tsc music driving cooking cleaning working out playlist



tsc music driving cooking cleaning working out playlistYou guys know I love a good playlist and I like to switch it up.

Michael and I have been driving to and from LA a lot. We’re in the car for 3-4 hours AT LEAST, 2 times a week.

This playlist has totally helped us get through the drive. I love podcasts, but sometimes it’s nice to just chill and zone out – especially when Michael starts asking too many questions- ::turns up volume::

Mimi created this for us AND YOU! Thank you MIMI! Mimi is very much on the pulse. I feel like she always knows what the young, cool kids are doing.

I love every single song on this playlist, but I’m especially loving Crave You by Flight Facilities, and Good Mistake by Mr. Little Jeans.

Listen while you work out, clean the house, walk the dog, count steps, do your makeup, WHATEVER!

Music is just so therapeutic. In fact, studies show that it lowers cortisol, improves mood, reduces anxiety & literally stimulates almost every region of your brain. Yes please!

Kim Kelly and I love to listen to music while we work out. It really gets your energy up.

Also, music …

tsc winter playlist by the skinny confidential

The Latest, BADDEST Playlist You Need To Be Listening To


tsc winter playlist by the skinny confidential

YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND. & according to Twitter & Snapchat messages, you want more music.

I’m lucky when it comes to the whole music thing because I have Mimi on my side- thank God. Mimi is very hip & up on all the latest music. So I’m very happy that she helps put together a medley of a playlist that is very evolved. AKA this one. THANK YOU MIMI. We love you.

I mean if it were up to me at this point the whole playlist would consist of Bossanova & Christmas music? Which is creepy I feel?

To be real though, I can be real lazy about my music so Mimi is constantly keeping me up-to-date.

( ….& eer, does anyone else start listening to Christmas music October 29th? I mean The Monster Mash just doesn’t do it for me so I need a I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS jingling on my speakers, you know? ).

Anyway, speaking of audio: besides music you know you can find me listening to podcasts when I’m driving or applying makeup. BUTTT when I have my ambience happening ( which is quite a lot ) I love to light candles, diffuse oils

The Same Penis Forever Playlist



The sign really popped out of the bushes all weekend, you know. Front & center, it read: SAME PENIS FOREVER.

All sparkly & glittery, reminding me every second while I downed the chilled rosé.

Couldn’t really avoid the sign, it stuck out like a sore thumb.

…Ok, ok, but if we’re going to have the same penis forever, let’s definitely have an INSANE playlist? IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?

Processed with VSCO with j2 preset

( Some of you asked, you can find the sign on Etsy ).

A little side story: the second I got to the house, the demands started. Not like mean demands. Just micro-managing-the-shit-out-of-my-friends demands. Picture Lady Tremaine, the stepmom in Cinderella in bed with her cat, Lucifer LISTING OFF HER absurd scroll of requests. I mean I didn’t actually have Pixy but if I did I’d be petting her aggressively in an evil, diabolical way. So. I was walking around making my annoyingly anal demands ( “WHERE ARE THE FLORAL PRINTED S’MORE STICKS, MIMI!”, “JORDAN WE NEED TO HAVE A DISCO BALL COCKTAIL MOMENT!”, “ERICA IF I DON’T HAVE PINK SUGARED RIMS ON THE MARGARITAS, WHAT’S THE POINT?” ) & suddenly, amidst demands, I REALIZED there was no music.


A New Bougie Bossanova Playlist


The Skinny Confidential Bougie Bossanova Playlist 2


So step into my world: a brand new, very Skinny Confidential playlist.

Really though, this is the actual playlist I listen to when lifting weights, squatting, driving, working, sipping Pinot Noir, relaxing, reading, ETC.

It’s a plethora of songs.

You should know though: it’s a real medley.

Like, this isn’t a themed genre playlist.

The Skinny Confidential Bougie Bossanova Playlist 1

A lot of you guys have asked me: “what’s that music in the background of your Snapchat?”

WELLLL, IT’S RANDOM…& it’s Bossanova. Which is what they play at places like The Beverly Hills Hotel…& retirement homes. Google says it’s “a style of Brazilian music derived from samba but placing more emphasis on melody and less on percussion.”


And it’s been my favorite music for as long as I can remember. The vibe is just so ON. Trust me, once you listen to Bossanova you will understand my obsession. I hope?


Regardless, I asked you guys if you wanted it added & a bunch of you said YES. SO, there are six songs to start. The rest of the playlist is new age songs I’m absolutely loving.

OF COURSE, I have a bunch of …

GIVEAWAY…& Let’s Talk Fitness Playlists



As you guys know I am a HUGE fan of sharing playlists with you guys!!

Ever since I created The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide, I’ve been adding walking & running to my off days. If you follow me on Snapchat you already know this though.

Pretty much, I make it my mission to hop on the Treadmill at least 4 times a week.

My walking/running routine goes like this:

30 minutes of intervals. I walk 2 minutes at 3.5 on 3.0 incline & then run 1 minute at 6.0 on 3.0 incline.

And then sometimes I just walk at a brisk 3.5 on 3.0 incline if I have too many e-mails to return. Returning e-mails on the Treadmill is my favorite thing in the WORLD, by the way. I feel so productive. I absolutely love it. Sometimes if I’m overwhelmed with a flooded inbox, I’ll walk for an hour & just return a bunch of e-mails. HEAVEN. I get off feeling like a weight is lifted off my shoulders: a sweat & a million e-mails!

So anyway, I’m either doing intervals or doing a quick walk.

BUT. I CANNOT do walk/run/fly/glide without my playlist. Like, don’t even think …