5 Minute TSC Sex Pot Curls


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Hair can make you feel like a Pantene Pro-V commercial bouncing out of the salon all sexy & flirty…or it can make you feel like a wet rat.

It sort of depends on what day of the week it is right?

Sunday is my wet rat day. It’s not pretty.

Luckily today though we’re sticking with the Pantene theme.

Or as I like to call these: TSC SEX POT CURLS.


I’ve shown guys these curls, which are more time-consuming. TSC Sex Pot Curls literally take 5 minutes. & here’s the thing: the more often you do these, the easier they become. Seriously, after a while these will be like brushing your teeth.


We all love mindless when it comes to hair, right.

Disclaimer: I am STILL swollen from double jaw surgery, the swelling is probably going to take until August to go down completely. Filming is HIGHLY annoying sometimes because I still feel Nutty-Professor-ish!

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There are two things I can tell you about curls: you need a legit curling iron. AND finishing spray is insane. I discovered it two months ago & it’s changed my curl game. WAY better ( and different ) than hair spray. It gives hair that “I woke up like this with effortless, perfect hair” vibe. Finishing spray sort of makes your hair look under-done, not OVERDONE. You guys know I hate overdone. Currently a huge fan of two brands, I can’t decide. I love the pink one used in this video but I’m having a love affair with Orbie’s finishing spray too.

Regardless, both are amazing.

Another tip which is SO, SO important when perfecting TSC Sex Pot Curl: leave out the top & leave out the bottom. Don’t curl your ends or the top.

Looks more SEX that way, you know?

lauryn evarts does curls | by the skinny confidential

Lastly, GO VERTICAL CURLS or go home. Horizontal curls are so predictable & easy. Grab the hair vertically, instead of horizontally when picking it up to put it in the curling iron. ALSO, hold the curling iron vertically to your face. That’s how you’re going to get those Instagram-worthy, finger wave curls. Make sense?

If not, I will literally do a step-by-step with pictures for you guys.

& obviously to maintain these curls for days & days….AND DAYS, I do The Sleep Bun.

So there you have it, TSC SEX POT CURLS! Tag me in your Insta pics if you try this, would love to check your curls out.

What hair styles do you guys want to see next?

Happy Tuesday! x, lauryn

PRODUCTS USED: curling iron | hair spray | finishing spray | alligator clips | striped top here

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17-CTM_4120-gtlauryn evarts does hair | by the skinny confidential

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  1. AvatarBeth

    Hi Lauren, I just wanted to share with you that several years ago I had a dental nightmare when a tooth appeared to need a root canal and in treating that we found that I’d had an infection deep in my jaw for probably a year. I lost the tooth and had to get an implant but worse yet, that infection just would not go away. I’ll spare you the gory details (involving a lot of needles on a daily basis) but I also had a very swollen jaw forever…and then some more forever. When I look back at pictures taken during that year and a half I can see that even when I thought I was back to normal, I looked like a totally different person. I can only imagine that being a public personality this is very frustrating for you but hang in there honey, it will go away. Take good care of yourself and thank you for your continuously entertaining and uplifting posts. You are a gem!

  2. AvatarShannon

    Love these sexy curls – though I did laugh about the name and the jbf look. I love how relaxed they are and that you do not use a brush! Amazing how much the texturizing spray really elevates the look! I will def check out the ones you use – I LOVE DryBar’s Triple Sec spray too, but my hair is so long that I go through so much so fast! Your videos are so well done, I love them! x Shannon
    Shannon recently posted..A lil late but… a super fun gift for the Wine & Whisky lover in your life! { for less than $30! }My Profile

  3. AvatarLeanne

    Duhhhh about the one inch at the end! Why didn’t I know this before… Would love to see a good casual t-shirt ponytail! Mine always turn out too intense. Thanks for this post!

  4. AvatarSavanna

    Love when you do videos!! On a semi-related hair note, I had a bad highlight job recently and that coupled with curling my hair too much has lead to much more breakage and thinning than I’m used to. Your hair looks so healthy! Do you use any particular supplements for your hair? I’ve heard
    Viviscal works but am scared to try it!

  5. AvatarLaurene

    What size barell is the curling iron that you are using? 1.5 inches? Also, what type texture hair would you say you have? Mine is very slick and fine and I find it difficult to hold a curl. Thank you.