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The Best Tips For Making Your Teeth Look White AF

{ art by: Jenna Webb } Can we all acknowledge this lip TSC-ish print by reader & artist, Jenna Webb?


Lezzzzzz talk about a pearly white smile. I want to say this is one of the most frequently asked questions

5 VERY Simple & Effortless Morning Routine Tips

I AM QUITE SPECIFIC ABOUT MY MORNINGS. In fact, Michael & I got in a fight the other day because


You guys how sassy is Instagram LIVE? I’m LOVING it. Valentine’s Day we broke down a date night look &

What’s In My Summer Gym Bag

There have been so many times when I’m out & about and don’t have what I need. Like I’ll be

Meet my Hottie, Little Sister: Faye Evarts <3

Well isn’t this a fun little spin: today I’m interviewing my hot little sister, Faye Evarts. Sista, sista! But before

Beauty Tip: Run to the Cupboard

Ok, so the economy sucks ass. And let’s face it: beauty products aren’t a top priority. So next time you’re

Start Out the Day Healthy & Happy

I’m not a fan when it comes to drinking my cals ( unless it’s wine, green tea, fresh juice, &/or

The Best Beauty Tip Evs: Drink Coffee Out of a Straw. Trust Me.

My #1 beauty tip: use a straw when you’re guzzling coffee. Ya. Seriously, serious. Drinking coffee out of a straw

My Specific Routines, Habits and Hacks

We all love a good routine. More specifically, a morning and nighttime one to really set the tone of our

20 Foods That Help Balance Hormones

Let’s take a minute to talk about hormones. Hormones have been a big topic on The Skinny Confidential ( blog &

Unwind Your Fascia and Regain Movement with Flossing

Today Brooke Taylor is on the blog, along with Katie Mrazek to talk all about flossing. And as you probably

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