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5 Reasons You Should Get to Know Your Human Design Chart

Human Design Chart


Ever heard of it?

It’s such an interesting topic & something that some people swear by. It kind of tells you who you are, how you deal with things, your energy type, what your unique gifts & weaker traits are, etc. Jenna totally gets into it in a minute. Knowing aspects of your chart can help you make big desicions, understand gut responses, and tell you if you’re a reflector, projector, generator, or manifestor.

If you haven’t met Jenna Zoe, let us introduce you. She is a world-leading expert in Human Design, a new system of self-discovery helping reconnect people to who they came to be.

In fact, Jenna’s podcast episode is a must-listen.  She discusses how we can figure out what our unique human design is & then use the information to unlock our abilities.

Lucky us, because she’s also on the blog to tell us about 5 reasons we should get to know our human design chart.

Without further ado, let’s welcome Jenna to the blog.


Being your real self is all the rage – but it’s not always easy to know what your real self actually looks like. And if you’re different from everyone else, then looking to others for the answer can pull you even further off of your path.

Enter Human Design; it is a part-science, part-spiritual system that literally MAPS your real self to you, with instructions of how to become it. Based on your birth date, time and place, it calculates the energy you were inherently born to be (find yours at Being your highest, most powerful self then, is returning to your natural essence, rather than trying to become who you were told you had to be. 

Human Design has been called astrology on steroids and for very good reason. 

5 Reasons You Should Get to Know Your Human Design Chart:

♡  It tells you how to get into your flow

The basic principle of human design is that when you’re being who you came here to be, your dreams come to you with ease and flow. 

Your chart will tell you how to use your time and energy properly. So that you don’t have to spend your life pushing and forcing, only to come up against resistance and blocks. When you work with your natural energy rather than against it, things will unfold with a lot less effort. 

♡ It tells you what your biggest gifts are 

Everyone is gifted, but most likely you don’t even know what yours are. Why? Because they come so easy to you that you assume everyone else can do them too.

Gifts aren’t just being good at coding or being a great singer – sometimes it’s a skill for bringing people together. And society never helped you think that could come in handy to grow a party-planning empire, for example. 

♡ It tells you how to structure your day

Morning routines help some people thrive and restricts others. Having everything planned out makes some people feel freer than just ‘going with the flow.’ These are all for good reason: alignment looks different for all of us. 

♡ It shows you your perfect diet and lifestyle

There is no right or wrong diet – only the one that is aligned for you. And when you eat, sleep and move the way you’re designed to, it’s like putting the right gas in your car – you free up SO much energy to think, to create, to live out your dreams.

Imagine if you’re designed to have small consistent meals every day but you’re trying to intermittent fast. It’s like being a giraffe when you’re actually a bird. You just end up being a really bad giraffe when you could be an excellent bird. 

♡ It helps you discern what your intuition sounds like

Each person’s intuition lives in a different part of their body – for some it’s in their gut, for others it’s in their heart, their emotions, their mind, etc. When you know what yours looks like, it becomes impossible to ignore – so making decisions becomes so easy and clear. We’re not designed to spend hours lamenting over what to do. It’s meant to be easy. 

If you want to learn all about your design and the designs of your loved ones, download the ‘My Human Design’ app, available on the app store and google play. For videos, trainings and to book sessions, visit and learn about your chart daily on Instagram @my.humandesign


Be sure to listen to Jenna’s podcast for more on your human design chart. You guys are gonna love it. Here’s another blog post on human design, too.

And if you want some more, Jenna just launched her own podcast called My Human Design. Listen on Apple or Spotify. Happy listening.

x, The Skinny Confidential team.

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