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5 Tips To Staying Healthy In Quarantine

5 Tips To Staying Healthy In Quarantine

Happy Sunday. Claire Grieve is back on the blog & this is such a great post. You’re going to learn the top 5 things Claire did during quarantine that helped her feel healthy in her mind, body & spirit.

Claire has been on The Skinny Confidential before where she shared how to elevate your mornings & all her best supplement recommendations, but just to reintroduce you…

Claire & I met in Gstaad, Switzerland. We were introduced by Neda ( who you guys know ) of Healthy With Nedi at a fun, crazy restaurant. I liked her immediately- she is warm, strong, likable, smart, & knows her shit when it comes to all things health & wellness.

5 Tips To Staying Healthy In Quarantine

Ok, so just for a quick bio: Claire is a yoga teacher, stretch therapist, plant-based health coach & wellness writer.  Oh, & a certified Health Coach.  She actually used to suffer from chronic headaches & inflammation, joint pain, bad digestion, depression & insomnia. Her growing interest in yoga lead her to begin to explore her health from a holistic perspective. And she became obsessed with her natural wellness journey.

Most recently Claire introduced me to sound bowls. So if any of you are into the most pure, tranquil, sounds, check out this post. I’m telling you, banging on sound bowls gives you most the positive vibes. And literally changes your frequency.

Ok with that, let’s welcome Claire back to the blog.


I actually ended up loving quarantine because it gave me time to put some energy into my own health. I found so many new ways to truly thrive while staying at home. While life in the world certainly seemed as though it had been completely turned upside down, this time at home offered me opportunities for reflection. And rejuvenation that I just wouldn’t have had access to if I was working in the same way as I was in the pre-COVID days.

I am obsessed with discovering new wellness practices & really expanded my knowledge & practices while in lockdown. I learned so much. But here are five of the most important practices that kept me healthy, in body, mind, & spirit, during quarantine.

Claire Grieve’s 5 Tips For Staying Healthy In Quarantine:

♡ Lean into your gratitude practice.

I believe that a gratitude practice is one of the best ways to improve your life. And it is especially important right now. I’ve seen that all of the changes caused by our reaction to COVID have caused a lot of people to feel fear, anxiety & uncertainty.

During quarantine, I leaned into my gratitude practice by carving out time first thing in the morning, every single day to express gratitude. In the morning, before I checked my email or social media, I would set an alarm, head to my meditation nook, & write down five to ten things that I felt gratitude for in that moment.

From that place of powerful positive intention, I would move into a meditation practice & yoga flow. Shifting your mindset into a vibration of gratitude can change your perspective from one of lack to one of abundance in a very short amount of time.  It can truly change the way you perceive your whole life.

I also found that creating more structure around this practice, by doing it at the same time every morning, helped me feel a sense of safety & stability that was so important especially in the early days of quarantine.

5 Tips To Staying Healthy In Quarantine
5 Tips To Staying Healthy In Quarantine

♡ Go outside as much as possible.

During quarantine, & even now while everyone is working from home, we are all spending so much more time in tiny spaces & moving our bodies less & less.

I spent a lot of time during quarantine walking around the block. I would head outside for any of my phone calls with business colleagues or my family. And I would head outside to clear my head, I would head outside if I was bored.

Being outside in nature has so many incredible health benefits. Including improving depression & anxiety & boosting immunity. You don’t even have to be out in the wilderness. Just a walk through your neighborhood or in the local park can elicit wonderful health benefits.

Though I do love a good walking business call, a trip outside is even more beneficial if you can carve out some time to disconnect from your devices & take some time to breathe in the fresh air & to be truly mindful of your surroundings – listen to the wind breeze through the trees, notice how the sun’s rays feel on your face. Take off your shoes & feel how the ground feels beneath your toes. I made it a point to go on a mindful walk, sans technology, at least once a day during quarantine.

♡ Pick up new hobbies.

During quarantine I discovered that beginning a new hobby or simply letting myself get creative in the kitchen or with paints or journaling is serious nourishment for the soul.

I ended up heading into quarantine with two of my best girlfriends. One of whom is a holistic chef – we did a ton of experimenting with recipes & she taught me so much about making delicious healthy meals. I also decided to grow a garden while in quarantine. I grew up on a farm, & it occurred to me how much I missed working with the dirt & developing that incredible connection to my food before I eat. Now I have fresh lettuce, tomatoes, zucchinis & herbs to eat with my salads – & it truly makes me appreciate & savor my food so much more.  

♡ Nourish your body & immune system

I stocked up on immune-boosting foods & supplements. What better time to nourish your body & your immune system than during a global pandemic?

I absolutely looooooooove supplements.   So quarantine really offered me the opportunity to dig into the best supplements for boosting my immunity. Some of my favorite supplements that I discovered during this time have been:

+ Vitamin C

+ Vitamin D3 with K2 

+ CBD tincture

+ Probiotics

+ Black seed oil 

+ Daily Greens

+ Collagen

+ If feeling under the weather: Zinc & Lysine</b?

NOTE: (check with your doctor before beginning any supplement program – you always want to start any wellness plan with a diet that is balanced & full of vitamins & nutrients (veggies & fruits!) & get your vitamin levels checked / check in with your doctor before starting any supplement program, supplementation is used when there is a deficiency or if you are vulnerable).

Quarantine also offered me the time to tune into my body & eat more intuitively – which foods make me feel energized & strong & which foods make me feel sluggish & unwell?

This is different for everyone, but really listening to what nourishes your body can be a game changer for overall health & immunity. I also reconnected with the importance of sleep – getting at least 8 to 9 hours of sleep a night is so important for overall health, but often this feels almost impossible. Without the need to commute all over the city, I was able to really rest & replenish as needed.

healthy smoothies
5 Tips To Staying Healthy In Quarantine


One of the most important things that I did while in quarantine was making sure to stay connected to my family & friends. I was lucky in that I ended up going into quarantine with a couple of girlfriends & we would do things like have nightly family dinners & put together puzzles & get creative in the kitchen.

I also carved out time every day to stay connected with my family in Australia & also the people that I work with. Nothing is the same as face to face contact, but even a brief FaceTime for a laugh or a catch up helped me feel like I was still connected, fulfilled & sharing love with all of my people.

More significant than any one practice was my overall mindset during quarantine. I stayed positive & really shifted my mindset to view all of the day to day challenges as an opportunity for growth. 

It has been important to my overall health – both physically & mentally- to view quarantine life with fresh & curious eyes & really keep coming back to my gratitude practice. I have so much to be grateful for even in these chaotic & uncertain times.


There you have it, all of Claire’s amazing tips for staying healthy in quarantine. Be sure to follow her on Instagram & check out her site for tons of yoga & meditation videos.

x, lauryn

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  1. Super useful post. What is been helping me to go through quarantine is workout. It is my only medicine !
    Miki x

  2. I’ve never enjoyed being outside more than now! Love all the tips!

  3. LOVE this post! I miss hot yoga classes but doing yoga in my living room is still better than nothing! ?

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