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5 Fun Facts We Learned From The John Stamos Podcast

John Stamos The HIM & HER Show

A few weeks ago John Stamos, aka Uncle Jesse sat down with Lauryn and Michael on The HIM & HER Show. The conversation was hilarious and if you ever wanted to know more about Lauryn and Michael this episode is for you. At one point John flips the mic and starts asking THEM all the questions.

In fact, he was recording right after his friend Bert Kreischer (the REAL Van Wilder) and made a guest appearance in his episode which you can listen to here.

And even though John really ‘tells all,’ this episode left us wanting more. He also gets into how he got his first role, the values his parents raised him with, the cutest thing ever his mom did for him, his relationship with Bob Saget and other Full House cast members, his relationship and divorce from Rebecca Romijn, dark times and tons more.

In his book If You Would Have Told Me, he tells even more. In addition, John’s memoir is filled with Hollywood stories, Hollywood names, personal friendships, love, loss and how to see the magical moments in life. It’s a must-read and also fully recommend it after listening to his podcast episode.

And just for fun, we thought we’d drop 5 fun facts about John Stamos that you’ve probably never heard before.

5 Fun Facts We Learned From The John Stamos Podcast

+ He worked in his dad’s restaurant even after he got his first big role on General Hospital.

+ He kind of tried to get the Olsen twins fired.

+ He was in the Kokomo music video for The Beach Boys.

+ He has appeared in numerous plays on Broadway.

+ He played the drums at Howard Stern’s wedding.

John is a great actor, multi-faceted and hilarious. So if you haven’t listened to this episode yet, you’re in for some laughs. Be sure to grab his new book If You Would Have Told Me for more about his childhood, journey to fame and major realness.

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