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5 MAJOR Healthy Takeaways From Propel Co: Labs Fitness Festival

Hi, hi, hi.

11:33 PM on Tuesday night- winding down from Mother’s Day weekend. This year Michael & I decided to celebrate Mother’s Day together. In honor of The Nanz & my mom we went to the Hotel Bel Air to watch the swans & drink champagne. Usually we are in San Diego spending Mother’s Day with my stepmom, Michael’s mom, & my god mom, however this year we had work commitments that had us stuck in LA. So instead of staying home we thought it would be fun to honor my mom & The Nanz while watching the swans. Back story for you: before my grandma passed away we had a whole day planned out. She was going to drive up to LA with us ( we discussed an In & Out stop too ) & once we got to LA we were going to show her our condo and head to Hotel Bel Air. This hotel was one of my grandma’s favorites- she actually used to play tennis & do a late afternoon Vodka Collins there. BOUGIE! HA.

But seriously, imagine her in her flirty tennis skirt being all feisty after a doubles match! MY GOD, I CANNOT!

Anyway, The Nanz told me all about these swans. You eat brunch & watch the swans, floating all peacefully. So today we did that. Of course, missing her every second.

Back to work Monday & today!

propel fitness water mothers day | by the skinny confidential

Switching gears, wanted to give you guys a recap of the Propel Co: Labs Fitness Festival I attended recently in West Hollywood at Quixote Studios. The event was NEXT LEVEL & there were so many takeaways.

Like what you ask? Well, here ya go:

♡ The importance of unplugging- WE ALL NEED THIS:

So, at the event we had the opportunity to sit down & hear from celebrity trainer, Harley Pasternak. His words of wisdom were FANTASTIC. Seriously so many takeaways. One that really resonated for me ( & I hope it will resonate with you! ) was the importance of taking a mini digital detox…EVERY DAY. That’s right, daily. Harley recommended taking one hour away from electronics. To be completely honest, I do this every night…to read. I usually end the night with 20 to 30 minutes of reading. BUT sometimes it’s on my phone. Guilty. UGH. So I feel like I need to dust off the library collection & get involved with a real book instead of a digital one. One hour a day= phone away, no comp, say goodbye to TV, & CHILL. Put on some music & get creative: read, write, draw, whatever. Just no electronics. WAY harder than you think. When you detox, you get that meditative break- this helps lower cortisol & is sort of like a brain workout. SO NEEDED.

Takeaway: for at least one hour, unplug from any active technology- unplug from the constant alerts, vibrations, emails, Instagram DMs, texts, and phone calls.” – Harley Pasternak.

propel fitness water mothers day | by the skinny confidentialpropel fitness water mothers day | by the skinny confidential

♡ Getting a sweat test is a ‘THING’:

I know- I didn’t know this either. I was like “SWEAT TEST?! What’s that? I mean I did it see on The Kardashians– you know that episode when Kourtney & her friend sweat their asses off in a sauna to see who’s the healthiest?”

So yes it’s a thing. The sweat test “measures the concentration of chloride that is excreted in sweat.” You basically get on a bike & sweat for one hour straight. It was rad to see a bunch of people sweating their asses off on bikes. Everyone was committed to getting their sweat tested. Sure it sounds weird, but it’s not- through your sweat you can find: “an array of other proteins, molecules and ions that could offer more clues to a person’s physical well-being.”

Cool beans. I love anything that provides solutions to problems. Has anyone else tried a sweat test?

Takeaway: try a sweat test if you’re looking to know more about your body. If anything you get an hour workout in- efficient!

♡ We all need to WALK more:

Another GREAT Harley Pasternak tip from the Propel Co: Labs Fitness Festival was about STEPS. NOW, YOU KNOW I LOVE TALKING STEPS.

I’m a huge fan of counting my steps because I feel like it’s something that holds me accountable. It’s kind of a fun game to play with your boyfriend or husband too you know? Something different. Am I wrong? I don’t think so. Try it & let me know what you think…just make sure you win. Keep it competitive-sexy, k?

You know what else? I feel like it’s the trick to staying fit. Walking.

Think about it- if you’re constantly moving, it’s a good thing. I mean look at New Yorker’s or the French. They walk! Everyone is walking everywhere! I want to be more of a walker!

Anyway, back to Harley. He says: “There are 168 hours in a week and if you’re in the gym for three of those, you’re still not in the gym for 165 of those, he says.

Harley said to start at 10,000 but actually really shoot for 12,000.

What can you expect if you up your steps? Just weight loss, improved sleep, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease + more.

More steps= WINNING.

Tomorrow you can find me on Melrose walking to get my coffee, walking while I’m on a conference call, & walking home from the office. Wearing a hat, of course.

Takeaway: use the App, Pacer to count your steps. Start with 10k but get to 12k. You in?

Let’s do it- should be fun!

propel fitness water mothers day | by the skinny confidential

♡ Julianne Hough has a POSITIVE ENERGY that’s contagious & so very compelling:

WOW! Having the opportunity to take a dance/fitness-y class from Julianne Hough ( she’s been on The Skinny Confidential here ) & Simone of Body by Simone was badass. I could talk your ear off about it but I feel like we need to discuss Julianne’s ZEST.

YES. She has a zest- always smiling, laughing, singing. Her body language is open & it’s damn refreshing. You can feel her energy- it’s very positive & I LIKE IT.


Things like that. I have actually heard this about her from many people, but to experience her energy in person was cool. The common theme was: she was approachable & made all of the girls taking her class feel good. And I liked it. A lot.

Because what a cool girl! Inspiring! Approachable! Cool! Very much about it.

So there we were trying to dance like Julianne ( who happens to be this majorly professional dancer ) & there’s this massive room where we are bumping into each other…but NO ONE CARED! EVERYONE WAS HAVING A BALL. That’s good energy.

Because, let me tell you, there’s nothing I love more than people who just want to have a good time. The ‘go with the flow’ kind, people who don’t take themselves so seriously. IT’S ALL FUNNY!

Takeaway: positive vibes always win. Energy is contagious- where focus goes energy flows. Keep it fun.


I was honored when Propel asked me to speak on stage with influencers, Love Sweat Fitnessrrayyme. The panel was led by Facebook boss, Will Post. We discussed everything from how to create quality content ( natural light, good camera, patience ) to current digital trends ( video & audio ) to OUR WHY ( my WHY is to showcase a movement for women who want to create their own futures ). HOWEVER, the most important word that came up during our panel was: community.


IT REALLY IS THOUGH! Nowadays having a tribe is the best. Because really none of us influencers would have a platform without community. To me, my community is number one. I want to be available, present, & accessible. Also, to be able to create a space like TSC FB Group for the community to connect has been cool. I absolutely love seeing you guys meet-up, give each other advice, & share your tips and tricks.

Takeaway: community- it’s THE BEST. There’s nothing better.

propel fitness water mothers day | by the skinny confidential

IF YOU’RE LOOKING TO HAVE AN EXPERIENCE LIKE THIS, check out Propel’s site because they’re coming to Miami, New York & Chicago this summer. Highly recommend.

So, I’m currently in bed about to do my hour digital detox ( Bossanova in background, paperback ready to read ). Tomorrow I’m very much planning on getting my 12k steps in so I need to prepare, LOL. No really, I need to calendar it. Getting specific with it, you know.

Hope you all a special Mother’s Day- happy Mother’s Day to all TSC mamas.

Until tomorrow, X lauryn

+ more fitness-y posts here.

++ this post is in collaboration with Propel. As always all opinions are my own.

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  1. I know this wasn’t the whole point of your post, but just I love hearing about The Nanz and little tidbits about her experiences as a young adult. I know it’s not necessarily your story to tell/it’s personal so I understand if you don’t want to share much more, but I think we might love it if you could give us a few more glimpses of what her life story is. She seemed so full of life even in her later years, I can image she was a firecracker in her young adult life as well.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. HI LAURYN!! IT’S BEEN A WHILE SINCE I READ YOUR BLOG!! It’s good to be back. You look so beautiful in these photos.
    One of the reasons why I love cardio because I get to sweat my ass off and it feels damn good.

  3. I drank this at the gym several years ago and really liked it, but changed location, schedule, gym, and couldn’t remember the name of the drink, there must be a hundred different brands of “vitamin water” out there. Then I came across it while browsing through Amazon, the name rang a bell, so I tried it out so see if it was actually the same as I liked 8 years ago.

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