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How To Deal With Social Media Anxiety

Let’s talk about social media anxiety disorder. We’ve all had periods in our lives where we spend every single day

How To Deal With Depression & Anxiety During Pregnancy

A while back a reader emailed me to tell me how much the HIM & HER podcast episode with Dr.

How To Ground Yourself & Say Buh-Bye To Anxiety

GROUNDING. What I’m about to tell you you may already know or it’s going to blow your mind. One or


The truth is the last couple weeks I have been going through some debilitating anxiety. I feel like it has


Anxiety and depression. These feelings happen to everyone so let’s talk about it. We’re all human. Today I want to


This isn’t some woe is me, I feel so sorry for myself blog post. It’s just about my personal experience

10 Best Herbs For Bath Soak

Herbs have long been known to have restorative powers. So if you love a good herbal tea, you’re going to

Hanging Eucalyptus in the Shower For The Lazy Girl

Hanging Eucalyptus In The Shower THERE’S NOTHING BETTER THAN A LIFE HACK. Personally, I love myself a life hack. Not

The Power of Saffron and Why You Should Add It To Your Routine

Today Nikki Bostwick is back on the blog to tell us all about the power of saffron. If you missed

Small Business Saturday – The Shops We Love

We know the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale hype is real for big box stores. There are major savings

What We Learned From Brynn Whitfield and Why We Love Her

We’re just obsessed with Brynn Whitfield. Since her recent episode on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER Show, we’ve fallen

8 Benefits of Morning Meditation: Unlock Your Inner Zen

Taking time to relax your mind before your day starts is one of the best ways to achieve a nirvana-like

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