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My 4th of July To-Do List

How to PREP for 4th of July: 4th Of July To-Do List

The Skinny Confidential talks 4th of July to-do list: Dessert USA flag ideas.

Fourth of July is cominnnnng!!

This means: sparklers, chips (!!!), guac, flag cakes ( every year I’m that flag cake girl ), lounging by the pool, & maybe a margarita or ten.

As relaxing as the Fourth is, prepping for the holiday…isn’t so relaxing.

I mean, if you’re anything like me you’re an ‘Errand Psycho.’

What’s an Errand Psycho?

Someone who’s constantly running errands. I.E. post office, ten e-mails, bank, market, dry cleaners, post office again, workout, car wash, e-mail, craft store, etc.

My errand psycho-ness kicks into fulllll gear before holidays. Especially before Fourth of July.

Because typically ( & definitely if you live in San Diego ), you’re rocking a lil bikini. This means a week or two before I stock my house with super, super clean foods, lots of water, & I really bust ass in the gym.

Then there’s tan, nails, blah, blah, blah. Never ends for girls!!

Like, if my red pedicure looks great, most likely my roots need a touch up. If my spray tan looks phenom, my brows are starting to resemble unkempt caterpillars.

Lauryn Evarts shares her 4th of July To-Do List

Never freaking ends!! ( Insert Emoji, throwing his head back & crying ).

Anyway, getting ready for the Fourth is no joke so here are some prep tips:

1.) Kick your workout up a notch. Two weeks before Fourth of July, I start incorporating a lot of squats, push-ups, & ab bikes. Cardio also becomes my bestie. Instead of doing it three to four days a week, I take it up to six days. Boo. I know, I know. Not fun. But hey, you know what’s not fun? Not feeling your best.

In these pictures, I’m wearing a workout get up that’s perfect for my lifestyle. Why? Because when I’m done working out I want to transition into errands/real life without having to rush home & change. This Splits59 white long sleeve top makes my life ( it’s super soft & lightweight ) and these black pants are my favorite ‘errand’ pants. Perf for an errand psycho, like myself.

Splits59 just really understands a woman’s bod. So if you’re in the market for an errand outfit, check them out & thank me later.

Also, to transition from the gym to errands for shoes, I kick off my tennis shoes & throw on my black Birks:

The Skinny Confidential talks Fourth of July.

2.) If you can’t tone it, spray tan it. I’m gonna say it…tanning makes everything look tighter…especially your abs and ass ( #notsorry ). So it’s the perfect pre-fourth errand. I like to spray tan two days before the fourth. And I ALWAYS, I repeat ALWAYS, dry brush before I spray tan. I’m so obsessed with dry brushing lately that I think my brush has seen me naked more than Michael.

3.) Get your work done. This is something I really need to remember. It’s no fun answering e-mails on the Fourth of July, so try to get all your work out of the way before the holiday so you relax all day without the stress of work. I need to tattoo this tip on my forehead. Just saying.

4.) Eat clean!!! If I’m prepping for a day like the Fourth AKA National Bikini Day, my fridge is ready to rock. My grocery list two weeks before will include: four spaghetti squash, organic tomatoes, green grapes, beets, watermelon, pineapple, Suja juices, pasture raised eggs, wild salmon, lemon, limes, garlic, kale, spinach, arugula, etc. YUM.

5.) Antioxidants/water/sleep: To look your best take antioxidants a few weeks before, drink as much water as possible ( seriously though, don’t just say “OMG she’s so annoying about water” — actually drink it!! The more, the better ), & SLEEP. Sleep is healing so getting enough sleep before a party/event is really important in my book.

& of course, on the Fourth of July, PLEASE don’t forget tons of SPF, a huge-ass hat, & a really cool pool toy like this huge swan I just bought…LOL.

x le

P.S. Splits59 is offering a 25% off discount, site wide until 6/30/14 at midnight. Code is: SKINNY25 at checkout. x.

{ Red hat found here // fruit recipe here }}

USA flag dessert ideas: 4th of July To-Do list

4th of July To-do List. Lauryn Evarts wearing Splits59

  1. 4th if July sounds like an amazingly fun, and festive, day! We don’t (obviously) celebrate it in the uk but it sure would be fun!! Oh and the flag looks so pretty!
    xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Could you elaborate on your tanning method? Like what is dry brushing? Sorry I feel ignorant asking, but since you’re so “sun conscious”, I’d love to hear how you stay tan!

  3. Being in Australia I have never celebrated a Fourth of July, but, my god, it just looks like the most fun holiday of all (that and Thanks Giving I’m so jealous of).x
    Kelsey x

  4. I’m getting prepared too for 4th of July! Good list! Well, I hope and I’m sure we will get all the work done before next friday! 🙂
    Lauryn I wish you a fabulous week and 4th of July!

  5. You’re my favorite <3 I'm also an errand psycho and the way you described was perfection. Also, those fruity apps look delish.

  6. I agree with you – always so important to feel your best (especially when in a bathing suite)! I don’t have a ton of time (or money) for the gym, but I always try to take the stairs, eat healthy, and do my sit ups at night to do what I can!

    xo Julianne

  7. Do you get professional spay tans? I’m super sun safe but totally freakishly pasty. Ive been thinking of doing the spray tan thing….

  8. My mom has always said “tan fat looks better than pale fat!” The saying was passed down from her mom so it’s pretty much an ancient proverb at this point.

  9. Wah love this outfit so chic! I love workout outfits that I can take from workout to lunch, there are so many ways to do it here in BKK because of all the shopping so I get a little out of hand! All my love and Happy 4th!

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