Yakov Gershkovich: The God of Facial Massage


yakov gershkovich facial manipulation massage sculptural facial

You guys, I’m so excited to share this with you. Everyone knows I’m all about facial massage, but this was next level.

Yakov Gershkovich is seriously my idol. He’s from Russia & we’ve been messaging ever since I found his Instagram account a year ago. He came to LA to teach his Sculptural Face Lifting technique & he did it on me! I even brought my facialist, Mo, up to LA so she could experience his magic touch.

yakov gershkovich facial manipulation massage sculptural facial

He does so much different body work. At one point he held my hand, & his energy channeled through me into the C3 in my back & all of the sudden I felt relief. I can’t explain it, but that’s what happened.

He has this kind of energy that I’ve never experienced before. It’s super powerful. He was able to work on my face, jaw & neck in a way that was sculpting me, but also working with my energy.

If you haven’t experienced facial massage or lymphatic drainage, it’s a MUST. It’s something that everyone needs to try.

( Just an FYI, the questions are answered by his translator. )

Let’s get right into facial massage with the ultimate pro, …



lymphatic drainage massage facial facialist at home by tscMany of you have asked me how to ask your facialist for lymphatic drainage. As you know I love to micromanage, so today I invited my facialist, Mo, onto The Skinny Confidential to share some of her techniques for lymphatic drainage.

You can use these techniques at home, daily in order to reduce puffiness and bloating in your face. Plus, you can show this video to your facialist if they’re not sure on what you mean when you say you want your face contoured like Kim Kardashian through lymphatic drainage.

This feels like HEAVEN. I do it in the morning, at night, while in traffic, during meetings. Really, anytime is a good time for facial massage. It’s easy with your hands or you can even use a device like the Clarisonic. OK – let’s break it down:



+ Mo  @Heal.ThyGoddess
+ gua sha boards
+ AM skincare routine
+ PM skincare routine


+ facial massage tools
+ vibrator for facial massage

Thank you for your attention! Tag @theskinnyconfidential on IG doing your facial massage so I can check you out.

Would love to hear your experiences with at home facial massage or your …




This may sound weird but I woke up in the middle of the night last week with a strong urge to really hit this home.

Facial massage is almost as important as sunscreen & I want every TSC reader to get on board.

Before we get into the benefits ( because there are like, a zillion ) I want you to know if you’re dead broke & can’t afford any of these tools, that’s fine.

You can do it for free. Here is kind of a quick video of how to do it at-home ( & I can assure you, if you want, I will do a whole wake-up with me video? ). Anyway, watch this video if you don’t want to spend any money on tools- just make sure you have oil.

And I’m even talking olive oil for a side salad. Like go to The Cheesecake Factory & ask for an extra side of olive oil ( raw is preferred, HA! ) & massage your face at-home for free. So NO excuses!

Whatever you do!!! GET ON BOARD WITH FACIAL MASSAGE! Remember we talked

Lymphatic Drainage Facial: How To Find The Best One In Your City


lymphatic drainage facial massage by tscOK SO, this post has been such a long time coming. So many of you have reached out and asked me if I know a good lymphatic drainage specialist in your area.

There’s a secret to finding one….

The secret is….

There is no secret.

If you’re like me, you’re a huge enthusiast of getting facials. It’s the most productive hour of my day when I get one. I can lay there uninterrupted while I get my face massaged and work at the same time. I’d rather spend money on skin than clothes and handbags.

As I said, there’s no secret to the best lymphatic drainage facialist, but you need to find one you vibe with.

You need to find someone who has energy that you like. That’s number 1. They’re touching your face and in your space. You have to love their energy. ( Find someone who doesn’t want to talk your ear off and lets you have YOUR TIME – talk if you want, work if you want, be quiet if you want ).

If the place has great wifi, that’s a huge plus. I love if there’s a Starbucks nearby so I can hop on their …

Mini DeLites: ASPEN…& A Weed Massage


Weed Massage ASPEN | by the skinny confidential

Weed Massage ASPEN | by The Skinny Confidential { snow bunny pink }

Hi, hello from Aspen!

We decided to take a quick trip to one of our favorite cities to SKI. The weather is ideal right now & it’s also incredibly romantic. Of course Michael went crazy last November & bought too much snow gear so at last it’s being put to good use?

If you follow along on Snapchat you know we’ve been skiing, eating, exploring the snow…& EATING.

Since Michael is a way better skier ( don’t worry he reminds me every 10 seconds if I forget ) I decided to have a spa day yesterday & kind of shut off of social media while he hit the black diamonds.

No problem there because there’s really nothing better than a spa day.

Now here’s the thing about spa days: they come with different experiences.

To be real, you never really know what you’re going to get…

I feel like I’ve had my fair share of diverse spa situations while traveling: a male masseuse getting too close, the therapists who talked throughout the entire massage ( NOOOO! ), lots of lympathic drainage, & a facial with snail in China. …