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5 Non-Toxic Fixes From Darin Olien

Non-Toxic Fixes From Darin Olien

Recently Darin Olien was on The HIM & HER Show talking about today’s ‘fatal inconveniences’ and minor changes that you can make to make your life a little healthier.

If you have yet to meet Darin, he is a superfood expert, author, podcast host AND he’s spent years exploring the planet for exotic plants and medicinal foods.

Darin has such an interesting view on toxins when it comes to what’s in our cleaning products and detergents, cell phones, food and food packaging. Growing up with a chemical sensitive father, he was introduced to the world of non-toxic living at an early age. For more on that, be sure to listen to the full episode.

Today on the blog we wanted to share 5 easy fixes from Darin that you can start TODAY. These tips are affordable, accessible, fairly easy and will lead you to live a more non-toxic, healthier life.

5 Non-Toxic Fixes From Darin Olien:

+ use vinegar as your laundry detergent

Darin does this himself, and you may have heard the vinegar hack for keeping your bath towels white and fluffy. But try it for all your laundry. Lauryn also loves EWG’s verified Molly’s Suds for her laundry powder.

+ go fragrance free (for everything)

Going fragrance free when it comes to perfumes, body care products, cleaning products, air fresheners, bin bags and everything else is a simple thing that has a big impact. Fragrances used in all these types of products are guarded by ‘proprietary’ formula when it comes to being transparent about ingredients. (PS. it means they don’t have to disclose exactly what the ‘fragrance’ is). Just by doing this you’re helping UPregulate all your bodily systems, opposed to encouraging hormone disruption and system deregulation.

+ opt for airplane mode, even when you’re not on an airplane

Your cell phone and your wifi router emit frequencies that are not natural or healthy to us humans. We all need a phone and other devices these day, and Darin has one too. But it’s important to use it with care. Turn the wifi off to your entire house when you sleep and/or put your devices on airplane mode. Also consider doing this when you’re phone is your pocket close to reproductive organs.

+ try going back to corded headphones

Bluetooth is in the same realm of cell phones. Try going back to corded headphones or using AirTubes like Darin.

+ eat REAL food

We’re sure you’ve heard this before- fast food, food packaging and our food system is warped. Get back to growing or buying real food that you cook in your kitchen. The preservatives and micro plastics and artificial everything in our food today is detrimental to our health.

We just loved this episode with Darin. Be sure to listen to the whole thing to hear about his #1 supplement suggestion, how he became known as the Superfood Hunter, what it was like to work with Zac Efron and a ton more tips and tricks for better living (hint hint: get rid of your dental floss and use a Waterpik).

Be sure to grab a copy of his new book Fatal Inconveniences (and his previous one Superlife where half the book is geared toward small improvements to help you live a healthier, longer life.

x, The Skinny Confidential team

+ if you’re into a non-toxic switch for your household, be sure to listen to this episode.

++ for at home detoxing, stalk our latest body tool, Le Spoon


  1. Does he just use vinegar in his laundry or vinegar and baking soda? Can you be plain what he does?

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