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5 Wellness Hacks You Can Do For Free, Right Now

Wellness Hacks You Can Do For Free

We have been so into the wellness & selfcare podcasts lately: think Alan Stein Jr., Lewis Howes, Tracy Tutor, Andrew Huberman, Ryan Blaser – just anything to enhance our health & wellness, really. And we can’t forget to mention Lauryn & Michael’s recent solo episode where they talk about their lifestyle tweaks over the past 4 years.

What we’ve learned is that there are so many wellness hacks that you can start right now, that are totally free. You don’t need to wait until your perfect specific yoga mat and dumbbells arrive in the mail to start your exercise plan, and you don’t need to wait for your cute new Stanley tumbler in order to drink more water. You can start now. There is always something you can do now.

We’ve rounded up our favorite wellness hacks for you and they don’t cost a dang thing. Let’s get into it.

5 Wellness Hacks You Can Do For Free, Right Now:

♡ cold shower

We don’t all have the means or space for a cold plunge, but a cold shower can do the trick too.  Start slow and only do however long you can safely handle, but it’s important to feel ‘uncomfortable’ to a degree. Aim for 3 minutes, even if it’s just at the end of your shower.

Benefits: reduces inflammation, speeds up fat burning and metabolism, improves circulation, can help with injury and muscle recovery – & so many more you can find here. Plus, it wakes you the fuck up so you can really plow through your day.

♡ morning light

Upon waking, sit outside for a few minutes to get natural light in your eyes. This still works if it’s an overcast day. The morning light helps reset your circadian rhythm (your natural body clock), and therefore helps with your sleep/wake times, your diet, energy levels etc. For more of the scientific explanation of this be sure to listen to Dr. Andrew Huberman’s episodes here and here.

♡ walk outside

Walking is so good for you, and Lauryn & Michael’s trainer, Brent Hruska says that it’s a form of meditation. Why not kill 2 birds with one stone and do this in the morning, with no sunglasses, and get your morning light in too. Lauryn aims for 10k steps a day and does this with Townes in the stroller or on her treadmill while she answers emails/texts.

♡ resistance training

You don’t need a personal trainer or even a gym membership to start weight training. Sure, you can buy a set of dumbbells on Amazon, but you can also fill empty milk jugs with water, use cans of food from your pantry or your own body weight. Squats, pushups, sit ups, leg lifts and planks in your living room is better than nothing. In fact, sounds like a pretty good workout to us!

♡ meditate

Lauryn has been talking about meditation a lot lately and that’s because she’s addicted. It works. It’s like a strategy session with yourself and she makes time for it every single day. A non-negotiable if you will. It’s changed her life and she’s set aside a whole meditation station at her home for it, but if she’s traveling she still makes it happen. She just lays on the floor or the bed, puts her legs up the wall and listens to Melissa Wood Health, Joe Dispenza or the Superhuman app. Most the time with a crystal eye mask on. You don’t even have to listen to anything, just close your eyes and put your legs up the wall. It’s been life-changing for her, and others too, of course.

Hope you were inspired by this post. There is always something you can do right now, with what you have available to you. Always.

x, The Skinny Confidential team.

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