3 Beauty Oils for Glowy, Dewy Skin


OILS OILS OILS ! Well, one is kind of a balm, but just go with it. Ya, ya, ya, you’ve heard it here before- you know I have a severe obsession with oils.

Out of all beauty products, it’s one thing I cannot shut the fuck up about. Since being pregnant oils have been everything. They’re everywhere- my tits, my nipples, my love handles, my ass. I mean, at this point, I feel like I’m a real oil connoisseur.

Oils are something that I’ve been obsessed with since I was 16 years old. There was a point in time when so many beauty experts thought that oil was the enemy. Let me tell you, it’s literally the exact opposite. Oils are your best friend. Plant-based oils are very similar to your skin’s own oils. So you’ll see that it absorbs quicker than when you put a moisturizer on.

Anyway, today I’m sharing 3 oils that …

Your Badass Guide To Essential Oils


Guide To Essential Oils. An OIL BREAKDOWN 5 | by The Skinny ConfidentialOIL BREAKDOWN 13 | by The Skinny Confidential

GUYS! Today my younger sister Faye is going to talk about something she lovessss: ESSENTIAL OILS. You may remember Faye from a vintage TSC feature OR from the podcast where she so bravely opened up about her struggle with addiction– either way, my sister knows her shit when it comes to oils. She also knows me better than anyone, so when she recommended I clean my kitchen with Theives & diffuse Tangerine every morning ( like I said, she knows me well! ), I listened. Definitely my two favorites right now.

Anyway, I’m obsessed with essential oils & you should be too. They’re something that sets the ambience, you know? They create a mood. Moods that can be relaxing ( hi Lavender! ), uplifting ( talking to you, Eucalyptus! ), or even invigorating ( why I love Tangerine! ). Mood is so important, in my opinion. A little Bossanova, some candles, a warm cup of tea, & oils diffusing really sets the scene. I love a good scene.

SO! Faye is going to breakdown some of her favorite oils & show you how she uses them. Once you commit to oils, you will never go back!

As you know, …



essential oils | by the skinny confidential

essential oils | by the skinny confidential

essential oils | by the skinny confidential


BUT REALLY. Are you ready to talk about ESSENTIAL OILS.

I have never gotten so many questions as I have gotten about essential oils via Snapchat & Instagram.

First off, I, Lauryn Evarts am MADLY, OBSESSED, CRAZY, DEEP IN LOVE with essential oils.

But, before I blogged about them, you better bet your ass I did my research.

And wow, GUYS (!!!) they are INSANE.

( By the way, if you think this is sponsored, it’s not. I have never been so obsessed with anything. THESE OILS are MAGIC POTION ).

Sure, I’m like a fucking witch doctor mixing my oils every day but did you know that they’re hundreds of years old with TONS ( AND I MEAN TONS ) of benefits.

essential oils | by the skinny confidential

Before you think I’m crazy, consider the research:

There are three basic ways you can incorporate essential oils into your life:

♡ Aromatically ( my favorite ): I personally like to use a diffuser. You can also rub 2–3 drops of essential oil between your palms and inhale deeply.

♡ Topically: Rub a few drops on the desired area of your body. Use it as massage oil or simply apply it to …

The Top 20 Products On The Skinny Confidential Right Now


Recently I met with my team and we saw that there was a huge influx of these TOP The Skinny Confidential products over the last 6 months. You guys have bought and loved all of these things so we thought it would be cool to compile them in one place.

We really did our research for this post, and these are the things you guys cannot stop purchasing.

Let’s get right to it.

The Skinny Confidential Community’s Top 20 Products

♡ Ole Henriksen Cold Plunge Pore Mask

This is just a random mask that was sent to The Skinny Confidential office and I happened to try it out one day after Dorit Kemsley from Real Housewives recommended it on her vacation. & I FELL IN LOVE. I keep going back to it.

First off, it’s the perfect traveling mask, especially for warmer climates. It’s cooling, tightening, & makes your skin unbelievably delicious & buttery. It’s …

Your Baby Is Here! Now What? Real Life Tips on Being a Mom


Hot mama Kristine Lucido is back and she’s talking all about the tips and must-haves for mom, baby, & significant others. Just a little recap of how we met…

Kristine & I met in Coronado at an event I was speaking at. I liked her right away.

She came right up to me & her energy was super real & straight to the point. She was beautiful & one of the first people who was really vulnerable & raw about motherhood to me. She was very authentic in sharing her experience & didn’t sugarcoat anything.

She has been a very supportive TSC reader who has now become my friend. After one of my events we went to a Mexican restaurant & while we had skinny margs, chips & salsa, she told me about her idea to start a blog. I thought I was great idea because she has such a unique perspective on motherhood. She’s …