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5 Ride Or Die Beauty Tips & Tricks

The Skinny Confidential talks beauty products.

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Happy Friday!

I’m SERIOUSLY sick as a dog BUT I wanted to share a little video I’ve been meaning to post: my super simple, ride or die beauty tips & tricks.

Some of these you guys may have already seen some of these tippity tips BUTTTT haven’t actually tried them, so test them out & let me know your thoughts ( none of this is sponsored, I actually love all of these products! ).

Just to give a quick overview before you watch the video:

Brushing my lips: If you’re wearing lipstick ( especially dark lipstick ) brush your lips. Having a piece of red crust falling off your lips is no fun. This trick really smoothes & preps the lips. Add coconut oil to the toothbrush for a smoother finish. Read more here.

Dry brushing my whole bod: I cannot say enough good things about dry brushing. It’s really changed my life. If I miss a day, I feel off. It stimulates my body/lymphatic system like NOTHING ELSE. Read more here.

Color correcting photo finish: this little bottle of green goodness is FUCKING AMAZING. Sorry, it is. Basically when you mix green with red, it takes away redness. Hence the green-ish shade. So if I have a nasty-ass zit or a red face ( you guys get it ) it basically takes the redness away. I’m obsessed. No one likes red splotches all over their face, right?, & this gets rid of it. SO IN LOVE.

Rose hips oil: OILS ARE MY OBSESSION. I use oil on everything. My hair, body, & to burn ( I’ll do a post soon ). Rose hips oil is great for makeup remover & to mix a dot with foundation. It gives the foundation a dewey, pretty finish. Just one drop mixed with your foundation & you’re good to go! Also, this tip makes your foundation/concealer last longer so essentially you’re saving money too ( by the way, I also love tea tree oil to zap zits ).

Color correcting duo: this is kind of like a random find. Literally I think I got it in a Victoria’s Secret swag bag that they were giving out for free at the mall. It’s this long, ugly-ish stick. The stick sat in my bathroom for 2 years until I finally tried it out. And now?! It’s my FAVORITE makeup product. One side is like a highlighter to use under brows & on top of your lip. And the other side is a green color that will make a pimple disappear in an instant ( because again, green takes the red away! ). Miracle stick!

NOW, watch away:

♡ Products:

Lip toothbrush

Favorite dry brush
Color correcting photo finish
Organic rose hips oil
Color correcting concealer duo

♡ Wearing:

Palm print top
Lip gloss

What’s your ride or die ( & maybe kind of weird? ) beauty tips/tricks?

Have a great weekend, guys!

lauryn, xx

+ More makeup tips can be found in The Skinny Confidential Book.

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  1. yay can’t wait to try these! You should do a post on your morning rituals!! I know you have a lot (hot lemon water, oil pulling, ACV, & coconut oil plus bee pollen, etc/) So it would be nice to have a review/what to do first/how often…just a thought! I know I would love! XXO Lexie

    1. I will DEF do a post on this. I am very specific about my morning ritual so a post would be great on this : ). Thanks for the idea. x

  2. Omg I always get that issue when I wear a red lip. It’s so annoying and gross!! Lol
    Thanks for sharing these tips but especially the toothbrush one!!!! Greatly appreciated!! 🙂

    Xoxo Jessy

    1. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. It just depends on the day. Sometimes I have no time and just get the brush slightly wet in the shower. On the days when I have more time I’ll do it in the shower without the water running before I turn it on. LMK this makes sense! x

  3. Seriously love the drop of oil in foundation suggestion, so simple but effective. Tried it this morning and it made such a difference!
    Looking beautiful, Lauryn! Sending good wishes, hope you feel better soon x

  4. Green toner is literally the best. I break out in red blotchy hives all the time, so it’s a must have in my books. I’m definitely going to start brushing my lips now. It seems like such an odd thing to do, but flakey lipstick isn’t appealing to anyone and I wear dark lipstick ALL the time.

  5. My favorite concealer ever is Cle de Peau.
    It’s pretty pricey, but it’s amazing and lasts forever! I use it under my eyes and to cover up any blemishes.

  6. I know this is going to sound really gross, but today I was JUST wishing that I had some sort of remedy for a huge, nasty zit on my face. I feel like I tried everything (die-hard tea tree user here) and it just wouldn´t go away and now it is just red and completely unattractive. I had no idea about the greenness and need this corrector ASAP! Thanks for the tips!


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  8. Thank you for the tip on the color correcting primer! Just found out I definitely have rosacea (ugh great)… this sounds like it would help with the redness. Thanks for the tip girl!!

  9. Hi Lauryn! Such a fun video, per usual. I’ve been in love with your back round for like, ever, and it just hit me that it might be a green screen. I’m starting to do tutorial videos and need to buy one! Is there one on Amazon that you might recommend? 😀

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