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6 Things I Learned From Working with Lauryn Bosstick

Zack on Working with Lauryn Bosstick

Zack is back.

Have we said that before? Probably, since this is his FOURTH time guest posting on The Skinny Confidential. He’s funny, he’s witty, he’s charming and today he’s here to tell us about his mentorship experience with Lauryn.

We love this post because Zack shares what he learned, but these are things you can do too. Whatever your industry, you can take these tangible tips and apply them to your own business, or life for that matter.

With that, let’s welcome Zack back to the blog.


Working with Lauryn has been such an incredible experience! I have mad respect for the The Skinny Confidential empire she’s built. When she picked me to be her mentee, I was over the moon! But I made sure I worked for it.

I first invited Lauryn on my podcast, #NoFilter with Zack Peter, back in December 2018 to get myself on her radar. Time is valuable, so rather than wanting to meet-up for coffee to pick someone’s brain, I prefer to invite them on my podcast to make it more worth their while. Luckily her schedule worked out and we hit off instantly.

The following summer, I invited her back on, but this time with her husband Michael. (I wanted to get on HIS radar to get an in with Dear Media.) Lauryn liked me, followed me on Instagram, and I’d regularly engage with her content to keep my face at the top-of-mind.

Zack Peter ice rolling

Then in 2021, when I saw that she opened her mentorship program, I applied on Instagram. I had a clear profile picture, a catchy handle (@justplainzack), and knew she’d definitely recognize me. That’s obviously a much longer way of going about it, but my point is: Always play the long game. Don’t just think about the next step, think about the ultimate objective and all the steps in between. Yes, it’s important to take risks and move fast, but sometimes building a relationship is what really pays off more in the end.

Now, here are the six most valuable lessons I took away from working with Lauryn:

♡ You MUST Provide Value

It’s cute to be cute, but what more are you able to offer? For me, I host a podcast that focuses on reality TV news and “spilling the tea.” So people now come to me and trust me to give them the best and the juiciest tea. I give people access to their favorite reality stars through my interviews, I serve-up great insider scoop (no low-budget tea!), and I do it in a humorous and fun way.

I’m a fast-talker and have a background in stand-up comedy, so I make sure my tea is to-the-point and entertaining. There are a million Instagram accounts that deliver news, but MY NEWS is credible and fun. People know what to expect when they come to me — and it’s always a great time. Lauryn always reminded me to offer my community something of value in every piece of content I put out. It’s not all about me; it’s about what I can offer YOU.

Zack Peter live talk

♡ Keep Up with Social Trends

Just because you don’t “get TikTok” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be on it. Google that shit! Study it and get your ass on it if that’s where your target demo is. TikTok and Instagram Reels are EVERYTHING right now. My strength lies in doing video content that can showcase my personality and wit.

Lauryn made me do a MINIMUM of 1 Reel/Video per week. That’s major because currently Instagram prioritizes video content. So it’ll push that content to the forefront. I now aim for at least 4-5 Instagram Reels per week, if not daily. This helped me grown my show’s account @nofilterwithzack from 8K to over 45K followers since I started working with Lauryn. And it’s growing rapidly.

NoFilter with Zack Peter

Always study the market and stay on top of the trends.

Do what works for you. And even if you don’t think it works for you, but it works in your market, then find a way to MAKE IT work for you. Silly TikTok dances aren’t my thing; but bite-sized tea and commentary definitely work for me.

♡ Have a Clear Call to Action

Once you’ve got their attention, tell them what to do. Listen to the latest podcast episode to get the full scoop. Buy my reality TV-inspired wine line (sold out, again! Stay tuned for the relaunch) for a good buzz while watching Real Housewives. Buy tickets to my live shows to take the experience offline and hang with me IRL.

Whether it’s your Instagram captions, your bio, your episode descriptions, or just the content of an episode, make sure the call-to-action is CLEAR and EASY for your consumer. Lauryn taught me that that’ll maximize conversions and deliver results.

NoFilter with Zack Peter

♡ Play to Your Strengths & Don’t Be Afraid to Show Who You Are

Though my success lied in podcasting, Lauryn was very clear that I needed to put myself in front of the camera. She told me I have a distinct look and strong personality, so lean into that. My hair is a bright, icy platinum blonde (and I pay a lot of money for it). I have dark stark eyebrows. I have NO FILTER (like my brand) when it comes to my opinions and I’m not afraid to share them. I’m not afraid to go against the fray, but I always keep it light-hearted.

Find what your strengths are and play to them. Those strengths will set you apart from anyone else on the field and make you stand-out. Too many people analyze the market and try to copy what already works for someone else. Instead, focus on what makes you unique and be fully unapologetic about it.

NoFilter Zack Peter podcast


Lauryn knows the importance of collaborating with other creators. It helps to lift you both up and amplify your brands. I was lucky enough to collab with The Skinny Confidential. I have a background in writing, so I was able to offer insights on this blog – check my posts here, here & here. And I also did an Instagram Takeover for @theskinnyconfidential with the HOT MESS ice roller.

Those were two opportunities I was very grateful for, as it provided added exposure for me and my brand, while also giving me an opportunity to provide some additional value to the TSC community. Find people in your network and come up with creative ways to cross-pollinate. It’s the fastest (and cheapest) way to grow.

Zack on Working with Lauryn Bosstick

♡ Set Clear Goals for Yourself

And get micro with them. Lauryn had me write out what my goals are, then underneath each goal, outline the exact steps I will need to take to get there. And then outline more specific tasks I should be taking daily to hit each of those metrics.

For example, I wanted to build a stronger, more loyal community, which meant I had to engage and interact more. I responded more to comments and DMs (time-blocking is crucial here). I started live-streaming twice a week and would respond to the live chat. Those streams ended up being some of my most popular content. I would poll the audience, taking questions on IG Stories, and connect with them more. Now I have such an incredible community around me, known as the “Zack Pack” — and they’re ride or die! So, set your goals and get to work.

Zack Peter interview

I loved getting to work with Lauryn and I have feeling this won’t be the last time.

If you want some hot insider reality TV scoop, go follow @nofilterwithzack and listen to the #NoFilter with Zack Peter podcast, available on all platforms (including YouTube).

I also have a reality-TV inspired #NoFilter Wine line, available in fizzy rosé and fizzy white, packing a punch at 13% ABV, but like I said, we’re sold out. Follow my IG accounts to stay up to date on the relaunch! If you want a behind-the-scene peek at running the #NoFilter empire, you can get funny snippets over at @justplainzack.

Zack on Working with Lauryn Bosstick


Be sure to stalk Zack on IG at @justplainzack & @nofilterwithzack. His podcast is so funny too. Like, if you’re into all things Bravo, you gotta check it out.

x, The Skinny Confidential team.

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