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5 Beauty/Wellness Items You Need In Your Caboodle

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Using Instagram Stories has been such a GEM because I’m able to micro-blog to you guys right away, any day of the week. You know what I mean? Like it’s easy to showcase quickly what I am using on the go. At the same time it’s annoying because it disappears in 24 hours. I know, I know you can use the HIGHLIGHT feature which I totally do use. Howeverrrrrr, nothing is the same as just jotting down a blog post. I feel like it streamlines my train of thought. So whenever I am finding myself IG Story-ing things over & over, what do I do? A BLOG POST!

WITH THAT, HERE ARE 5 TRAVEL ITEMS I KEEP GOING BACK TO! Ones that I think you guys will really love. If I’m missing anything please let me know- you know we want to be thorough here.

I have to give a special shout out to the Dr. Dennis Vitamin C serum. This is truly something I use everyday & I feel like it’s improved the texture of my skin. I’ve been mixing it with this liquid collagen by this brand called Algenist & together they’re really the perfect medley.

Also, side note: you know how I feel about tongue cleaners- everyone should have one really. Like I’m handing that shit out for stocking stuffers this Christmas. I use this EVERY single day. Cannot. Live. Without. It. I’m telling you there’s something about a tongue cleaner. We will get to why I like them. In the meantime, let’s breakdown 5 BEAUTY items you need in your Caboodle.

Ready? Ok, here we go:



WELL DUH. Everyone should order one of these bad boys. They’re so nostalgic- I mean imagine me at 6 years old decorating my Caboodle with stick-on earrings. I even went as far to send in the name plate & plaster the thin plate on my Caboodle. So vintage. But here’s the deal: Caboodles keep your shit organized! They work so well. I have one for makeup & one for skin care. These items below are- you guessed it- in my pink Caboodle. OBSESSED WITH THIS ONE & IT’S $10 BUCKS.

Don’t grow up & get rid of your Caboodle. They’re the best.


SO OFTEN I have tried to switch it up here & it always FAILS. I ALWAYS feel regret for cheating on Caboodle- it never goes well. Keep it simple, stupid. I’m appealing to my six-year-old self, you know?

If you are a die-hard Caboodle fan, check out this video. It’s fun!


This jet lag mask was created by influencers ( remember one of the creators was on The Skinny Confidential? ) that are social media practitioners- you can tell this. I mean just stalk their Instagrams! I like this mask when I’m flying. WHY? Because it makes my skin all plump & supple ( can you say supple or is that not the word I’m looking for? Help me out here ). Regardless this mask has a nice feel to it. I would describe it as a bubble bath for skin. What’s great about this is you can do it on the go. You don’t need to make it a whole thing- it’s for the girl who’s BUSY but also is into self-care. It’s a multi-tasking mask, if you will.

Afterwards it’s fun to do a sheet mask if you’re on the plane & have time. It’s not necessary but a snail sheet mask is always a good addition any time, any day.


Whenever I have time, I like to oil pull. There’s something therapeutic about it really. Especially in the mornings. Lately, when I can, I use Kopari’s mini coconut oil packets while making the bed, listening to podcasts, cleaning the house, &/or showering.

FOR THOSE who are new to this, oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that has become the craze among holistic-lovers everywhere. Basically, you swish either organic sesame oil or organic cold pressed coconut oil ( room temperature ) in your mouth for twenty minutes. During this time the oil, which has a “sticky-ness” to it, travels around your mouth/ up into pockets your toothbrush can’t reach & pulls out the bacteria & disgusting toxins. Rejoice!

Tips though:

1.) Please, please, please do NOT swallow the coconut oil!! After about five minutes of swishing the liquid, it will fill up with the nasty bacteria/toxins you’re trying to get rid of. Ingesting the old oil just puts the toxins back into the body. Big no, no.

If there’s too much in your mouth & it’s drifting towards the back of your throat…spit some out.

2.) When you’re done- do NOT spit it into your sink!! The liquid will solidify again & this can mess up your pipes big time.


++ Healthier gums/ teeth/ mouth.

++ Helps to clear up sinus issues.

++ If you’ve got strep, oil pulling will help clearing the strep bacteria ASAP.

++ Helps w/ skin issues— side note on this one: my friend started oil pulling & for the first time in a LONG time she has gotten rid of her awful plaque psoriasis on her scalp. Nothing else ever helped her till now. Props to OP.

++ Can help cure a hangover << tried it, works!

++ Overall detoxification.

Kopari’s mini coconut oil packets are BOMB! Especially for traveling- you just pop them in your purse & go.


THE MORE I USE THIS, THE MORE I LOVE THIS. It’s magic! We’ve gone over this a million times but that’s because this product works. If you haven’t already listened to the podcast with Dr. Dennis Gross, then I highly recommend making a point of it. Reason being: he knows his shit about collagen, Vitamin C, & dewy skin- just all things that are very The Skinny Confidential. This particular product plumps my skin, gets rid of dark spots ( I have a lot of those fuckers ), & brightens the skin. I like to apply this in the day time- usually I’ll do some oils, eye cream, facial massage, this serum, & then of course end the whole thing with SUNSCREEN. Always sunscreen because I certainly don’t want any more brown spots- I think I’m good for life there. Hyperpigmentation is what I struggle with most. UGH.

ANYWAY!  Dr. Dennis Vitamin C serum– buy it, try it, bring on vacation, rinse, & repeat- promise you will JUST love it. Keep me updated.


If you listened to TSC HIM & HER Show ft. Sahara Rose you know the importance of tongue scrapers. Sahara who’s an Ayurvedic guru said to clean your tongue first thing in the morning- what it does is takes out a bunch of bacteria that is on your tongue BEFORE you drink water. Think about it- during the nighttime you get all this bacteria on your tongue. When you wake up the first thing you do ( at least I do ) is drink water ( with lemon & sea salt if we’re getting specific here ). Anyway, the whole point is to get that bacteria off your tongue before ingesting any water so it doesn’t go to your gut. BUT LIKE HOW MUCH SENSE DOES THAT MAKE? All the sense in the world, huh?

Everyone ( in my opinion ) should have a tongue cleaner- it’s that simple. I like the steel ones. My favorite tongue scraper is here. You can’t go wrong here- just avoid plastic ones if you can.

If you’re wondering: I always travel with one- ALWAYS.


& THAT IS THAT! Hope you enjoyed those tips.

I’m very much sold on all of them & I am very confident that when you try any of these travel tips- you will not be sorry. All very The Skinny Confidential-esque.

With that I am off to watch Trust ( have you seen it? I heard it’s fab ) & get ready for tomorrow. I have a full day of work- no fun for me. Cabo was our break so tomorrow ( Memorial Day !! ) it’s back to work. Speaking of Memorial Day: thank you to all the troops <3.

Hope you’re living it up, talk tomorrow.

x, lauryn


++ be sure to listen to the latest podcast with Dr. Stephen Cabral- it’s on the GUT. Digestion can be tricky but we broke it down in an easy way with Dr. Cabral. Hope you guys are loving the podcasts- we are obsessed with connecting through audio. Happy listening!


  1. Vitamin C serum is so good but I’m using one from Ole Henrikson, so I wonder how the Dr. Dennis Gross one compares. Also- that jet lag mask sounds so good! Everyone’s using it!

  2. Currently planning a big trip overseas this summer and I’m so glad I stumbled across this post! So helpful reading through this – will have to give some of these a try! Thanks for sharing xxx

  3. What sunscreen do you recommend for the face? Something that I can put makeup over? Anything I’ve tried slides everywhere!

  4. Vitamin C serum is so good but I’m using one from Ole Henrikson, so I wonder how the Dr. Dennis Gross one compares. Also- that jet lag mask sounds so good! Everyone’s using it!

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