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behind the scenes wedding planning by tsc

I LOVE a good detail. You know this if you’ve been following along for a while.

Whether it’s a wax seal on an envelope or Bossanova music playing in the background, the right detail can really set the mood. In fact, details are a MUST you know.

SO as you know if you follow along on Instagram, Michael’s sister, Jordan, got married to Nico. & along with her maid of honor, Elena, I set-up some fun bachelorette goodies for her & all her friends.

We made the quickest video in the world for you to show the set-up because, let’s be honest here, we were drinking chilled wine by the pool. But just so you can kind of see how we set-up the situation, watch the video below & read on for some tips.


I HAVEEEE to shoutout the candy, Sockerbit– this is my favorite candy company EVER. Their candy is handpicked by badass boss, Florence Baras. Sockerbit is an all-natural, Scandinavian candy store. THEIR SOUR SKULLS ARE NEXT LEVEL.

We wanted to lay out a board of candy for Jordan & her friends that was unique to Jordan’s style ( her bach was Peruvian-themed because Nico, her husband, is from Peru ) so we chose blue & red with pops of white to represent Peru. We laid out each piece of candy in the most OCD way ever- can you tell? Literally Mimi, Emily, Arielle, & I spent an hour making sure the candy was completely organized.

This candy is the best candy I have EVER had. If you’re in LA, you have to go to Sockerbit- you won’t be sorry. Make sure you pick up soooooo many sour skulls. Like OMG.

The rosé was Summer Water– heard of it? I’m sure you have. It’s a FAB rosé brand. AND DELICIOUS. Naturally, we made frosé. If you’re looking for a recipe, I got you. Check out this recipe. Summer Water is twist off which we love because we love a lazy girl hack. It’s VERY good over ice too. We decorated hot pink Barbie cups with Woo For Play stickers & of course all the girls got some coconut oil lube ; ). Pixy straws were happening too. They always add a nice touch.

The house was full of Suja Juice ( I’m kind of obsessed with their new lavender flavor ) & June Shine. Both of these brands are standouts. Suja just has so many incredible flavors & it’s so Instagrammy. It makes a perfect vodka mixer. Suja also has these probiotic shots that are ideal when you’re in need of a pick me up. Nice little hangover remedy, you know? And June Shine is wait for it, BOOZY KOMBUCHA !!! DO YOU DIE?! It’s Jordan’s favorite- she was adamant that we HAD to have it at her bachelorette party. Her wish was our command. Once I tried it, I totally got why she had to have it.

Harmless Harvest coconut water was for vodka too…LOL but also for hangovers. Their coconut water is literally the best when you’re hungover. Just put it over ice & you’re golden. And I feel like you’re lucky if you get a magical pink one. Their coconut water is the purest I have ever seen on the market.

The girls left with coconut oil lube AND Kopari gift sets. Kopari made the cutest little bundles for everyone. My favorite in the goodie bag was the lip gloss…but to be honest, I’m having a huge moment with their deodorant. More to come.

Boobie candles are by Standley Handmade Candles– they’re fun. Especially for a bachelorette party. Just add flowers, music, lemons for decor, balloons & you’re good to go. Like I said, it’s in the details !!

behind the scenes wedding planning by tscbehind the scenes wedding planning by tsc


+ June Shine
+ Kopari
+ Summer Water x Winc Wines
+ Harmless Harvest
+ Suja Juice
+ Woo For Play
+ Sockerbit Candy
+ InfluencerSEO
+ Standley Handmade Candles
+ TCHO Chocolate
+ Four Sigmatic
+ Halo Top Creamery
+ Barney Butter
+ Dang Foods
+ Uqora
+ Sunday Scaries CBD
+ Secco Pinot Grigio ( << organic wine! )
+ Hats By Olivia


+ 5 more party tips
+ my bach party details
+ my wedding

behind the scenes wedding planning by tsc behind the scenes wedding planning by tsc behind the scenes wedding planning by tsc behind the scenes wedding planning by tscbehind the scenes wedding planning by tsc behind the scenes wedding planning by tsc behind the scenes wedding planning by tsc behind the scenes wedding planning by tsc


+ SIMPLY introduce yourself on my latest IG post.

You guys should also know if you’re a blogger/business especially, that Jordan is the founder of InfleuncerSEO. She’s VERY good at SEO & has done it for me before. If you have any questions or want to check her out, follow her on Instagram: @influencerSEO & stalk her website. Jordan knows her shit when it comes to SEO so if you’re looking for an SEO expert, she’s your girl.

AND OF COURSE: congratulations to Jordan & Nico- they’re married now ( the wedding was unreal ). Jordan’s cape ( yes, CAPE ) she wore down the aisle was so unique & cool. She was the most stunning bride. Welcome to the family, Nico!!


x, lauryn


+++ Find more Jordan: Instagram | Influencer SEO

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  1. Hi! I have a blog post idea that I would just LOVE to see from you. I know you’re currently traveling, but when you get back, I’d love if you could do a blog post/video taking us through a day of cleaning and organizing your home. Specifically any tips or products you use, how you get yourself in the mood to clean, etc. Like take us through a whole day back from traveling, getting your life and home back together.

  2. write a list of the reasons why you’re low, then write why does it make me feel low? i make a little arrow pointing to each thing. Usually it’s something thats threatening something inside you. Ex you’re angry because you knew you didn’t do your best and now you lost an opportunity. Once that’s established – what can i immediately do, and what can i do to ensure it doesn’t ever happen again. Usually outside after a long walk without music or anything distracting that can influence you. Ex. sad music makes me feel sorry for myself so i ignore that.

  3. Random question…what is in front of the champagne please bell & candle? Is it foundation bottles? I can’t figure it out!! Thanks xx

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