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Yes, Plz…Mason Jar Lids With STRAWS: So You DON’T Have To Spill Shit All Over Your Car

mason jars lids | by the skinny confidentialmason jars lids | by the skinny confidential

Well, shit.

If these aren’t the cutest things you’ve ever seen then…?


Backstory: the reason I even Googled these lids in the first place was because my daily green drink would spill ( no literally, SPILL ) in the car on the way to the office. ANNOYING. I can’t count how many times I’ve spilled iced cold brew or a green smoothie. Google delivered & led me to these cuties.

Clearly a lid prevents this whole situation. If I’m home, I’ll just use these silicone straws, but if I’m on the go? A lid, please.

Ok back to the greatest invention ever: these lids w/ lead-free straws.

Is there anyone else out there that is just freaking over these? Like these random $9 dollars lids are life-changing? Or I am off my rocker? HELLO? I don’t know, obviously I get excited about weird shit. So Martha Stewart-ish, my God.

mason jars lids | by the skinny confidentialmason jars lids | by the skinny confidential

Anyway, you can find a bunch of different colors, brands, patterns, & tones ( there are GOLD ones, guys ) on sites like Amazon or Target or even at a local Home Goods. Just make sure they’re the right size for whatever mason jar you own.

Speaking of mason jars, I’m very much into the LARGEST ones available ( pictured in this post ); the 32 ounce ones just do it for me. Shocking, I go for the biggest size.

AND before you call me a basic bitch for being mason jar-obsessed ( it does feel kind of Pinterest, circa 2010 barnyard wedding, no? ), DON’T, because they’re very handy for things like smoothies, protein shakes, coffee, & TSC Pink Detox Drink. Shit you could even put oatmeal on-the-go in one of them. Just add the lid & you’re good to go. Get creative.

Ultimately it seems like no one ever has time so anything to make life easier…like these lids is VERY welcome in my life.

OH…also LOVING mason jar…martini shaker LIDS. It had to be said. Clever, right.

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Talk soon, enjoy the lids— you’ll never look back. Promise.

– lauryn x

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mason jars | by the skinny confidentialmason jars lids | by the skinny confidential


  1. I have the same problem (possibly worse) when I’m travelling on the tube, carrying like 1 million things, at rush hour. It’s a nightmare and I’m always terrified I’ll spill coffee or smoothie on a lovely dress or suit of the person next to me. I bought a lid a while ago to prevent that from happening but only found a boring silver one. These are so much more fun and, as you mentioned, very pinterest and instagram worthy! Thanks for the post!

    1. Hi Alexandria! Eeek, it sounds like these are literally perfect for you!! Honestly, we have enough things to worry about. The LAST thing we should have to stress about is whether or not our outfit is going to make it past our morning green juice. xx

  2. I use mason jars for everything too! My grandma always used them over the decades, so she handed them down to me…they are just so convenient. Now they are popular too, so that is a bonus! Totally getting some of the lids! I spill all the time too, so it is a necessity!

    1. Hi Alexis, honestly every time you comment about your grandma it makes me so happy! It sounds like you two were very close :)) Thanks for reading & definitely enjoy the lids!! xx

  3. Girl you need to check out Cuppow! They have sippy cup lids and the cutest little “cup” for dips or granola if you want to keep things separate. You need them.

    1. Thanks Christine, just checked them out! Super cute stuff!! What do you think about these lids? I’m obsessed!! xx

  4. You had me at spilling!! I bring my lunch to work everyday and I am always eyeballing the crap out of my coffee and smoothie in hope that I get to work sans spilling on the metro! Love these!

    1. Hi Katie, ugh isn’t that the worst when you spill? If I’m running late it’s literally a 100% chance I’m spilling something. LOL! I can’t even imagine how it would be if I was hopping on the metro. I’d be doomed! Thanks for reading

  5. Well, well, well … these would have been fantastic the 8 million and 56 times my bullmastiff’s big ass paws knocked over my mason jar in the car!!!!! When you know better, you do better right? Consider these ORDERED!

    P.s. – I’m a basic bitch too. Smoothie and protein shakes on the go EVERY DAY over here. And I too have the largest size you can buy hahaha

    1. Tara, you are seriously HILARIOUS. Your comment definitely made me ACTUALLY lol!! Can you please snap me a pic of your bullmastiff?? So cute! xx

  6. That Mason Jar martini shaker is genius!! Perfect for salad dressings and I am LOVING those gold mason jar lids – yes plz! I need to get that glass Coachella (I think?) jar you have as well. I love the 2010 Pinterest vibes 😉 xx

  7. You seem to have your drink-ware collection covered, but I recently learned about this company ( on a podcast and it sounds like they products are super well-made and are able to keep drinks hot/cold for several hours. I’m not affiliate or sponsor or anything, just heard about the product recently and thought I’d pass the info along! It’s also BPA free.

  8. Don’t mean to state the obvious, but mason jars come with lids when you buy them. At least mine do! Definitely worth it to buy legit mason jars rather than a cup look-a-like. I love being able to throw my smoothie, matcha latte, iced coffee etc. straight into my bag!

    1. Hi Steph, yes but you can’t drink through them! I like these because of the straw so you can drink on the go. But if you’re just trying to transport them, the regular mason jar lids work, even if they’re not colorful. Thank you for reading :)) xx

  9. Every morning I drink my protein shake in a mason jar, a lid would be perfect for on the go! I’m glue the lid parts of my mason jar and try to make a whole for the straw…



  10. Lauryn, I have been loving your posts on some of my very fave things – straws. How do you feel about the straws causing mouth lines issue?? I am forever debating it with my friends.

    1. Hi Jessica, honestly I feel like your face makes sooo many different movements, once per day drinking out of a straw isn’t too bad. Cigarettes make marks because people are smoking so many times per day PLUS the smoke & toxins that your skin is being exposed to. I hope this helps! xx

  11. Nice! But mason jars never seem to fit in my cars cupholder. At least the ones that hold a decent amount of liquid 🙁 will consider for around the house though !

  12. Question for you…how do you deal with cleaning the straws? I get super motivated & start making green drinks in the morning but the straws get all gunky & it takes forever of running water through them to get them clean. I have thrown away so many straws because I just didn’t have time to handle it.

    1. Hi Kari! Rinse them out as soon as your done using them. Even if it’s just with water from a water bottle. Try it! LMK if that works. xx

  13. Love these! I’m mason jar obsessed because I feel like it cleans so much better than anything plastic and never stains like tupperware. The lids that come with the mason jars tend to rust, have you experienced that with these?? Love your blog!

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