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5 Tips From Jamie O’Banion On Balancing Work & Family

5 Tips From Jamie O'Banion On Balancing Work & Family

Hello hello.

Recently we had Jamie O’Banion on the podcast & I wanted to share some of her tips on the blog with you. Because, as I always say, I want this blog to be a resource for you.

If you haven’t heard of Jamie O’Banion she’s the founder & CEO of BeautyBio, a clean skincare company whose mission is to “source the most potent ingredients & pair them with effective natural extracts to bring you the most clinically formulated collection of skincare.” They’re all about “putting the power of in-office results in the palm of your hands.”

Not only is Jamie a total BOSS, she’s also a wife & mother, so who better to give us tips on life lessons, work/life balance & beauty?! Plus, she’s drop dead gorgeous.

Jamie shares so many good tips on the podcast, but here’s a little peek at some of her best tips you need to know about.

5 Tips From Jamie O’Banion On Balancing Work & Family

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5 Tips From Jamie O’Banion:

on priorities & risk

There is no scenario where you can achieve some level of greatness in what you’re pursuing if you’re not willing to tolerate some risk. When it’s all said and done we take our memories and experiences with us. It’s lovely when there’s an outcome that is monetary, and that’s great. But there’s wins. There’s losses. If you’re not, at least for me, grounded on the things that are really important you will blow like a leaf in the wind. Because I have those priorities in that order of faith, and family, and then work, when that is good, and that is solid, and that is there everything else can be incremental. 

on happiness in your business

For example if you’re starting a cooking business, & in your mind you thought it was just going to be decorating cookies all day, then you realize it’s actually managing people, scheduling, doing payroll, etc., you might not have the happiness you thought you were going to get out of it.

What is your goal with it? Is your goal to franchise it out? Is your goal that you just love being in the kitchen? I’ve seen a lot of entrepreneurs follow their passion but then get burnt out because they start to go, “Wait a second. I actually enjoy the baking part of it but not necessarily the running the business part.”

If you don’t have an internal passion and drive for what you’re doing there is no outcome that will give you the gasoline to keep going.

scheduling time with your family

If you were to look at my calendar I program in time with my kids & husband like it’s a board meeting, because if you’re not intentional with your time you will always take one more meeting, stretch 15 more minutes. Then things start to get squashed that are your priorities, & I’ve found that’s where I start to feel not so great inside. You have to be very deliberate with one-on-one time with the people you love. 

on mom guilt

It shows that you have your heart & priorities in the right place. I believe that everybody has different bandwidth. If you’re someone that has that passion inside you, & you feel that you are a better mother, a better wife when you can have that outlet, whatever that looks like, then that’s awesome.

Balance is totally personal. You’ve got to define that, but it’s okay if some days you feel like you’re crushing it at work, & sometimes you’re crushing it at home. I think as long as when you are in that zone. When I’m in the ‘mom-zone’ I’m fully present with my kids.

the key to happy, healthy marriage for 2 entrepreneurs

Again, scheduling time together. A mutual respect for one another’s life calendar & try to think of your relationship as an H frame relationship. Two solid pillars bonded together by the middle bar.

There you have it, a little taste of some of the tips Jamie shared in her podcast episode. Be sure to scope the podcast though because she talks about her fitness, diet & morning routines, plus there’s even more business advice.

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