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3 Random Standout Products For Pregnancy

BUT WAIT. You can also use these 3 must haves if you’re not pregnant.

Like I’ve said before, I want to make sure that I’m discussing things that are relevant to pregnancy because that’s the journey I’m on, but I also want to talk about things for anyone & everyone. These 3 things are just that.

Admittedly, I filmed this in my bathroom in the spur of the moment, with no light, no camera, just my iPhone. It’s short, sweet, & to the point because these 3 products needed to be shared. So with that…ta da!


♡ Elemis Japanese Camellia Body Oil ♡

First off, I’ve been a big fan of Elemis for a few years now. They’re a brand out of the UK & they just get it. Elemis sources all their ingredients from nature & their products DELIVER! Like expect results, ya know?

Anyway, this Japanese oil was sent to me months ago by Elemis & it’s so popular among pregnant women. But what I like about it is you can use it all over you body, face included. Throughout pregnancy I’m really realizing how important it is to oil up your whole body, pregnant or not. It’s just good for you, plain & simple.

This oil:

♡ is rich in Vitamin E & sweet almond oil

♡ is rich in plant collagen.

♡ is good for stretch mark prevention.

♡ maintains skin’s elasticity.

♡ & is rich in camellia oil.

What is camellia oil? Allow me….

Camellia oil is also known as tea seed oil, is rich in antioxidants & is used for its nourishing & conditioning properties. In fact, Japanese women use it to care for their dry skin, nails hair & scalp. It just leaves your skin so silky & supple.

Start with the face, then slather it on your whole body. I’m stretching out big time over here so I really slap this on. I probably do about 6 good shakes & put it everywhere- face, neck, chest, arms, tits, belly, legs.

It smells so good, helps with fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, the works. Also, the bottle is pretty & you’ll want it on your vanity.

♡ Ritual Prenatal Vitamins ♡

Before you stop reading this because you’re not pregnant &/or not planning on pregnancy any time soon, HOLD UP. You can totally take a prenatal when you are NOT pregnant & I’m here to tell you why you should look into it ( THINK HAIR NAILS SKIN OMIGOD ).

Anyway, the second, & I mean THE SECOND, I found out I was pregnant, I hopped on board with the Ritual Prenatal. I just went for it because I know that this vitamin is VERY well-researched & backed my science.

The taste is lemony which is so much better than that nasty-rat chalky vitamin that gets stuck in your throat. Now that I’m pregnant I’m really focussed on growing a baby & making sure I’m supporting her development. Getting a prenatal ASAP was one of the most important things on my list. The bottle is cute & Instagrammy too. Use code LAURYN10 for 10% off your first 3 months.

♡ Tiger Balm ♡

Tiger balm is vintage & has been around forever. I remember using it when I was little. It just opens up all your muscles, smells delicious & I mean, there’s nothing better.

Tiger balm helps joint & muscle pain which is just so ideal when you’re carrying all the extra weight in pregnancy. The baby in the front, really does a number on your lower back, let me tell you. & this feels so good. I like to put it on my neck, shoulders, base of my neck & of course lower back.

Michael is a little pussy about it & hardly uses any but I like to glob this shit on like there’s no tomorrow. It’s made of camphor, mint oil, cajuput oil, menthol & clove oil so it’s more natural than some of the other pain relieving balms out there.

Would love to know what I’m missing out on. Give me your must-haves because I’m definitely not a professional pregnant person & need all the help I can get. Hope you’re all having a productive week.

x, lauryn

+ if you suffer from neck pain, scope why you need an acupressure mat.

++ check out these tips & tricks if you have sore feet. 

* this post is in collaboration with Elemis. as always, all opinions are my own.


  1. I love that you have the Pink Sugar perfume! That was my JAM in high school – in fact, I just bought one for me and my bff and it’s sooooo nostalgic. Camellia oil is AMAZING! I’ll have to try Elemis. I’m using a blend from Nuxe that has it (Huile Prodigieuse) and it’s so very TSC with all the oils. You’d loveeeee! Happy Halloween! X Shannon •

  2. I made sure to use an exfoliator on my belly every other day. I remember reading that it helps reduce the chances of stretch marks because it helps with cell turnover.

  3. Now I wanna try the Elemis oil, haha! I’m on week #9 of my pregnancy with baby #2 and I did use coco butter last time but I still got stretch marks so I wanna try the oil now. Just ordered the Tiger Balm for my lower back ? thanks Lauryn!

  4. Gotta check out they tiger jam. My back is killing me from the extra weight and I’m only 24 weeks along! I’ll take any help I can get.

  5. It could be a post in here, or under realness ( or a POD would be bombbbb!) after you give birth (obv later after you’ve had time to bask in the new bebe and enjoy being a new mom) but about the body aftermath. If you’ll do any body rejuv, what that looks like. Certain procedures, tightening, emsella and what not. I think it would be so interesting and so real to hear you speak candidly about it xx

  6. I used Stretch Marks Removing Serum Dermalmd for the duration of my first pregnancy each day after a shower. I got 0 stretch marks when I come from a family where all moms have Pregnancy stretch marks. Might be simply my luck, however now I’m the use of it with my 2nd pregnancy, hoping for the same results.

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