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3 Ways to Make Your House Smell Delicious

how to make home smell good

Ways To Make Your House Smell Delicious


But obviously it has to be a specific scent. Not just any old scent. It needs to be inviting, delicious & gives off one of the 5 sense.

If you’re like me, you’re very particular when it comes to a scent. After traveling to a lot of different places, I feel like I’ve found my 3 scents that I ALWAYS want my home to smell like. & this may sound weird, but I kinda like to ‘brand’ my house with a scent. When people walk into my home, I want them to smell my house scents, & if they ever smell them anywhere else, I want them to think of my home smelling good as being nice & inviting.

On Instagram Stories I was getting a lot of questions about the stuff in the background…obvs you guys know I love using my white ceramic oil diffuser on the reg ( always with tangerine, grapefruit & occasionally citrus essential oils ). But I also like to add another layer to the scent & that’s where these 3 ideas come in handy.

To be able to make your house smell good, you may need to take care of different kinds of odors and bad smells that you don’t want lingering around, like the smell of shoe rack, the smell of your kitchen, garbage disposal, clogged furnace filter, litter boxes, coffee beans, and white vinegar?!   The first thing that comes into your mind is scented candles because they smell nice.  But honestly, you cannot fill your home with candles.  There are alternative air freshening scents like vanilla extract in hot water, citrus peels, orange peels, or even dryer sheet in spray bottle. The list goes on and on…  They smell amazing don’t get me wrong but here are some ideas I think you’ll love.

NOW, these are scents that you may not like, but they’re ones that I love & other people have complimented me on. I recommend that everyone treat their house scent like a perfume- go test a bunch & find what’s right for you.

Sidenote: you should know that during the holidays I switch it up to a very Christmassy vibe. During Thanksgiving & Christmas you can always find my homemade potpourri boiling on the stove. You can find this very holiday-esque how-to here.



This is probably the most basic bitch scent out of all 3 of these. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It’s this wood that’s native to Mexico & means ‘Holy Wood.’

When you smell Palo Santo you can expect a kind of woodsy, smokey, citrusy, mint smell. the sacred wood has medicinal & therapeutic healing powers. & most importantly known to combat negative energy while cleansing the house. That’s why I like it. The main goal of this is to purify, which we love.

A lot of masseuses use it because of it’s therapeutic benefits. For me, I like the scent but it’s more about the benefits of the wood burning. I get organic ones in a big batch.

What I do is light the wood until the flame catches, then very delicately wave the stick around to help it go through my house, then blow it out & rest in on a little incense holder. Some people say this smells like a campfire- I would sort of agree, which brings up all the nostalgic feels, but it also smells kinda woodsy & it’s just overall yummy. It’s a very soothing aroma to let glide through your whole house.

Some benefits of Palo Santo are: helps with anxiety, depression, colds, inflammation & emotional pain.


This was recommended to me by my friend Ingrid. Surprise surprise. She always has so many insane recommendations & this one doesn’t disappoint. When I went to her house in Monaco, the first thing I asked was “what is the smell in this home??” It smelled like a very amber fragrance that was sort of sandalwood with a hint of musk in it.

The rocks she uses are from Marrakech Morocco. This is perfect if you have kids because you don’t have to light the rocks, you just crack them into little pieces & display them.There’s no fire involved.

Amber has been known to enhance homes for a quarter of century. It’s very popular & makes the home feel super warm. They’re also this really pretty light pink kind of. Highly recommend these if you are going to see someone’s new house. They make a great housewarming gift with a nice bottle of rosé. The ones I have are from Simply Gangster Chic. They’re a fossilized plant resin & sustainably sourced.

Some benefits of amber are: helps with anxiety & depression, can ease pain, provides calmness during stressful situations & can promote emotional healing.


Out of all of these, I’m absolutely obsessed with Copal. Michael & I discovered it during our wedding at the One and Only Palmilla. They would burn this magical scent known to bring pureness into the home. It’s incredibly healing & smells INSANE. Basically, you light these little sticks for about 20 seconds, then carefully blow it out because you don’t want it to go everywhere, & leave it in a little charcoal bowl. You may have heard of it from Mexican churches or the Day of the Dead celebrations. It sort of has a smokey-pine scent.

When buying Copal you want to make sure you’re getting a Sacred Mexican Copal.  So do your research. This is the one I like. You can also buy it in incense sticks. Out of all of the scents, this one is going to be the strongest. It’s fragrant, affordable, & everyone will ask about it the second they walk into your house.

Some benefits of Copal are: creates a calming, clear space & gets rid of negative energy.

Your turn. Would love to know what you guys are burning or enjoying in your home. Get as detailed as possible. Try one or all of these scent ideas & let me know what you think. You’ll be shocked how many compliments you’ll get. Again, this is a fun housewarming gift to give along with a bottle of wine.

x, lauryn

+ read about favorite musk oil here.

++ a homemade potpourri for the holidays here.


  1. Is it a coincidence that I too like to brand my home with nice, inviting fragrances? I’ve always used organic incense sticks of lavender, sandalwood and rose and only recently made the switch to a diffuser. I am intrigued by your suggestion to use amber rocks, I would love to give them a try soon.

  2. Hi Lauryn, thanks for sharing this great post! I use Vitruvi Stone Diffuser in my home and it has been fantastic so far.

  3. I just bought the copal you linked here in this post and i’m so excited to try! I was in Tulum last year for my sister’s wedding and loved the scents going on there and I have a feeling the copal incense is going to send me back 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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