new to your site/Instagram/snap and I absolutely loving all your posts and especially your snaps with ‘Susan’ LOL. You inspire me to live a healthier lifestyle and Id love to be able to use some of your fave products. Even if I don’t win, keep up the awesome posts about healthy living!! And of course, keep those #SusanSnaps coming!

  68. OMG you spoil us! Ok so I HAVE to win because I’ve worked super hard this year; i got a Masters degree, got into a doctoral program and have been working two jobs. Just trying to stay on my hustle like you lol! But thanks for this cool giveaway, thats very sweet of you 🙂

  69. hi! 🙂 this giveaway is everything a girl could ever want! I’m dying for the Fuji camera. In March I’m leaving to travel through Europe and Southeast Asia, and it would be amazing to take cute instant shots of my trip. Besides how incredible everything in the giveaway is, your blog has become my mini obsession. I read it every morning when I get to work. 🙂 I can’t get enough! I think Michael and you are the cutest people in the world together, and I am so happy I stumbled across TSC! <3

  70. I HAVE to win because I absolutely love you and your blog! I have been reading your blog and following you on social media forever, and TSC is the first blog I read everyday. THis giveaway is amazing and so thoughtful, you really can tell how much thought you put into making it a piece of you and what you love!

  71. The only reason I need to win is because I absolutely love you and your blog! I’ve read your book and bought it for a bunch of my friends AND…….clearly you love me too because you’ve always answered all of my social media interaction..EVEN CHATTY SNAPP (clearly I am obsessed, cause I know that’s how your Nanz says it) haha…basically show a sister some love.

    Giveaway, no giveaway…I will be a fan..regardless <3

  72. I HAVE to win because everything in the giveaway is perfect!! My tight recent college grad budget does not allow be to buy anything like this for myself! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick me! I tell everyone about your blog and I am obsessed with all your content (and Panicky Susan snaps)!

  73. Hi Lauryn,

    I love TSC because it’s not just a blog, it’s more a lifestyle. I get to work every morning with my coffee, sit down at my computer, and start my day by reading your blog. I feel totally inspired every morning. Not only do you truly care about your readers (and keeping them healthy and happy), but you are totally and shamelessly yourself. You don’t shy away from real topics, and you make me feel like I can just be who I am and not make any apologies for it. I can relate to you in many ways (even down to the little dogs- I have a poodle mix) I also follow you on snap chat, and I find myself constantly laughing at how real you and Michael are with us. (My boyfriend is also an anxiety ridden traveler, and I told him I’m going to start calling him Panicky Ben). I would love to win this giveaway because I totally respect your advice and all of the products you suggest- I would be overly grateful to get to try all of these!!!

    Fingers crossed!

  74. I HAVE to win because my sissy’s bday is coming up and I’d totally split this with her 😉 And you are awesome! Thank you!

  75. I have to win because I have been going through a lot of personal issues.. Family, school etc and could use some holiday cheer/ something to brighten my day.

  76. This giveaway is AMAZING. I absolutely adore you and your blog (and I am somewhat stockers on your snapchat ;-)) I tend to run out and buy pretty much everything you suggest (even though I can’t always afford it… ooopps.) Winning this giveaway would be an amazing way to kick off the new year. New year… new and improved me! <3 <3 <3 TSC

  77. I’ve had a pretty rough holiday season and would really appreciate a little treat to lighten up my new year! Hoping and praying for good health come 2016! I suffer from Cushing’s disease and just had my 3rd brain surgery on November 25th. This holiday season has been full of recovery and struggling to be comfortable and feel beautiful in my own skin again. Although I’m sure many other individuals also deserve this giveaway, I can say that I would truly appreciate and love the opportunity to receive such a treat!

  78. Omg Lauryn, this is amazing!! I’m always in such denial after Christmas is over, but this brought a little spark before the new year! These products are all beautiful, you are a great curator of brands and products, I would LOVE to see you parter with a subscription box sometime.

  79. I would loooove to win because I am a newlywed who doesn’t really have a ton of time to pamper herself & I would love to win these goodies that I otherwise wouldn’t buy for myself! I am also trying to be a bit healthier (or a LOT healthier) now that the holidays are over – I’ve heard that your book is amazing for that!! Thank you!

  80. To say I’m obsessed with The Skinny Confidential is an understatement! I check my tsc app multiple times a day, and love your snap chats. You are truly my idol<3 As a college student, about to graduate, winning this giveaway would be huge. I love everything in the giveaway. I have been wanting to try the bombshell body guide since its release. With spring break around the corner this package would be put to great use. I have entered all the give aways and really want this<3 eeek i feel like a little girl in a toy store eying the best toy in the store lol.

  81. You have inspired me in ways I can’t even describe. I’m currently on track to some serious weight loss and a healthy turn around because of YOU. Looking through your blog is an easy way for me to feel motivated and positive throughout my journey. I have one semester left at school and could use a huge pick me up like this. My life hasn’t been tough the past year and I’m ready for what 2016 has to bring!

  82. You have inspired me so much. Although 2015 was the challenging year of my life- I had serious health issues- I stuck to my New Years fitness resolutions and I’m in so much better shape. My goals for 2016 are to wean off the strong medications and listen to what my body needs in terms of healthy foods and exercise. I would love to start the new year off in a positive way, and I would love to win

  83. I HAVE to win because I adore your blog! I follow you on Snapchat and love screenshotting recipes and laughing at “Susan” 😉 your posts give me inspiration to love life fabulously! Happy holidays!

  84. Lauryn, I HAVE to win this!!!! I am a college student in a small town with not a lot of money. I love reading all your posts and I feel like I’m waiting to start a healthier/ cleaner life until I get more money and stability. I will be a student teacher this spring and I would love to look and feel my best for the job!!!


  85. Such a great blog! I HAVE to win because I’ve been working nonstop the past 4 years to pay for the wedding of my dreams and the life that I’ve created. I’ve never really won anything but I feel blessed every day for what I already have. This would just be such an extra bonus. Thank you so much for doing this amazing giveaway!

  86. First of all this is so generous and amazing of you!!! I have to win because literally I read this out loud to my sister and we were DYING over every single item!! I’m in my first year of uni and all of this would be mega appreciated as a babe on a budget lol
    Anyway would love to win but either way just wanted to say how much I respect and admire how hard you work and the quality of your content! Love you!! (is it weird to say that? oh well)

  87. What a great give away!! I’ve tagged my friends on Instagram! I just HAVE to win this prize because I need some pampering! I get all of my product advice from you so to be able to try the products you talk about would be great!

  88. I have to win because two words … PRODUCT. WHORE. Duh! Also, I have been an avid follower of TSC for years. TSC has changed my way of thinking. Being healthy is super sexy and doesn’t mean your have to smell of patchouli. It’s a balance and admire you shinning light on that. Plus, I love a girl who’s real. The end.

  89. I don’t HAVE to win… But that being said I REALLY want to. First, you’re a total and complete inspiration I love your lifestyle and how honest and transparent you and Michael both are in showing us a part of your world! You two together are total relationship goals, I make my fiancée watch all your snaps too haha and take Michaels reading recommendations ? I love all your advice on health, and how to live a more balanced life, although sometimes I can’t even bare drinking some of those drinks you make… I.e how do you down apple cider vinegar every morning!? Sorry totes getting sidetracked, anywho I love you and the TSC body guide and I would love the opportunity to win, even just a signed copy of your book?? and also you and your granny should totally put together a recipe book!

    Sam XX

  90. I absolutely love your blog and have been obsessed for YEARS (almost from the start!). I am obsessed with all your daily rituals and healthy-living habits. Oil pulling, essential oils, the sleep bun, homemade chia jelly, apple cider vinegar detox drink every. damn. morning. Also loving your snapchat stories featuring Michael aka Susan- it’s 100% #relationshipgoals for my boyfriend (he loves the book recommendations!!) and I. Please please please choose me!!!


  91. I HAVE to win all of this goodness because I NEED these things in my life. My life will just not be complete until I reap your generousness!!!!!!

  92. AHHH! This is the most amazing giveaway ever. I think I almost teared up looking at these amazing gifts.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to say thanks to us – but we should be saying thanks to you! As you have inspired me, I’m sure you have inspired every girl writing on this blog! I’m motivated to get moving and try smoothie recipes, products and ideas you send out on snapchat. Your book was so helpful while being super funny and your snapchat is so fucking hilarious (shoutout to Susan).

    I’m currently a senior in college studying as a nursing major. I truly do love nursing and helping others. It is hard work but the reward of making a better feel happier or better is so worth it.

    I would absolutelyyyyy love to win this giveaway!! I love following your blog, insta, snapchat and I’m obsessed with the products you are giving away!!!!! Obsessed.
    Again, thanks for all you do!

    Hope I’m lucky this new year 😉


  93. Lauren!

    I HAVE to win because I am obsessed with your blog! Unfortunately, I live in a SMALL town in Montana, and don’t have access to all the products you rave about. I mean, Amazon-ok, but I wanna touch, smell and feel things before I buy them. 🙂 It’s all about the experience, right?!

    (I made your Halloween cocktail for my girls this year, and they thought it was so fancy! It was easy and tasted ah-mazing! Now I keep all the ingredients on hand in case of emergency. 😉 )

    Thanks for your dedication!

  94. I HAVE to win because I have to get through my last semester of college and could use a little help 😉 love love you and the blog, get inspiration from it for every area of life! <3

  95. love love love everything included in this giveaway. You and Michael are exactly like my boyfriend and I; I literally am obsessed with bothering him and capturing all of his embarrassing moments (Biore strips, anyone?) on snapchat. You & I are on the same brainwaves, this giveaway was meant for me, obvi.

  96. I would love, love to win this giveaway! My goal for 2016 is to be more composed and with the variety of options in this giveaway it will allow me to do that. Health and happiness is so important to me and your blog has been so inspiring to stay motivated! Thank you and Happy New Year!

  97. Hi Lauryn!
    I’d love to win because I’m simply obsessed with you and your blog!!! And of course Susan. I look forward to your snap chats on the reg and try to buy all of your health related recommendations to live a healthy & happy lifestyle. Also, if I were to win, I’d share all the goodies with my bestie, Morgan Bowersox, who introduced me to your blog <3 yay!
    ps. you made our girls weekend last weekend when you were snapping us back of you & Susan!!!! so fun 🙂

  98. i would love to win this giveaway because i love your blog, style and aesthetic … and your snapchats with susan – i think you’re funny! xx

  99. I would love to win as a way to bring in the New Year by taking time for myself, something that doesn’t always come first!

  100. I HAVE to win because I would love to pay it forward. I would absolutely die for your book and the Fujifilm camera, the rest I would love to pay forward to other awesome girls. I am super passionate about women who empower other women and I think giveaways are an awesome way to brighten deserving ladies’ days. XOX

  101. Holy Guacamole- such an amazing and generous giveaway! I HAVE to win because I am obsessed with everything I have tried from your awesome blog! Thanks for being such an inspiration, but legit and honest about stuff.

  102. I have to win! My baby girl is teething and having night terrors and mama could use a little pick me up!!

  103. hi Lauryn,

    I absolutely have to win because:
    – I am your biggest fan (…okay biggest fan from Berlin)
    – I live in Europe and most of this stuff is not available here
    – I had the worst christmas ever, spent it eating lettuce with canned corn, because we forgot to book a table in any restaurant while away.. no joke!
    – I love every single thing that you’ve ever recommended on your website so I’m sure those goodies would be my faves for ever 🙂
    – my New Year’s resolution is to get back in shape and start a healthier lifestyle, so your book would keep my on this track haha!

    love your work here!

  104. lauryn are you kidding? this giveaway has one million things in it and is amazing. im obsessed with you and susan and need to have anything you two have touched in my possession. jk, thats so creepy. but really, you guys are the best and this is one of my favorite blogs because you keep it so real!

  105. Would be thrilled to win, because you have the best taste and great lifestyle/health advice. Your blog inspires me to be my best self every day! Thanks.

  106. I’ve been working non-stop to build my business here in San Diego and always seem to have trouble justifying spending money on myself. But in sales, you need to look and feel amazing to be able to close deals. Would love to be the lucky girl that takes the rose on this give away so that I can get a jump start on meeting my goals for 2016!

  107. eek! I broke my foot a few months ago and it has been a long and slow recovery process, something that’s been very challenging for an active person like me! I obviously gained weight not being able to do anything really active, but have recently changed my diet around (and many thanks to your recipes) and have lost close to ten pounds. Winning this would be great motivation and a good kick in the butt to continue to eat well and start working out again!

  108. I would love to win so so much because I want to start off the new year taking care of myself and gaining some confidence. You have given me such helpful tips to make me feel great inside and out and I want to kick 2016’s butt (and whip mine into shape too). As a soon to be college student, this would be so awesome!
    You rock Lauryn!
    xx, Emma

  109. I think now I’ve been following you for almost 3 years maybe? I’ve been working hard from your amazing book and I hate saying this but here in Argentina is sooooo hard to get those things, like the camera and VS things and well… everything else. I just would really love to win because that.
    And just to say, you’re my inspiration, I’m always looking up to you and you help me a lot to be the healthiest and best version of myself I can be. So thanks and I hope to win.
    Lots of love xx

  110. This is actually hands down the best giveaway I have EVER seen. I mean, you’re kidding me, all of these things haven been on my wish list at one time. I basically follow your life everyday, like its a drug.(not in a creepy way) Like, I get up every morning and the first thing I check is snap and insta- obvi I skip all my snap stories and jump right to yours. If you’re making a yum smoothie, what am I going to do? Go try it. Just got way off track, blabbing about how ridiculously awesome you are. Anyway. This seems like the most ideal giveaway, I love all of these products. As we enter the new year, I want to focus on what makes me a better person. Your blog helps me everyday. Point blank, these products are badass.

  111. I have to win bc I’m challenging myself to not turn on the furnace, at all, this winter. Granted, I live in Phoenix, AZ…but dayam, it still gets COLD. So I NEED to win that faux fur blankie, girl!

  112. Have to win because everything on this list is amazing and I never win anything! Also a huge fan of TSC and your snapchats..check them on the daily.

  113. i inherited 4 children under 10 when I started dating my boyfriend. We have another one on the way. Yep! Preggo my eggo! Let’s just say that this has left me looking a lil scary ;P and all these goodies would be wonderful to be pampered with! And I love reading the blog! Inspires me to treat myself every once in a while! Xxoo

  114. I havvveeeee to win bc momma needs some TLC. Esp the TSC body guide subscription. In love w everything shown Gahhhhh

  115. I would LOVE to win this giveaway! First of all, are of these items are so great & it’s even cooler that they are some of your favorites. It is so awesome that you are able to do giveaways & thank your readers like you do! I adore seeing your posts Lauryn, : )

  116. I absolutely would love to win this! I love your blog, your Instagram posts, tips and tricks, etc. So to be able to get my hands on some of the things that YOU love would be such a dream! Also, I have never won anything that I have entered, so it would be a pretty rad way to kick off 2016 ;). Thanks for being amazing!

  117. Hey Lauren! Thanks for the chance to win these amazing prizes! I read your blog every day when I’m at work and it has been this little reminder for me to make good choices, read labels and care about what I’m putting into my body. You’ve really been a source of inspiration. Hope you had an amazing Christmas with Susan! Much love.

  118. I LOVE this blog – everything on it! I’m currently obsessing over anything beauty-related, but i love your fitness tips, recipes, and fashion posts. You are such an inspiration! I’d love to win this giveaway mainly because I want to try all of your favorites, but I’m also getting married in April and could really use all of these items! Crossing my fingers!!

  119. My girlfriend Jessica (@salvatoray) turned me on to this site a few months back…and as a big Snapchat fan I’m also now hooked on your snaps. She’s always mentioning your posts and sharing tips from your site with me on how to live a healthier life. Totally deserves to win.

  120. I have (and would love) to win because this would all help me start my 2016 out on a positive and healthy note! My biggest goals are to better myself and this would absolutely help. Your blog is so inspiring to leading a healthy and happy lifestyle, and this giveaway is in line with that as well. Thank you for hosting and for your constant inspiration!! Xo, Lauren

  121. I would love to win this prize! I have been following your blog for a long time and love all your recommendations! I love your style, health/wellness recommendations and bombshell tips. You blog has helped me develop a more balanced lifestyle and has improved my fashion and beauty routine. I love your blog and as a fellow bride to be would love to win this prize to step up my glam routine before my wedding!

  122. I would love to win these amazing prizes because it would be a great way to start the year! Also, I’ve always been obsessed with your blog and I’m sure that anything you love I would love too 🙂

  123. I have to win because I’m just now recovering from an injury and I cannot wait to get back into shape! Working out is my stress reliever and not being able to has been so hard. I’ve been dying to try your workout guides and now I’ll finally be able to! xoxo

  124. I don’t HAVE to win – however, I would absolutely love to win this amazing giveaway. I have a few girl friends of mine (in addition to me, of course!) who would enjoy so many of these products, and I would love to be able share it with them! It would be such a nice belated Christmas gift!

  125. I would love … Really love to win this giveaway to share theskinnyconfidential blog spirit with my friends during the holidays. To be able to have some awesome new items…. And to of course enjoy the title of GIVEAWAY winner 🙂

    Thanks for the amazing blog!!

    Xoxo Tara

  126. Hi Lauryn,

    Would love to win this and share it with my sister, aka my best friend :)!!! Your blog is real, so fun and inspirational (#truth)!! I love checking to see what’s new on the daily. Keep doing what you’re doing!!

    xoxo Sera

  127. I would absolutely love to win this more than anything! I read your blog/book religiously and find every post so amazing. Going in to 2016 I am a new mommy and getting married too!!!! Getting back in to being fit and eating well all of your recipes and work out tips have made it so much easier! I tell all my friends to read your blog since it has helped me so much! and I LOVE your sense of style and all good deals you post 🙂
    Hope you pick me!!

  128. I have to win because I’ve been a huge fan of yours for years. You are one of the first people I’ve found that understands my passion for the hustle and design, along with lifestyle and wellness. Coming to your blog is one of the happiest moments of my day!

  129. I would love to win because I have been reading you for years and you are the first person who understands my passion for the hustle and design, along with lifestyle and wellness! A huge thank you to all that you do!

  130. STOP. Seriously, everything is straight eye candy in this giveaway. Then to be a winner and be able to use it all?! Dream come true for sure! I recently moved away from LA to Sacramento and needed something to help me feel like I still have pretty and glamorous things in my life – so I started a blog! You’ve always been an inspiration for me in regards to what I’d like to achieve. I love following you on insta/snap so that for a sec during watching your story, or checking out a post – I still feel like an LA girl. xo

  131. I have to win because I am obsessed with your blog and I always am trying new things / spending way to much money on the things that you blog about 🙂

  132. AHH! Talk about amazing! This giveaway? Out of this world.
    I have to win because I’m obsessed with the nuface toning device, have been dying to buy that cute lil fujifilm cam and love-love trying new beauty products! You’re wonderful

  133. I HAVE to win this giveaway because I have had a shit 2015, consider myself insanely unlucky 99% of the time, and would love to start 2016 off with a little luck thanks to my FAV blogger! xo

  134. I HAVE to win because 2016 is my chance to make a new me and these products would be a great start! You are a total inspiration and it would be awesome to start off 2016 this way!

  135. I don’t need to win, and I don’t have a really good reason why I deserve to win. I love your blog. I love supporting things that inspire women to love themselves and live with balance and good intentions! You do a great job leading that cause. Thank you for putting yourself out there and sharing your life. I really appreciate you!

  136. OMG I HAVE TO WIN!!! This is the best giveaway I have ever seen! I follow your blog and check it daily for new posts, and apart of #SnapChatFam. I love you and Panicky Susan and following all of your advantures!

  137. OMG I HAVE TO WIN!!! This is the best giveaway I have ever seen! I follow your blog and check it daily for new posts, and apart of #SnapChatFam. I love you and Panicky Susan and following all of your adventures!

  138. I’ve been following this blog for years and just love it! I think I have entered almost every contest too, and have yet to win one! It would mean so much to me to win this and would help me start the new year off right! Love you blog! <3 <3

  139. Wow this his giveaway is incredibly generous!!! I NEED to win Lauryn!!!!! I love you and your blog and every single item in this giveaway will bring tears of joy to me!! And my birthday in January 4th this would be the best present and start to 2016 EVER!!!!!!

  140. I HAVE to win because I am getting married in less that 6 months (eek!!) and would love to use TSC Body Bombshell guide to get in shape and all these amazing products to make me look my very best on our big day! 🙂

  141. Why do I have to win? Because my boyfriend won’t respond to Susan, despite my tireless effort, and because my Susan’s responses to my annoying tactics aren’t as satisfying as your Susan’s responses. And because, skinny.

  142. Would love to win because all of that stuff sounds amazing and is stuff I have been wanting to try (especially stone fox swim bikini)!

  143. I would love to win because these products are amazing and I would love to share them with all my friends and family so that they can try a bunch of new stuff too!!!

  144. I would
    Love to win this because I think you are friggin amazing & I would be proud to wear the TSC brand

  145. I’d love to win because these prizes are amazing and I really want them thus it would make me soooo happy to win these!! Plus, I know that some of these prizes would make perfect gifts for some of my friends and family members 🙂

  146. I would love to win primarily because I wanna walk around my apartment in the bikini while wrapped in the faux fur blanket, taking sweet ass pics with the instant camera while smelling amazing & looking beautiful AF.

    Happy Holidays!

  147. I have to win because it was just my birthday! And because you and PS are the bees knees! ?

  148. Please pick me to win because I’ve been following TSC for the past 5 years and I am obsessed with your healthy and straightforward mindset, Lauryn! You inspire me and I love your photos, your stories and all your advice that help me to live a happier and healthier life!!! xoxo

  149. I’d love to win! not only would all of these items kickstart my new year, but it would kickstart my new commitment to health/wellness in 2016. I’m obsessed with your blog & would love to win!

  150. This give away is to die for!!! I am an avid follower. Whether its your blog, instagram account or snapchat… I am constantly looking to see what you are up to and posting. I read every single one of your posts. You are by my far my favorite blogger. Not only do you post trendy and hip tips on fashion, makeup, and home decor, but you kill it with the awesome health tips and knowledge. Plus you are so honest and I love that. This give away has everything I need and want to try. It’s a great starter kit to help me start of 2016 on the right track! Pick me 🙂

  151. Ahhh, you’ve inspired me to be so much healthier! I used to dance completatively, but my lifestyle completely changed once I got to college. Now that I’m about to graduate, I’m starting plan “get your shit together” and all of these things would be PERFECT for helping with that. xx

  152. I want to win because this would be the best gift ever!!! I typically never enter in giveaways but since you are doing it I HAD to enter. I’m dying for your book and a 1 month subscription!!!!

  153. I would absolutely love to win this because you are seriously my spirit animal! Your posts range from inspiring to hilarious to informative to downright amaze. I’ve tried so many of the things you have recommended on your blog from dry brushing to using organic oils for everything and would love to try some of your favorite products! xo

  154. I’ve been a follower for several years and LOVE all your suggestions. All of these products sound amazing and it would be great to try them out. I”m looking to revamp my beauty and health routine in 2016, so this would be a great kickstart!

  155. this would be an amazing post-christmas present!! hope I win – dying to try the Bombshell Body Guide and really want a polaroid camera!

  156. I have to win because I am studying abroad in the south of France this spring and your posts from your euro trip have inspired me to be TSC style during my semester. Because, duh. AND most of all because I have been dying to try & review the TSC bombshell body guide!!!!!!!! PS you rock

  157. I would love love love to win because all these goodies sound absolutely amazing and a lot of them I could give to family as some belated Xmas gifts! Money was a little tight so being able to give a little extra would be amaze!!! I love your blog and want to try out the BBG to get in shape for 2016 and just really get my ass in gear! Xoxox

  158. I’m getting married this year and need a “restart” to start the new year off right! Thank you for this FAB giveaway, Lauryn 🙂 Hope you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  159. I would love to win because I’m college student who is obsessed with your book and completely changed my life my following the tips in your book. I’m so much happier and healthier

  160. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog and have been an avid reader for years. I could honestly say that I’d use everything in this package! Hoping for the best!

  161. I < dore your "West Coast" style, product, & lifestyle suggestions which are illuminating compared to & complement "East Coast" living where I reside. I <3 your down-to-earth personality, humor & class yet "high-end" advice & recommendations attainable for all! Your health, food preparation & fitness advice are truly realistic & effective! Above all, you're beautiful "inside & out" which exudes a <3 ly, sincere & <3 ing interest in all of us wannabe' fashionistas! I would <3 to win your generous give-away for so many reasons~ I am a breast cancer survivor on a limited budget~ doing well! Thank you, Lauryn!

  162. Congratulations on continuing to grow TSC every single year to new heights! Excited to see what 2016 brings! XOXO PS I gotta have that bathing suit AND the motivation/guidebook to look good in it! 😉

  163. I would love to win your giveaway because actually I am pretty new to your blog and I really enjoy reading and trying new things from your blog!!!!!

  164. Hi Lauryn!

    Thank you for a wonderful 2015!! you truly have impacted my everyday life! Whether it’s switching to charcoal toothpaste, setting up the perfect at home date night, or becoming obsessed with essential oils this blog has seriously enhanced my life! Would love to win the give away to try even more things that you recommend and start the new year the best way possible!

    Happy New Year to you Michael, Pixy, and Boone!

  165. I HAVE to win because I am a college student looking for ways to gain more motivation towards fitness. I love your blog because you encourage better lifestyles at all levels and believe that everyone has the power to transform themselves. I think winning this giveaway will give me the motivation I am looking for. I have followed your blog for years and am ready to put my following into action this New Year!!

  166. I would love to win this giveaway. I adore everything about you and your blog. I try almost everything you post about. Winning this (mainly the TSC Body guide) would be amazing! I am really trying to push myself this year to follow through with my new years goals and a toned booty is one of those! xx

  167. I HAVE to win because I am obsessed with your blog and everything on that list is to die for! I’ve been dying to try Loving Tan, I am an Urban Decay addict, and lastly, all of those goodies in combination with a free month of TSC Bombshell Body Guide would be too good. 😉

  168. I HAVE to win because I am obsessed with your blog/snapchat/insta and everything in the giveaway is to die for! I’ve been dying to try Loving Tan, I am an Urban Decay addict, and everything on that list in combination with a free month of the TSC Bombshell Body Guide would be too good. 😉

  169. As a college student I often struggle to be able to buy any beauty products for myself, especially with having spent all my extra money on my friends and family this Christmas! All these products look so amazing, my favorite being the swim suit! I would be so ecstatic to win anything in the basket let alone the entire thing!

  170. Great giveaway!! I would love to win based on the fact that your snapchat/blog posts may or may not be one of my faves part of the day. (Is that sad to admit?)
    Great bunch of products that I would be so so happy to win!!
    Thank you!!!

  171. I love your blog and follow you on Instagram and Snap Chat! It would be the best way to bring in the new year with a healthy and fabulous start!

  172. i have to win because i have been battling multiple injuries this year and looking forward to starting 2016 healthy and happy!

  173. I need to win cause I serious need a boost this coming year!! Motherhood is exhausting and it’s hard to take time for yourself!! Lol

  174. Me ! I have to win ! Mostly because all of this stuff is the coolest shit and I can’t get it here in Canada and plus I love you and this website. It’s like a holy bible for girls, all this stuff is amazing and it would be amazingg to win it. Thank YOU Lauryn ❤️

  175. I HAVE TO WIN because I’m awesome and you’re awesome too. I love your blog. I honestly don’t follow any other blogs as religiously as I follow yours, or at all for that matter. I would really like to win this giveaway, it’s filled with awesome stuff. You’re amazing, happy holidays!

  176. Hi Lauryn!

    I’m sure there are many deserving ladies and gents who are entering to win this, but I would love a shot! 2015 hasn’t been the best year to me, to say the least. I’m really hoping to making 2016 the year that I can turn it around, work hard, and make dreams a reality! I think winning this would be a great way to start the year, and certainly give me the motivation to get started!!

    Thanks and Happy New Year to you and Michael!

  177. I have to win because I absolutely ADORE you and your blog!! First of all…your doggies and their fashion give me life. I looooove your book and and now am in a long term relationship with green drinks. You have the best snapchats ever and I live for new blog posts from you! You are such an inspiration to me and I’ve gotten alllllll my friends on this TSC bandwagon as well. Thanks for being amazing!


  178. I have to win because all these sweet treats would be a great new year’s start to getting ready for my wedding in June 2016! Xoxo Thank you!

  179. I have to win because I’m obsessed with all of those things and I would never buy them for myself!! Xoxo

  180. I HAVE to win because I love your blog, insta, snaps, and quite honestly who wouldn’t want $1500 worth of free(amazing) things!!!

  181. I could totally use this package! A mother to a 5 month old and 3.5 year old. Ready to get my pre- baby body back! Let’s do this! ?

  182. I have to win because I love YOU! One of the best blogs I’ve ever kept up with and one of the most thorough in every single post. I love how every post applies to me personally or my interests. I so enjoy following your snap chat and I would love the opportunity to try all these products solely bc of how highly you think of them!! Thank you so much for being an amazing blogger trust me your work is appreciated 🙂

  183. I HAVE to win because I just had a baby a few months ago, and I want to get my body back!!!!! Help me be like you Lauryn!!!!! Xo

  184. I would LOVEEEE to win because I love your recommendations and know I would be obsessed with all these goodies. I have been getting my friends really into your blog too because I know they would adore it!

  185. Hi Lauryn! I absolutely love love love your blog (and your snaps). You really inspire me, and not just by the material things like fashion, makeup, etc..but focusing on living a healthy, happy life, and the fact that you share everything you know with all of us is so awesome. I am hoping to win this contest because as a single mother of 2 with no financial help but my own, I rarely have the time or the money to pamper myself. It is so nice of you to do this for your readers. Just another example of how awesome you are. Good luck selecting a winner! Xo Ps. I put lemon and chili flakes on everything now!

  186. I have to win because you are the reason I started a blog! It’s so scary at first and you really don’t know where to begin, but you inspire me so much and motivate me to be myself. You and Michael are honestly so cool and I feel like I personally know you, needless to say following you on Snapchat was the best decision ever! I am also from San Diego, about to graduate from SDSU (your alma mater!) so I am very excited to see where the road will take me 🙂 Xoxo

  187. Hi! I would love to win this because I’m working my first full time career job and trying to move out to my own place solo, aka my Sephora piggy-bank is suuuuper empty!!! I love your blog and btw activated charcoal saved my life so thank you!

  188. I have to win because I appreciate you and everything you share with your followers…You have truly changed my outlook on life and have inspired me to be a better person. I now understand the importance of treating your mind and body well, offering as much love as you can to your family, friends, and SOs, and respecting yourself and your reputation. You are the definition of a boss, and are someone I aspire to be like…and I am obsessed with everything you post, of course! I have to win because I am a college student with a passion for bikinis, makeup, and faux fur blankets…which is why this is the best giveaway I have ever come across and the only one I have even tried to win! Keep the dream alive, girl, and keep doing you xoxo

  189. I have to fun because everything would be perfect to prepare me for my trip to Mexico in March. Especially the bombshell body guide!! Love your blog and LOVE following you on snapchat ❤️

  190. I would love to win because this year I’m working on loving myself and this would be a great start to this year. I’ve been following you awhile and you’ve been an inspiration during this past,difficult, year for me. Thank you

  191. Health is wealth and I’ve learned that mainly from reading Lauryn’s blog. I stumbled upon TSC about 2 years ago and fell in love with the passion for health and wellness within each post. My friends would undoubtedly agree that I talk about Lauryn like she is my BFF and rave about her tips like a crazy health freak (pssh whatever algae shots, dry brushing, and oil pulling are cool people).
    I want show other’s that being healthy can be the most rewarding (and sexy) thing you can do in your life. The giveaway is a chance for me show others how taking care of yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually can lead to a better you. I READ TSC LIKE ITS MY BIBLE and am so grateful it has made health an approachable and desirable thing for someone like me in their 20s. I always look forward to sharing Lauryn’s tips and tricks with others and the giveaway would be one more opportunity to spread the wealth 🙂
    xo Erin

  192. Hi! I would love to win because I am a college student trying to put myself through undergrad and then law school. All of the goodies in your giveaway would be greatly beneficial for my rather dull dorm life.
    Thank you for the opportunity!!

  193. This year was the toughest of my life. A breakup with the guy I thought was the love of my life, the rock bottom of a decade-long battle with depression and anxiety, unexpectedly getting laid off from a job, and having to move out of the apartment my ex and I lived in together while in awful financial circumstances. The worst of it all was losing sight of who I truly was. After the majority of 2015 being an absolute nightmare, I got two jobs that I love and moved into a gorgeous apartment by myself. I found myself uninspired, however, but then remembered how much I used to enjoy reading The Skinny Confidential. I began making a routine of reading the blog, and it is once again a constant source of inspiration for me in many aspects of my life, from health and wellness to home decorating and delicious indulgences. Winning this giveaway would be absolutely incredible, as I have spent the majority of this year unable to treat myself. Not to mention everything in this giveaway is SO DOPE. Pleasepleaseplease pick me, I’d be so beyond stoked! xoxo

  194. I HAVE to win this prize pack because it is PERFECT for my upcoming girls getaway weekend in Florida! My BFF’s since high school & I are getting together (from all across the country) to celebrate my birthday in early February. This prize pack is made for for a girls beach vacay (tanning mousse, swimsuit, insta camera, hair tied, etc)!!
    Crossing my fingers and toes…

  195. I have to win because I didn’t get anything this Christmas because my family lives in Kenya and can’t afford and cause my besties be broke af. Also, I really really love your’e blog. You inspired me to try a hand at blogging and I finally mastered the courage to do it (which I’m super proud of myself for 🙂 I love fashion so much and I absolutely love the post ideas you come up with. Your writing style is casual and cool and reading a post is like sitting down to have a fireside chat with a bestie. Also, I’ve been wanting a fuji camera for the longest time everrrr so to get one would be like *insert angels harmonizing* I also really would love to take your book to college with me when I graduate from high school this year. #SecondSemesterSenior Anyways, I’m crossing my fingers and toes and legs and everywhere that I win. Love you Lauryn! <3

  196. OMG omg omg!!!! This is such an amazing giveaway and I would just die if I won!! So many great products I’ve really wanted to try and would love to have.. ESPECIALLY your book (signed! ?) Thanks for the chance! #fingerscrossed

  197. This year has been an amazing journey for me. I have been working very hard to better myself and treat myself with respect. I have removed myself from unhealthy relationships and learned to truly love myself. It has been a hard lesson to learn meanwhile finishing my Ph.D. program. Overall, I want this giveaway as just a reward for myself. Unfortunately, I just cannot afford to do that. This giveaway would mean a lot to me! Even without the giveaway, I want to say thank you! You have been such a great inspiration and role model! It was great to read and watch an example of another woman truly loving herself in all ways!

  198. You are such an inspiration and to win would be another step into a better direction to becoming a blogger like you! Xx ?

  199. This will make 2016 begin with a bang, for anyone who gets selected. Just purchased Phase 1 & 2 of the TSC Bombshell Body Guide/Plan last night and am highlighting and taking notes right now. I’ve written goals and my one word for 2016 is “Consistency” –> Workouts, eating on time and clean, routines in general.. Not going crazy by living according to my watch, but being conscious of my life. I’ve learned a lot from your blog over the years, probiotics changed my life, no joke. (SDSU Journalism alum 2014! Woo!) Hope to be the winner of this Happy Holiday treat.

  200. Hi!! What a great giveaway, you’re so good to your readers! I would love to win as I am mildly obsessed with your blog.. and instagram of course (check it daily!!) You inspire me every day to being the better, HEALTHIER and happier version of myself. Any products and tips you share I trust 100%! Happy New Year <3

  201. I HAVE to win because i’m a college junior working full-time and have been working towards attaining balance in my life. Balance in work, life, school, friends, family, relationships, etc. I love reading TSC because it motivates me to keep pushing myself and work hard for the life I want! The community feeling of the blog/instagram/snapchat is so positive and supportive; somedays a small positive affirmation, post, or comment can make all the difference when you’re struggling through a long day of classes, an 8 hour shift, and more–these small affirmations encourage me to focus on the bigger picture and what i’m working so hard for. My goal for 2016 is to find a healthy balance within my hectic life so that I can better focus on not only the future and those around me, but also on myself! After all, you cant pour from an empty cup and if you don’t take care of yourself first, who will? xx Emma

  202. I HAVE to win because I’m obsessed with literally everything on this list! And I could seriously use a good jumpstart for the coming year 😉

  203. I HAVE to win because I just lost my job and could use something to brighten up my life. I love your blog, instas, and snaps! You make me want to be a healthier and better version of me and you inspired me to start my own blog. I haven’t made a post yet but maybe my first one could be about this package!

  204. This is one of the best giveaways I have ever seen – all of these products looks AMAZING!! I would absolutely love to win this!!!!

  205. I HAVE to win because I am obsessed with your take on a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle while managing work and play. You are a true role model in terms of being ambitious and setting high goals for yourself while also making time for friends, family, travel, hobbies, and a healthy lifestyle. This year has been a transition period for me before I stick my nose in a book for four years to get through medical school and I’ve realized something: I was not very good at managing work and play before but TSC, your Snapchat, and Instagram have definitely taught me a thing or two about how to balance all aspects of my life. I love how you always aim to make everything from eating well to doing make-up so easy and efficient. My new year resolution was to complete the TSC Bombshell Body Guide and this giveaway would totally get me started and keep me going while I pamper myself with all the other goodies. Fingers crossed! xo

    P.s: I’ve reached out to you several times to ask various questions about stuff you’ve posted on social media and your blog and you’re so quick to respond. Thank you for valuing your fans, we love you!

  206. I ABSOLUTELY HAVE to win because I am a stay at home mommy that’s needs a little special pampering for myself!! All day I take care of my families needs and I would love to get the chance to spoil myself!! This give away is INCREDIBLEand so are you! Thanks for the chance 🙂 -Love Kelsey ❤️❤️

  207. Whaaat first of all are you F-IN kidding me? This giveaway is HUGE (imagine via Donald Trump voice). I’ve loved reading TSC for years and how you always give back! I would love to win to get thos fabulous new year off to the right syartw with your plan and these kick ass goodies that every glam babe needs!

  208. I HAVE to win this because I am a long time follower and admirer 🙂 You have great and similar tastes and I would love to try out all the goodies!! PRETTY PLEEEASE

  209. I need to/have to win because I decided this year I need to take better care of myself. That means treating myself and embracing my faults too! This would be a great start on doing that.

  210. I really want to make 2016 a healthy year for me and lose the weight that I’ve put on with my new job– this giveaway would be an incredible way to start that resolution!

  211. I have to win because I’m pretty sure you’re my spirit animal and may or may not have a minor obsession with you. I adore everything on the list and it would be a great way to kick off 2016!

  212. I think you are totally amazing. I would love to win this beautiful prize well because I could use it to start my New year out right plus I need a pick me uper. Please pick me.??

  213. Hola! I believe I HAVE to win because I am just going to be honest.. I’m a beauty obsessed freakazoid and most of the things in your giveaway are not easily accessible in the city I am from. Thanks, hope you had an amazing Christmas and Happy New Year!

  214. I would love to win this! I am a broke college student and can not seem to get out of the hole! I would love to win everything on this giveaway and share it with my little sister and mom!

  215. I HAVE to win because I have been following you for about 3 years AND would DIE for just the facial toning device- nevermind the whole prize pack! wow! ty for offering such a generous prize! I really HAVE to win because I am drooling over this pack and it would be so great to start the year off with a bang like this! 🙂 ty! happy new year!

    1. oh and I have followed on IG for about 3 years also as @budgetbeautysite_cstone412cs and I tagged my two friends on your post from today in the black tee shirt 🙂

  216. I would love to win because I love everything you blog about. I love the artistic and creative side of your blog, from the beautiful photography to the blog topics. You are so real and I admire that and your fierceness!

  217. I have been following your blog for years and you have been an inspiration on my health journey. I look up to you and your entrepreneurial attitude, you are badass!

  218. Love love love everything in this giveaway!!! I want to do flower crowns at my wedding and if I love this one, I’ll get one for each of my bridesmaids! Also – the bombshell body guide is something I’ve had my eye on for awhile 🙂

  219. I would be so grateful to win because A.) You’re my badass lifestyle guru B.) This shit is fuego
    I am in NEED of all these!
    Your posts are such a great guide for us out here on the interweb, I just want to say thank you for doing all that you do!

  220. After reading some of the comments I feel so unworthy. But I HAVE to win because I just want to be a fearless queen like you! I have read your book so many times the pages have started falling out. I’m obsessed with any products you love & would walk your precious pup forever if I won.

  221. I have to win because I am a mother of two kids under two. I am in desperate need of some spoiling and motivation/help to get my body back! Thanks Lauren!

  222. I have to win because I am recently unemployed and definitely cannot be splurging on myself
    right now. Not to mention this is an amazing giveaway. You are the only fitness blog I read because I enjoy the fact that you backup any health info with solid research and everything you post is so aesthetically pleasing. Love you Lauryn!!!

  223. I don’t have a particularly good reason why I’m the best and should obviously win. But, In the past year I moved across the country to pursue my career, gained a little unfortunate 9 to 5 sitting at a desk weight and have truly experienced some coming of age growing pains. Your blog let me know it’s okay and how to face it head on – I appreciate that more than you know. Cheers!

  224. I have to win because I never win anything! Not even bingo as a kid ?. Honestly, it’s just be amazing to win these fun things!

  225. Quite honestly would solely love to win for the NuFace Mini Facial Toning Device. After years of struggling and trying to find magical cures this thing looks to be amazing (I mean at least from the reviews online). Would never spend the $325 on myself, but a girl can wish 🙂

  226. I would love to win to give something special to my mum who has given me so much. She deserves something to brighten her day. Thanks skinny confidential, you inspire me every day.

  227. Hello! I have to win because I will be starting my Biology and Chemistry sequence at my college this winter! I really hope to keep up my grades but also make sure that I’m healthy and still treating myself to “me” time. I really want to keep my life balanced while still accomplishing my dream of becoming a Nurse Practitioner! I think by winning this giveaway I will have an easier time being able to treat myself with these items to maintain a healthy life balance of happiness, fun, and hard work!

  228. I have to win because you inspire me so much. It’s so funny, I got a juicer & diffuser for Christmas!! Your lifestyle is what inspires me to be more healthy & better person!

  229. I hope I win so I can share with my friends and family! Thanks for a fun/ generous giveaway!

  230. I HAVE to win because your blog inspires me all of the time and your snapchats with SUSAN give me life!! Lol ❤️

  231. I have to win because after gaining a load of weight I have been quietly watching from the sidelines. I think you are fabulous and I want to be FABULOUS!

  232. Hey, I’m Bea from Hungary. I read your blog since 6 months and I’m obsessed with it. And the reason why I have to win is that I’m a student, who only gets about 17$ a month, so can’t afford such beautiful things. And the other reason is, that I started a heathier life few months ago. Your book could help me a lot. Sorry if my grammar was not perfect, I’m only learning English for 1,5 years. Thanks for everything.

  233. Happy New Year! I would looooove to win because i have been following your blog for years, love your book, and love and respect how honest and blunt you are on your blog.

  234. I would love to win, it would be like a second Christmas!! And a pile of pretty things is the perfect motivator to start the new year right

  235. Hello! I have to win because I love pretty much everything you (or Michael) recommend and I’m throwing a New Years party this year and the camera would be PERFECT for a photo booth I’m planning!! #allwhiteeverything

  236. I would love to win because I love your site and the fun goodies !! I am helping to care for my dad and this would be some sunshine in my world too! Plus, I could share with my bestie!!

  237. I HAVE to win because I really need a great start to 2016. This past year has been one of the hardest I have experienced in all ways and this would definitely be a positive way to begin the new year!

  238. I just HAVE to win this! All the products look amazing! I feel like it would really give me motivation to get my ass back in shape for my wedding in May. Thank you for doing these awesome giveaways and for always making me laugh with your hilarious and informative posts.

  239. I would lovw to win because this is an amazing give-away! I would love all these items just like i love all your snaps, posts and blogs. Thank you for the oppurtunity.

  240. Lauryn! Straight to the point- I’m obsessed with you & your holistic lifestyle ways (I hope that didn’t come off as creepy but it’s true!!). I’ve been following your blog for YEARS. Seriously, not to get all deep but you inspire me to better myself in every aspect of life and be the best version of myself I can be :). I follow you on snapchat and look forward to seeing your snaps everyday, especially the ones of you bugging “Susan” (I force my boyfriend to watch those and I tell him if he continues to be panicky I’m going to start calling him that!!). Also LOL at your making him carry your stuff when you went skiing.. So hilarious. I don’t want to drag this on, I know how busy you are! But off the top of my head some of the blog post I’ve loved and applied to my life are the DIY dream catcher, I bought alligator clips, your food recipes (they are all sooo yummy!), you made me slightly terrified of tanning beds, and I follow your makeup tutorial for my makeup routine!! I also tell allll my friends about your blog and how they NEED to read It! It would be a dream if I won your giveaway! I would literally faint.. I’m a nursing student so sometimes taking care of myself has to come second but this package would tremendously help change that!!! Thanks for everything you post, keep being you and fabulous! Xoxox

  241. omg I hope I win!! I love the fur blanket and I would love TSC Bombshell body!!! You have some amazing stuff in this giveaway! I’m totally wanting to whip my butt into shape for the new year!

  242. OMG I would LOOOOVE to win this!!! This has been such a great year of me following my dreams of helping my Latinas community to be healthier, to reach our highest potential through healthy living… take care of our loved ones and ourselves! My family has a great history of cancer (my grandfather died of cancer and 2 of my aunts… my mom had breast cancer) and that’s why I decided to study holistic nutrition so I could help them heal and prevent all this diseases and from that the biggest gift came, cause I started helping others too! I feel so blessed 🙂 Winning this will help me close this 2015 with a gold cap and start 2016 on a queen mode! 🙂

  243. I HAVE to win because I’m a broke college student getting married next fall and all of these amazing items would certainly come in handy for personal wedding prep ? I’m also a huge fan of The Skinny Confidential and already follow on Instagram and snapchat!

  244. I would love it all!!! I follow you on Instagram, snapchat, Facebook, and your blog:) I share these sites with family, friends and coworkers please never stop blogging I realize it’s demanding and hard work but you really do have a gift!
    Michael and you are quite comical together also.

  245. I have to win because 2016 is going to be the year I really really really really this time get my pre-baby body back. I have been being super lazy and I’m totally over it and ready to take some time for myself! I have been reading your blog from the very very beginning and love it so much. Happy New Years xo!

  246. I HAVE to win because I love a lot of these products though I would share them with my mum and sister who would also love these 🙂 Nothing like bonding over beauty!

  247. Hey Lauryn! I would LOVE to win your giveaway because I am a huge fan (obvs) and love trying all the products you recommend on your blog. Happy New Year to you and Michael 🙂

  248. I’ve been a huge fan of yours for years. It’s because of youth at I use coconut oil, charcoal toothpaste, etc! I trust your product reviews this would be so awesome to share with my mom if I won. Thank you. Have a happy new years

  249. I entered because I noticed the FUJIfilm Instant Camera in white, but then read through the list and saw that my sisters and mom would love some of the giveaways. My middle sister loves Charlotte Tilbury, so I would love to surprise her with that and some of the other prizes (especially since she just started nursing school). Plus I would love to try and put the flower crown on our pampered pooch HA! Good luck to everyone!

  250. This is INCREDIBLE! I have never tried to win one of these giveaways before but i am getting married in 40 days from today (ekkk) and would love a little relaxation/ destress things to get me ready for the most amazing day EVER!

    Keep up the amazing work 🙂 LOVE your blog.

  251. Lauryn! What an amazing and generous giveaway. Thank you!! Seriously, i’ve been dying to try out the NuFace Trinity toning device for a while. Ever since you talked about the dry brush and lymphatic massages they’ve interested me, but are a little out of my price range! I’d love to try it out because I’ve had skin issues for a few years now and i think it would be so helpful. I’ve also been wanting to try out your guides so this would be an amazing, post-holiday treat and kick in the butt to get back in gear:) I lost about 20 lbs after graduating college two years ago, and i’ve yo-yo’d with my weight since. Your guide seems so sustainable and i’ve been looking for workouts that are working-girl friendly!!

  252. Hi Lauryn, I would love to win this giveaway because you’re recipes, snapchats, chi obsession, and adventures with PS make my day. I also love your sense of style and ocd tendencies and have followed your blog from the start. Xo!

  253. Followed you since the beginning and would LOVE these goodies! Some of my favorites and a LOT I would love to try!!! Pretty please pick me! Need the motivation. 🙂

  254. I have to win because I’ve been such a fan for over a year now. Your blog, Instagram, and snapchats are all equally amazing. Because of you I’ve been given the confidence to start working on my own blog. You’re my lifestyle guru so I know these products would enhance my routine! As a college student I’m dying to try the lifestyle and Bombshell guides to stay healthy, body and mind, through school. On top of everything getting these products as gifts from you would be incredible. Love love love TSC and you! Fingers crossed (never wanted a giveaway more)

  255. I would love the chance to win because your blog, IG, and snap chat inspire me and if you continue with the success then you can continue doing amazing giveaways 🙂

    Say hi to Susan 😀

  256. Done & Done! & now for the extra credit…I HAVE to win because this is the best giveaway I have ever seen AND because it’s from my favorite blog/blogger…YOU! I literally wake up every morning excited to read your posts/see your snaps & instas. AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I also HAVE to win because my birthday is FRIDAY aka New Years Day. I’ll be 26 which makes me feel old (boo hoo me, I know) AND this would be the best birthday present ever!

  257. I basically worship your style & taste…the amount of things I’ve bought because of you is just silly! I’d love to win!!! 🙂

  258. I’d love to win because I’m going to be a new mom this year and would love to have some new things to help de-stress and relax

  259. Best. Giveaway. Ever. I need everything in this list in my life (including the Bombshell Guide, thanks to all the Christmas cookies ?). Thanks!

  260. I’d love to win because I am a huge fan of TSC and have been following for over 3 years! I love all the prizes and would love to use them/share them with my sister. I’ve also been dying to try the Gwen Stefani Palette and can’t find it anywhere!

  261. I have to win because I had my first baby on January 31, 2015 and spent this whole year putting myself last! I exclusively breastfeed (still going strong) and it takes up a lot of time! Now that my guy is starting to eat real food, I have a little more time and I need to spend a little of that on me! I haven’t painted my toes in 2 years! I used to be a hair stylist, so I was always ready with hair and makeup and trends, but then I let motherhood take over! I need a little boost and I love TSC! (And Susan ?)

  262. This is an amazing giveaway! Researching every product already! I would love to win and start the new year with your fav fab goodies behind my door:)

  263. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway!! You have helped me with so much throughout the years! You’re an inspiration to all of us and appreciate you for being so gracious to all of us! I have pushed myself to become healthier and I can most definitely tell a difference. ??

  264. I have to win because I literally LIVE by everything you recommend and post. I seriously share your blog with everyone I meet. Even my 6 year old son LOVES your recipes. This give away would make my year. My whole life really ?❤️?❤️

  265. This would be a perfect basket of goodies to get me beach wedding ready! Love the swimsuit and Loving Tan. And the camera will be perfect for our DIY photo booth in the sand:)

  266. I would love to win because I am a college student trying to live healthy on the go! I am heading abroad to Copenhagen and would love to have some stuff to take with me to help 🙂

  267. HELLLOOO I NEEEEED to win because I worship you and never doubt a thing you say and if I got all this stuff I would probably actually use it all cuz I’m a total product junkie.
    And I totally need to try your workouts, I’ve been meaning to splurge on a subscription

  268. I would love to win because your giveaway is badass. I’m not really a blogger but I follow the skinny confidential religiously. I dig all of your natural remedies. XOXO

  269. I want to win because this new year I’m focusing on me and trying to be my best self! I’ve spent a lot of time taking care and worrying about others I think this giveaway would be the perfect way to start off 2016! xx

  270. I HAVE to win…I need to start this New Year with confidence. The last 2 years of my life have been utter chaos, following an accident that was life changing. Broke my arm off from the elbow down. Yes, I still have the arm, but I can barely use it now. Anyways..I really could use a pick me up..a change in my stars..This year really needs to start off good..

  271. I HAVE to win because I lost my freaking mind when you Snapchat messaged me about our matching Target Christmas ornaments (tying the string/hooks on was the absolute worst though amirite?). Great giveaway; you rock for always giving back!

  272. Lauryn… You really know how to get your readers goin’! This giveaway is d r e a m y y y y to say the vey least. While I already have your TSC book (currently styled on my bedside table below a vase of white roses + #GIRLBOSS and above VOGUE + 100 Ideas That Changed Fashion) I would love a second copy to bring to my office to share with my team. The TSC Bombshell Bod Guide would help achieve those #goals of 2016 + would help me rock that tiny Stone Fox Swim bikini on the beach in Del Mar (while searching for my very own Panicky Susan… like please where can I find one? Pls advise.). The cam would give my Insta feed some flare, the beauty products would feed my increasingly serious beauty product addiction (while also helping my bank account in this dept, as well). Thanks for this giveaway, seriously next level amaze!! Can’t wait for more TSC in the new year. Xx

  273. I HAVE to win because ive been dying over basically everything in this giveaway for forever. I wouldn’t be able to try them all otherwise!

  274. I would absolutely love to win this! I am so inspired by your blog, that I am actually looking into starting my own. Everything in this is amaze!! I have been following TSC for awhile now and look at your page regularly.

  275. PICK ME! You’re blog has had such a positive impact towards my life style and I would love to ring in the new year with these awesome products. I also happen to be going away to Jamaica in Februray.. 🙂

  276. I have to win because I love everything skinny confidential and I’m a huge fan! Loving all your healthy snaps and you are an inspiration with all of the info! My favorite words of wisdom are detox to retox. ? Love ya!!!

  277. I NEED to win because it’s an amazing giveaway, and I after having a great Christmas with my family, I would love to give some of this back to them. I have very little money (I’m just a preschool teacher making WAY less than I should) and all my money goes to bills, students loans, rent, etc. so I wasn’t able to give them the gifts I wish I could. It would be great to be able to give something back to them and a great way to start the new year!

  278. I HAVE to win because I love your lifestyle guides. Being overweight my whole life, I am finally embracing how to eat and live to become my best self no matter what the scale says. I am truly becoming a health diva and wouldn’t be one without your help! Love from the South xoxo

  279. Hi Lauryn!

    This is such an incredible giveaway—talk about ringing in the new year in style! To be completely transparent, I’d love to win this giveaway to treat myself! 2015 was a whirlwind of a year, as I’m sure you can relate. Winning this giveaway would be a positive way to start 2016 on the right track!

    Thanks for your constant inspiration; I enjoy following along on Instagram and snapchat. Another huge thank you for subscribing me to your newsletter! I just received the Calvin Klein ski coat in the mail and can’t wait to take it for a spin this weekend—perks of living in Colorado!

    Wishing you and Susan a happy and healthy 2016! 😉



  280. You’re so sweet and thoughtful to give back to your followers! I love your blog, your insta and your snaps; you always have me laughing out loud. I just want to thank you for being a constant inspiration. From your fashion and make up to your healthy recipes and environmentally friendly choices, I am always learning so much from you. Your posts are so candid and refreshing, I feel like you’re my spirit animal haha. So, thank you for constantly teaching me new things about beauty and health, you’re my go-to. Have a wonderful New Year with Susan, I hope your 2016 is filled with so much happiness and joy ?

  281. I would love to win because I just graduated from college and have a ton of student loans to pay off, so no money for myself! I also gained a lot of weight my senior year due to stress of what I am doing with my life (lol) so I purchased your book and plan to start my journey to be 50 pounds lighter Jan. 1! xoxo you’re an inspiration!

  282. I have to win because I need some body positivity. I have had a rough few years and I am hoping by joining the skinny confidential community I can learn to love myself again and fix some of the relationships my insecurities have ruined. <3 to you and all you do.

  283. I have to win because I need some body positivity and something to celebrate the strides I have been making. I have been down on myself because of my weight and it has poisoned a lot of the relationships in my life. I am working on 2016 and how to rebuild those relationships and learn to love myself.
    I love your posts and I love being part of the TSC community.

  284. I love your blog and winning this would be a perfect way to start the New Year! All of these products sound amazing. I always look forward to reading your blog 🙂

  285. I HAVE to win because I love exploring new products that help me to feel beautiful. I know no product or piece of clothing with ever be the definition of my beauty, but it does boost my confidence. Love your blog and all the insight you share! Thank you for doing it!!

  286. This is FABULOUS!!! I would love to share this with my two teenage step-daughters…yes I said teenage step-daughters…this would totally score me some cool step-mom points!

  287. I have to win because… this is so lame but my boyfriend broke up with me last night 🙁 Everyone gets dumped once in their life right? 🙁 Needless to say, I now want a bombshell bod to catch a new dude…

    Anyways, I really like your NYE post! Happy New Year Lauryn! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for for 2016.

  288. I HAVE to win as this would be a great start to my hustle 2016. 2015 was a hard year for me – breaking up with my long-term partner and losing my grandpa (my father figure) to a fast-acting cancer within two months of each other. I worked my ass off, as us women tend to do, to fix/support our loved ones before, during and after both of these heartbreaking moments. What’s worse is as an expat, I did this 3,000 miles away from my family. Saying goodbye to my grandpa for the last time ever knowing I would never see his beautiful, joyful face was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I would have gladly continued to care for him – up to 24 hrs a day when I was granted a two week leave from work to take care of my grandpa and family – to get more time with him.

    But I share this story not out of seeking pity but to say that whenever we go through these life changing moments, there are months and months of self doubt, tears and depression before you feel the tide changing. Reading your relationship posts was a beautiful reminder to myself that I needed to take care of myself before I can give my energy to support my loved ones. It gives me hope for the future and that’s what this giveaway would be for me – a little pampering for myself to take on 2016, own it and then give more love to my family and friends who took care of me when I couldn’t! My grandpa didn’t teach his granddaughter to be weak and I plan on making 2016 my year – with a little help from the fabulous Skinny Confidential. And even if I don’t win, I want to thank you for sharing your positivity and your strength to others – it truly does make a difference ?

  289. Hi Lauryn!
    Oh man do I want to win this lol. I am a college student in the biology field and I’m constantly trying to maintain the balance between the two sides of myself; the outdoorsy axe swinging field research assistant and the side that loves being badass and feminine and cute ? Your blog inspires me to look, feel , and give 100% at all times no matter what and gives me the inspiration and confidence boost I need to keep in touch with all of myself! Love your blog, would love to win! Thanks,

  290. First and far most I want to say thank you for all that you do. Your blog has helped me so much throughout the year 2015. It was this year where I made the change to live a healthier, sassier, and more confident lifestyle thanks to you and of course the TSC Bodyguides! Winning this giveaway would be such an awesome treat and a reward for all the hardwork I’ve put on my physical and mental health. Also how great would it be to start off the new year 2016 with these fun goodies (especially that camera and faux fur blanket <3)
    Mucho thanks for having this giveaway Stay cool and sending off good vibez ✌?️?

  291. I would love to win because it would help start my 2016 off right. You are an inspiration and I strive to a healthier better me in the new year.

  292. I HAVE to win because I literally want every single thing in this giveaway. Your book, membership and the tanning mousse being the faves. Other than that I’ve been following you for years and absolutely can’t get enough so I’d say I’m a faithful subbie hehe.
    Lots of love

  293. I would love to win to start off the new year with a smile! I went through a breakup recently and need a good pick me up.

    Love your blog!!! Happy new year to you and PS 🙂

  294. I would love to win ’cause this giveaway is absolutely fantastic. I’ve literally been reading your blog forever & I want to try practically everything to rec’d on here (but college loans = $$$). Anyways, on an unrelated note, I would also like to mention that I love your snaps… it’s cool to see a little behind-the-scenes action from TSC.

  295. I want, no NEED to win because 1) I am a huge TSC fan/ snap chat groupie/ obsessor of your blog and 2) law school is hard and I need fun things in my life! ???

  296. I love love love your blog and would love to win this giveaway! It’s amazing and so are you! Would be an amazing way to kick off 2016!

  297. I have to win because I’m expecting my second little one in 7 weeks and this would be the most amazing way to get back to feeling like MYSELF! I’m obsessed with literally everything you’re giving away and the bombshell body guide subscription would be the perfect way to get back in shape after a pregnancy!!

  298. this is such an awesome giveaway!!!! I have to win because I have been a fan since I read your book and take your advice in beauty and fitness. I think it would be awesome to start the year strong!!!

  299. I HAVE to win because every item you listed looks amazing and I’m due with baby #2 beginning of 2016 … Would be the perfect pick me up!

  300. I would love to win this and there is no one reason over another. I love beauty and products!!

  301. I’m a SUPER long time reader (read: total stalker, checking your blog for new updates rather than waiting for notifications on social…) & I’m DYING to try out ( & review ) your bombshell body guide ?

    Happy New Year!

    Nicola, xo

  302. Wahoo! Best giveaway every! Thank you for being such an inspiration to have your own business and be a total girl boss! Love it! I would love to the giveaway to be able to get some amazing photos and promote the Bombshell guide with bomb pics!

  303. I would love to win as I’ve worked so hard to lose weight and tone up using your book and your blog/instagram have been such an inspiration. Winning would just be the cherry on an exciting year ?

  304. Hi! I have to win because I’ve been following your blog from the beginning. Your latest post on lame sequins and gold and how you were over it made me spit out my almond milk. Hilarious also on the fence to copy your last minute decorating tips and have people over or stay in bed and eat gummie worms while sipping cava. Please pick me! Xo

  305. I HAVE to win this because it’s the only giveaway I’ve ever seen where I don’t have to post annoying pics on my insta in order to enter!! <3

  306. I would love to win this for my wife. She’s a longtime reader and would flip out. She has been trying to get healthy for trying to get preggers it’s been a long road so this would help cheer her up and we can use the camera for the baby!

  307. I LOVE your blog. I have been following it ALL through PA school and now I am starting in Dermatology (skin + health .. love all your inspiring health tips and tricks). Also, you keep it real on your blog; nothing beats individuality!

  308. I would love to win because this giveaway is amazing, plus your blog is the absolute best!! I love that being healthy is a lifestyle to you and it has inspired me and helped me change my ways so being healthy is a lifestyle for me also.

    P.s. I want your bombshell body guide so bad, it would be perfect to help with my fitness goals for 2016.

  309. I HAVE to win this because I am a makeup artist and budding lifestyle blogger currently working myself to death to put myself through a massive amount of schooling that love love LOVES the skinny confidential(it’s my happy place :D)and would for real CRY if I got this one of a kind bundle that’d make my EVERY day. <3

  310. Hey Lauryn! My sister and I have been following your blog for years, and your trendy way of life is something we really respect and value! This giveaway of yours has literally all the things a classy, bad ass blogger needs to look and feel fabulous– which is why we absolutely need!(:

  311. I would be blessed to win because I truly enjoy reading your blog. Yes, I want to live a healthier life and do all the amazing things with fitness, lifestyle, fashion, and eating that you share in your blog (as with every reader, I’m sure). But as a reader, I enjoy the way you describe your life in words and the photos that aid in captioning your life. I enjoy the blog as a whole and find sparks of inspiration within it to add into my life. And it’s fun to see what a fellow SD girl likes in our beautiful city.

  312. I HAVE to win because I love your blog so much! All those gifts are so amazing, and I’m incredibly grateful for this insane giveaway?

  313. I would love to win because I have been feeling very blah lately and these awesome gifts would be an amazing pick me up <33

  314. Because you and Susan are life! I’ve been following on Insta and Snapchat for a bit now and love all your posts!! Would love to give all these products a try and ESPESH your body guide. Wanna get tight and toned for my girls trip to Vegas! xo

  315. Lauryn save me from the post baby bod for 2016!! i need to win. This baby of mine is coming out in March and i need to get ready for the summer. (HELP. ME.) 🙂

  316. I would love to win this for various reasons!!!
    First of all, you are incredible and the concept of this blog is impowering!!
    Second of all, the products in this giveaway are insane and some of them my faves!
    Lastly, I’m addicted to salty chips and hot cheetos… so this would be a amazing start of the new year in a healthy way! (gotta get rid of that christmas-cheatmeal-bloathing somehow 😉 lol)

    Happy new year to you and Michael (and the puppies)

  317. I would love to win this giveaway b/c I mean who wouldn’t want all these great goodies!?! I love your book and I’ve been wanting to try the TSC Bombshell guides. pick me, pick me 🙂

  318. I would love to win this because The Skinny Confidential inspired me to change my lifestyle. I am now into fitness & beauty because of my hours of scrolling on TSC. I have never felt better than I do now that I have switched things up and given myself more love everyday!

  319. I would love to win this fabulous selection of goodies! I just had a baby 3 months ago and haven’t really had the time to go buy beauty products or have alone time. I’ve been focused on spending quality time with my little girl and getting back into shape via exercise and clean eating. I’m also working on my blog as a side hustle and focusing on expansion and strategy for 2016. I’m eyeing that camera to help with content creation and many of these products for a little me time R&R. Thanks for being such a fabulous role model and entrepeneur! xo, Tanya

  320. I HAVE to win because I am the one silly person in the world who doesn’t have your book! Plus I just got phase 1 and am working hard on sweating like a sex kitten!

  321. I have to win because….I’ve never won a giveaway! Annnnd, I would love to be able to share all of these goodies with my besties, haha so basically I just wanna share the LOVE 🙂

  322. This would be the best belated Christmas present ever! Also I have about 8 months to get my life in check before I jet over the pond to be an intern in Manhatten…so god knows I need all the help I can get!

  323. Lauryn this is the best giveaway EVER! I would love to win because I am obsessed with your blog and love you guys on snap chat. Literally when I’m telling people about one of your tips, I’ll say, “My friend had this great recommendation,” or, “My friend Lauryn had that jaw surgery- let me send you her tips for minimizing swelling!” I love how fucking honest you are and that nothing is off limits. Unlike other blogs, your posts make me smile. So many bloggers are so fake and I just leave feeling sorry for myself- you have posted anything like that. So crazy stalker status over here- sorry 🙂

  324. I have to win because I am completely obsessed with everything in this giveaway! Sometimes it is so hard to get a jumpstart on getting healthy, but you make it a little easier!

  325. Long time follower of TSC!! I’ve also been following your instagram and snapchat accounts for quite sometime and I just can’t get enough. I grew up in San Diego and am living in LA now with my new husband and our rescue chihuahua mix – I think we might be soulmates!! Haha but seriously love your blog, style and this giveaway 🙂

  326. I have to win because I wanna share these goodies with my girlfriends and try out things you like! 🙂

  327. Have to because 1. Have followed your blog for a long time and LOOOVE, so a win from you is way cool! and 2. Because my BF totally did not get the Christmas list hints of how much I need this in my life! :'( and 3. Taking pictures are my favorite thing! xoxo @adaclo (insta!)

  328. Hi Lauryn! Okay truthfully I don’t HAVE to win this giveaway bc I, unlike many people in this world, have a roof over my head & food (healthier I may add bc of you hehe) on my table. If I don’t win, I’m sure I’ll survive. ? With that being said, I think you should pick someone who a.) stalks your life on snap chat and laughs so hard at how much you fuck with Susan (I have the same best friend type relationship with my hubby 🙂 b.) believes in everything you stand for – pushing limits and kicking life’s ass in an extreme way c.) shares your view in playing the “long game” in life and d.) is a straight up product WHORE who would just about die if they won the giveaway.

    Oh look at that.. I checked all the above. Hehe. Pick me girl, but if not, I’ll still be stalking ya!! Happy New Years and looking forward to your content in 2016 (more YouTube vids please!!!) xx Ali

  329. Hi Lauryn!

    So for starters, I’m not going to give you a giant sob story about why I should win, blah blah blah. Yes, I’m a broke college student BUT that’s not sad, that’s life. YES I love your blog and I’m a huge fan BUT who isn’t?!
    I came across your blog a few years ago (before I honestly even knew what blogging was) and completely fell in love. I had never been so inspired and so intrigued. It’s honestly like a BFF having girl talk over wine & apps with me. I literally read every single post on your blog because I legit couldn’t stop (I think this was back in early 2013). Anyways, I thought it was so freakin clever that someone came up with a place for women to go to in need of inspiration, tips & advice in ALL aspects of their life not just one. Anyways, I’ve read your books and continue to become inspired by you & your blog every day whether it be through your posts, instas, or amaze snaps of you traveling the world & doing what you love most (blogging)! P.S. Panicky Susan is my fave
    Not to sound sappy, but to be completely honest your blog was a huge reason why I wanted to start my own! I love that you have your own identity and your own unique voice- which inspired me to start mine!
    So basically, winning this giveaway would be the cherry on top of a Skinny Confidential babes dream. But seriously, it would be so rad!
    Regardless of who wins- THANK U for being you and always spreading positive vibes and inspiration! Happy New Year xxx

  330. I’d love to win this because, hell, who wouldn’t want to win a giant pile of amazing stuff? Also ya know doing half of these things daily counts towards New Years resolutions right? Mwah xxx

  331. Absolutely have to win because duh — this is a fabulous giveaway! Thanks for the constant inspiration and positivity!

  332. Thank you for inspiring each and everyone one of us! I have gained a whole new sense of insight to my own health after finding your blog! Working 12 hour night shifts as a neonatal ICU nurse, I look forward to your little tips, raw honestly and sassy humor. Would love to win and share some goodies with my girls! gotta pay it forward. Happy New Year

  333. Lauryn! I am literally obsessed with your blog, instagram and snapchat… I think you are so fun and amazing! This giveaway would be a perfect way to start the New Year, and help me make it my best year yet! Thanks for your endless tips and tricks to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. You’re my go to for all of that 🙂 Happy New Year XO

  334. I would love to win this because A) I read your blog EVERY DAY and it’s my absolute favorite! I recommend you to everybody. 🙂 B) I love beauty products and trying new things and C) I never win anything and would be over the moon to win something. Thanks!

  335. I would love to win this because I just graduated college and I am starting graduate school so I’m hard for cash and in a new city! But the TSC workouts and great advice in the blog posts are really helping me to stay positive and healthy even during this stressful time!

  336. I need to win! Obsessed with this blog and have been reading it forever – seriously though, I’ve been reading since the beginning! You are awesome and I love how you always keep it real and actually answer emails from your readers.

  337. I HAVE to win because I am so so obsessed and read your blog/snapchats/insta religiously! <3 And these are all products I adore and I am a broke recent college grad hehe

    p.s. when are you deciding on the winner?!

  338. I need to win this giveaway to start off 2016 in an exceptional way and this giveaway is just that – exceptionally wonderful.

  339. Dear Lauryn,

    i’m following you since years now… I am so happy for you, that your blog is growing and growing… 🙂 I hope the new year brings even more amazing things especially HEALTH! and more rest than 2015.

    I hope you have an awesome start into 2016 with your loved ones.

    I really hope to win the giveaway, I never won anything and I really really check your blog everyday. It never leaves me unsatisfied. I love all you share with us 🙂

    Wishing you the very best from Austria/ Vienna (a stunning city you should visit! its the worlds most livable city for the 7th time in a row 😉 for a reason!)

    xx Lisa Tabea Vetter


  340. Love this giveaway and the items in it. Love this blog because it’s authentic and witty. It shows vulnerability and a sense of humor and showcases bits and pieces on how to make life healthier/stronger/more beautiful and easier to manage. Thanks for a year of very fun reads Lauryn. Keep up the great work.

  341. I would love to win, because I am a huge fan. With your book and blog that I live by you have helped me achieve some milestones. Also, I love all of your snapchat videos. 🙂

  342. I have to win because I am in love with your blog and beauty tips. I am a college student and I think these beauty products would help me destress and keep my skin pretty. I am also obsessed with the blanket and fugifilm!

  343. You have truly inspired me over the years and I look to your website constantly for your unique opinions and knowledge. I would love to win because I have never won anything, but I would like to be somewhat of a beauty guru and aquire only the best products out there. I’d love to have that nuface to help out with some facial paralysis I’ve been dealing with for 3 years! I wanted it when I read it helped you. Either way, I will be always checking in with your site. Happy new year!

  344. I would love to win this giveaway because it is seriously one of the most amazing giveaways I’ve seen. The items are so fabulous and generous and it would be a great way to ring in 2016!!

  345. I have to win because I’m a huge fan and want to start 2016 off with a bang! Cheers to being more stylish, more fit, and have more fun in 2016!

  346. How obsessed am I with everything on this list….. Not to mention I’ve been wanting to snag half these products anyways. Maybe I will luck out and get spared the shopping trip! Awesome goodies xxx

  347. I have to win because I have yet to purchase your book! (I know, I know, I’ve been living under a rock) But see…this is why I really need this in my life! 🙂

  348. I need to win this because I’m totally recharging in Jan. It’s totally overdone, but I really need a good clean out. Soooo Bombshell body is the perfect way to start! HNY!

  349. I love your blog so much and love to see your snaps everyday. I am a college student who wants to start a blog and I am moving to LA this semester, it would be great to have a little starter pack from you 🙂 Happy New Year, xoxo Allison

  350. Instagram repeat but … If I won, I’d be feeling like a star, you can’t stop my shine. I’d be loving cloud nine my head in the sky!!! I just would love to gum drop stars win.??? (cheerleader smiles) xo S.

  351. I HAVE to win, because I have followed your blog for years, and it has really inspired me to break out of my shell and be myself. You inspire us all to want to be chic and stylish and beautiful and us. And I’ve always wanted your book!

  352. I HAVEEEE to win because I’ve been following your blog since I was in high school and check it every single day. You are the ultimate babe and every tip you’ve given has made me even more of a babe. You changed my life and I’ll keep following and listening until you retire (which I hope is a long go way away). Love ya Lauren!!

  353. I would love to win this prize because I love your style, lifestyle and all the advice you give all us girls out there – you have really inspired me to change my lifestyle and get healthy and happy. Your snapchats with Panicky Susan are hilarious and you’re relationship is goals!
    I am currently at University in England and it is very cold and wet and this would be a massive pick me up!! (especially the Gwen Stafani UD!)

  354. I would love to win because I think your whole lifestyle, healthy attitude is so inspirational to women everywhere. Since reading your book and blog it has made me change my lifestyle to become a better version of myself which is all because of you. Your Panicky Susan snapchats kill me! I am currently at University in Birmingham in England and it is very cold and wet and this would be the perfect pick me up!!

  355. I would like to win for my girlfriend! She is a huge fan of yours and I have to say that even I enjoy all the meals she cooks up from your book! She is at university and writing essays and I know this would make her day! I would also get a LOT of brownie points! Thanks Lauryn!

  356. Honestly I am not going through some dramatic hardship right now but I recently quit my job as a financial analyst and am taking a risk to start a business on my own. I am looking to re-invent myself to something more along my ‘truth’ my real path. I am discarding unnecessary clutter and re-vamping my life to life the life I truly want and winning this giveaway would be revamping a lot of the cool aspects of my life. Winning this giveaway would also be a sign that things are heading in the right way and in this time of uncertainty it would a beautiful sign of re-assurance.

    Thank you!


  357. I would absolutely love to win because for one, I’ve never won any giveaway from any blogger and this would most definitely be the ultimate giveaway to win! Secondly, I am 100% a loyal follower like so many other girls on here because we love you so much and you inspire each and every one of us, DAILY. Third, I’m already following you on Instagram and have been for about 3 years now <3 Lets not get started on how great you are on snapchat. I even save your snapchat stories for the last story I watch (LOL) because I know they will ALWAYS be either entertaining or educational. I'm constantly laughing at you and Susan. My boyfriend will ask what's so funny and I'll reply with "Oh nothing, just Lauryn making fun of Susan" and he knows exactly who I'm talking about because I talk about you so much to him! Also, my boyfriend says I'm turning into Susan because I need to be at the airport 3 hours before my flight (so only one less hour than Susan – HA!). Lastly, I would just appreciate this giveaway so much & anyone who is lucky enough to win, can we be friends because you've got an angel on your shoulder? 😉 Thank you for everything you do for your followers, you're one of a kind, & WE LOVE YOU.

  358. I HAVE to win because I really need a good start for 2016!! My 2015… was… to say the least, not my best year… All of these goodies would really help me kick-start into a great year!

  359. I have to win because I love your blog and how you balance everything out. I just started college and I would love to have your plan!

  360. Amazing giveaway, thank you! I have to win because I’m getting married in September and would love to try the workout guides to tighten up for the dress, plus I’d love the swimsuit & some of the other beauty goodies for my honeymoon 😉

    Hope you guys have had a wonderful holiday season – I commented on IG as well (@fit_stephanie).

  361. I HAVE to win, because I’m getting married this year and so many of these goodies will help get me to be a bombshell bride in October!
    xo from Canada 🙂

  362. I’ve been following your blog for years and love your down to earth, no bullshit take on things. I would love to win this because everything is rad (especially dying to try the face massager… love!)

  363. I have to win because my hubs is in medical school and we’re too broke to buy nice things! ? Plus I love TSC, obvi. xoxo

  364. Girl, I swear you always have the best giveaways! Anyway, I would absolutely love to win because I’m about to start back up to school next Monday and I could definitely use some goodies to get me relaxed and glammed up.

  365. I HAVE to win because I love love love all those prizes! Especially the Urban Decay palette, the NuFace device for lymphatic drainage and I would LOVE a signed copy of your book!!

  366. Dying to win because you’re such an inspiration to me and I would love the opportunity to try some of the products that you use and love!

  367. Well I wasn’t going to enter because I never win anything, BUT I keep seeing you mention the giveaway, so obviously I had to cave. I would like to win because A) It would make me feel super cool to win something and B) All of these products look pretty freakn fabulous.


  368. I have to win because THIS bag has it all! You know all the latest and greatest things out there! Which makes me want to dive in and spread to word to all my friends! Oh and to send you a picture of how much I appreciate you and your blog with the new Fuji film Polaroid camera!

  369. I have to win because after getting pregnant so fast after my son, I have gotten into the dreaded mommy trap and have a hard time making it to the actual gym. A 30 minute workout I could do at home while not changing the TV would be amazing.

  370. I have to win because I love your blog & all the stuff you giving away is AAMMAAZZINGG!!!! Your blog really speaks my life lol! I also love your snapchat stories, they are always so funny!!!

  371. I HAVE to win this for my wife who has supported me being away for the last three Christmas’s and two of her birthdays. This would give her everything she needs to feel her absolute best (even though I think she always looks her absolute best!)

  372. Honestly, 2015 was NOT my year. So many hurdles and curveballs. And even though I am kinda grateful for the lessons, I could really need a boost to start 2016 with a BANG! Fingers crossed 🙂

  373. I would love love love to win, because I have been dying to try your workout guides, but as a recent graduate, I don’t have the money for it right now. This giveaway would make me the happiest person in the world to win, because I can get in shape with your guides, and (as you always say) the importance of making yourself feel good with little things (like the beauty products included in this giveaway), I can stay on track with the workouts and get into shape. I’ve been a longtime reader and can’t thank you enough for all that you post. I’m crossing my fingers, this would make my holidays?

  374. The items in the giveaway would work wonders on restoring the pale skin that has resulted from living in foggy San Francisco. it would be the safest alternative to actual tanning (most importantly) and the perfect mid-winter pick me up!

    IG: sittingonthedockofthebay

  375. I haaaave to win because as a recent post grad living in LA health & fitness is everything. the TSC lifestyle of squeezing in quick and healthy moments into a crazy-ass day just fits with my lifestyle. Plus I just adore your positive outlook on life! Oh and your anti-swelling tips SAVED me during my recent sinus infection. Puffy cheeks were out so fast. Thanks for keeping this site so fresh xx

  376. I NEED this giveaway to give me the boost I need for this year! 2015 was rough to say the least. I need a fresh, fun, fabulous start! I would never be able to afford all of this awesome loot on my own. Fingers and toes are crossed!! Thanks!

  377. I have to win because getting in shape and more stylish are my New Years resolutions!!

  378. I would like to win because I love your blog!!! Seriously my favorite blog to follow!!!

  379. I have to win because this would be perfect to help me get ready for my wedding which is in 3 months! I’ve loved your blog for a few years now 🙂

  380. I would love to win not only because I’m obsessed with the blog (and you) but because it would be the best start to the year! <3 fingers are crossed!!

  381. I am a big fan of your blog and have been following you for years! I have entered countless giveaways and you finally replied to one of my Instagram comments about resolutions – I said, “better posture” and have been working on it!! Hope you had a great holiday season and thanks for being an inspiration to all your readers and sharing your life with us! xx

  382. I am all about #NewYearNewAss I’m a bridesmaid this summer and I’m determined to be the dopest looking chick in that dress! Mama has curves and loves working them. I am in need of some booty popping working out and bored with my usual routine.

  383. I have to win because I’m obsessed with your blog and I freakin love how real it is and what you share… Plus a girls gotta look good so this giveaway would be insane!

  384. Well first of all I just want to say how AHHHH-MAZING your blog is. It is totes my absolute fav blog to read/look at because
    1. your seriously hilar and make my laugh
    2. your perfect
    3. your motivational
    4. your just goals, and
    5. TSC kicks ass.
    Your blog has changed my life in many ways, from motivating me to be in better shape to striving to be a successful business women (like you)! You have inspired me to start my own fashion blog (which i am launching soon) and to follow my dreams and not to care about the haters. With that being said, I would love love love love love to win this giveaway because it is like everything i could ever dream about wanting!!! I have been struggling recently with different things in life and I feel like this would just make my year and lift my spirits !! I hope you pick me 🙂
    ps: love watching you and suzan on snapchat, it makes my day!!!

    also here is my blog would love feedback!!!!!

  385. I HAVE to WIN… I’ve been stalking your snapchats & loving em!! I’d really LOVE to try TSC for 1 month to really kick off 2016 (:

  386. me.. again!

    I have been thinking about this giveaway all week.. maybe a better word is dreaming, hoping wishing, whatever the hell you want to call it. I would seriously love to win this giveaway. I am obsessed with all your book, tips, post, instas and snapchats! I would LOVE to use the TSC Bombshell Body Guide before I go on spring break for my senior year of college! And then look like a TSC bombshell in the gorgeous Stone Fox Swim bikini. This giveaway would literally give me so much motivation to stick to a workout routine and make the best of 2016.

    I would love to try the guide and share my experience and success with it- especially being a college student!

    Thank you for all you do Lauryn!! Can’t thank you enough for the help and bad-ass advice you have given all of us TSC junkies 😉

    xoxx, anne

  387. I would love to win for many different factors. I have had the lowest self esteem after scheduling my surgery to get my colon removed (Google Familial Polyposis). Cancer sucks! But just feeling beautiful would be anything to help me right now after feeling like a failure.

  388. I have to win because it would just really help me feel great about myself as I start a new year! We all have our self criticism but all these little things will make me feel feminine, fun, and just pretty.

  389. I’d love to win this! And by the look if it, I’m not alone ;). Why I want to win this? Various reasons. The number one is because I’m loving your blog and I’m very interested in both your books and the workout guide. Being a student, those aren’t things I would easily buy for myself so this is an amazing opportunity. I also made myself the promiscue to make 2016 the year in which I finally start taking care of my body the way I should. I’ve had the same resolution to get in shape each year, but I always did it with criticizing myself and picking on my flaws. Not the way to go, obviously. I also promised myself to start with accepting the parts of my body I don’t like, which are mainly my boobs (yup, I have a girl crush on boobs because mine are so inexistant haha!). While I still want to get in shape this year, I think it’s time I start loving myself and giving my body the attention and love it deserves. And not just my body! My mind too. I’ve always been a curious person, eager to learn. One of the reasons I love travelling so much is because it teaches me so much about the world. All of the things in this gorgeous pack would be perfect to help me to accept and love myself and to grow even more as a person. Oh and uhm Lauryn? Pretty much girl crushing on your boobs too haha!

  390. Wow… what an AMAZING giveaway! There are others that deserve to win this way more than me, but I would really really like to win since I started my own business in 2015. It’s been hard year economically and mentally with many ups and downs and I haven’t been able to spend anything on myself. I know 2016 will be amazing though! 😉 Happy new year! (My IG is sylvia.sol)

  391. I would love to win! This would be a great start to 2016! I have made an effort to find more joy I everyday things in my life from day today. Reading blogs and then winning awesome prizes would definitely add joy in the new year!

  392. I have to win because I am potentially getting knee surgery this year and need to invest more in myself than in my experiences! I love to travel, eat out, and generally hang out with my friends in college. However, I often forget to put my money towards taking care of myself–and that is my primary goal in 2016. I want to get fitter, look better, and pursue hobbies that will take my mind off the fact that I’ll be dealing with my grandma knees all year.

  393. I must win to add all your goodness to my life!! Thank you for this incredible opportunity.

  394. I would love to win because ‘Im always looking to try new products that have already been tested and approved. With sober January in full effect it would be nice to spice up my life.

  395. I would LOVE to win your giveaway because I have been an avid reader of the TSC for the past year and a half and your awesome health and beauty advice always works! Looooooove your baes on a budget series!
    -Jackie D.

  396. I HAVE to win because everything in this giveaway looks amazing! I love trying new products and I never knew some of these existed. <3

  397. Literally rant about you and your blog all the time. You and your finance are my couple-inspo and I am just a little obsessed with you… my celeb crush

    Only one of the million reasons why I love theskinnyconfidental, and i would love love love to win this giveaway <3

    PS: Your snapchat makes my day!

  398. I HAVE to win because I love you and all of the products that you have suggested that I have been able to buy, but I cannot always afford to spend extra money on things and this giveaway has some of the products I have had my eyes on for awhile….for example the loving tan stuff. I have wanted it for my pasty self since I saw on the blog…but can’t justify the purchase over paying the water bill 🙂
    Hope I win, but whoever does will definitely LOVE this stuff.
    Thanks for your generosity!

  399. I don’t know how I missed this giveaway until now because I look at your blog daily, but I am so thankful that it’s extended!!! I would love every single product in this giveaway…Especially the NuFace Mini Facial Toning Device… What?! I have both of the bombshell guides (genius…my body has changed in so many ways…I’m obsessed) and your book (obviously) but I do know some friends that would die for both of them as a gift 🙂

  400. I would love to win this giveaway as you are my idol; my blogging inspiration! It has been so much fun following you and Michael on snapchat and reading your blog on the daily. You have a fantastic personality that captures the attention of many! xx

  401. Hii Lauryn!

    I gotta win this giveaway because its AMAZEballz and I’m about to have my jaw surgery and be looking and feeling like a total creature for the next few months (UGH). Thanks again for your encouraging email and always being such an inspiration to me! Can’t wait for all the exciting things to come on TSC in 2016!


  402. I HAVE to win because my boyfriend and I just moved from Chicago to Iowa for work and I NEED to create my own little oasis here. This would be such a great way to start 2016 with pampering and some cool toys.

  403. What an awesome giveaway! This would def help start off 2016 on a healthy and fun note! Thanks 🙂

  404. I HAVE to win because I read your blog all the time and I feel like we could be bffs in real life 🙂

  405. I just moved to DC after uprooting my whole life. I lost a lot in the process and am starting to feel like a new, better me, but it couldn’t hurt to have the motivation this win and what’s in it would boost me into 2016 ??

  406. I HAVE to win this not because I would share the advice and goods like “ALWAYS” with my circle of gals and give them “tippety tips” on why they should own these products and to follow your blog..that is for everyone whom I haven’t already told : ) Cheers.

  407. Hi Lauryn!

    I would be so excited to win this giveaway because I admire you for having your own voice and always speaking your mind. Thank you for putting in the endless amount of time/work to create such amazing content for your followers on a constant basis. It is certainly inspiring and greatly appreciated. Ps: love your adorable dogs and the hilarious snapchats of panicky Susan!! Long live Panicky Susan!

  408. I would love to still be considered for the contest! I’ve been following your blog for years also being a San Diego native, myself. I have read/watched/snapped what you have put out there for ALL the tons of guys and gals to see as your own lifestyle and I have attempted to transcend your experiences into my own lifestyle! I’ve tried your recipes, product recommendations, and advice and I have got to say, you continue to be my go to girl! Thank you for continuing to be authentic, entertaining, and unicorn-esq. <3

  409. Who won??? I tagged all my besties and send your blog to errOne who would LOVE it as much as I do! You rock my socks off! Seriously, I can barely sit still long enough to read anything but just get lost in your blog! #thestruggleisreal #toogoodtoputdown Keep it going sistah!

  410. I would absolutely love to win and get 2016 started in style! I’m in love with your honest and inspiring blog. This year I’m trying new things and would love to get started on such a stylish path! Can I be you when I grow up? ?

  411. I need to win because I need inspiration to keep me going through the cold months of the new year! Also going to be in a wedding in April and need to stay fit for the very tight dress!

  412. I would love to win because I live in a huge house of girls and I love to tell/show them your blog/book/workout plan etc. Winning this awsome prize pack would be a great way to try out a lot of the stuff you talk bout in your blog and share it with my housemates! I know you know the college financial struggle so it would be totes amazing to win!

  413. I would LOVE to start the year off with ths win. We lost our son 2 years ago and I have not taken care of myself since. Realizing I still have to care care of Me and this would be a great kick start. Love your site!

  414. Im a little late to the party but I would LOVE to win! I’m your biggest Minnesota fan! Like NEED your book and that instant camera in my life LOL. I tagged a couple friends on your post on instagram 🙂

  415. I’m hoping to win because I’m going through a major life change. I’m moving cities, moving jobs, and looking to help create a new me. All this would definitely help with my transition!

  416. I absolutely HAVE to win this because I have been following your blog for years now and I can honestly say you have changed my life. I love all of the products in the giveaway and would put them to great use. Over the past few years I have been purchasing little odds and ends you suggest and I completely trust you judgement! Your blog and recommendations have helped me go from unhealthy freshman to fashionable intern and now onto healthy and trend forward adult. I cannot wait to see whats next for the blog!!

    Thx again!
    P.S. I’d love to win the goodies

  417. I have to win because I have been working my ass off getting back into shape and eating healthy, and we all deserve a little treat every now and then, right?! thanks for all the inspiration, helpful tips, and just generally being awesome! xo

  418. Your blog is absolutely AMAZING!!! I HAVE to win!!! I was going through a very rough divorce a couple of years ago (which is when I found your blog), and it has truly lifted my spirits! I loved being able to escape from my reality and learn how to make life fun again! I am FINALLY ready to start dating again, and I truly believe that these little goodies would be the perfect way to kick off 2016 and my new dating endeavors!!! Cheers to you and Susan 😉



    I took a hiatus from all things electronic, and I’m sooo glad I came back today to get a chance to enter.
    You are a rockstar. I’ve been following you for a few years now, and each day you continue to surprise me. Your posts are never dull or repetitive. You’re funny and keep me on my toes. You honestly were one of the main reasons I started a blog. You inspired me and taught me to believe in myself. Some days only my mom looks at the blog, but I’m okay with that because I’m doing something I LOVE wholeheartedly, not just going through the motions of life. We’re only here for a short time so might as well buy the shoes and drink the champs ; ) (except this month because I’m detoxing, but all I want in life is pizza and a glass of bubbly, the struggle!)

    Thank you for continuing to inspire year after year!

    Kelsey Faubion
    Fabulessly Faubs

  420. I have to win because who doesn’t love free stuff ;o) But on the real you inspire me are my go to blog! I get anxiety if I miss a day of reading it!

  421. I would just love to win because I feel like I need a fitness reboot which your guide would do for me perfectly! Also who doesn’t love free stuff? Actually who doesn’t just love free make up ! I would be over the moon ???

  422. I HAVE to win because it would be the BEST way to start a new year on a good note! How could you not love your 2016 with such amazing things? Plus I love your blog! ♥

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