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3 Podcasts to Start Your Day

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Guys. So many questions in the DMs about the podcasts I like to start my day with.

‘Keep it simple stupid’ – I don’t like 100 different options when I wake up, I like just a few. This way I know exactly what to listen to & I don’t need to spend energy making decisions. I’m very meticulous about how I start my day because it sets the whole tone of the day. I don’t want to listen to celeb gossip or something that’s going to make me laugh, I prefer something that’s going to kick me in the fucking ass.

Here are my 3 podcasts that I go to lately whenever I need to be jolted from more than just a coffee:


Ed Mylett is so major. I’ve been listening to him for the last year & a half. I absolutely love his content. He was on the TSC Him & Her podcast & spewed so much truth & realness that I immediately became more obsessed with his content. He talks about everything from finding your focus, channeling your energy to achieve your goals, his number one key to happiness, staying hungry, & why your ego causes failure. I found so many tips on how to become a better listener & his guests always provide tangible, valuable takeaways. You can count on this podcast to really reframe your perspective if you’re having a bad day. Highly recommend. You should also know that we were recently on Ed’s podcast talking about embracing struggle, working with your spouse & creating valuable content.


Lewis Howes always has the best guests on. He really picks their brains & asks questions that are interesting & different.  He’s had everyone from Rachel Hollis & Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank, to Mark Sisson of Primal Kitchen, & Brendon Burchard. Lewis asks the questions we all wanna know like, how did you gain success? How did you keep success? How do you handle ego? How do you build your confidence? I think anyone who wants to listen to his podcasts will be pleasantly surprised, especially when you’re trying to get your head space right in the morning. We were recently on The School of Greatness talking about business & marriage, judgment, & sex.


I like James because he’s quirky & curious. He’s an entrepreneur ( co-founded over 20 companies ), best-selling author ( he’s published 20 books ), & is a great podcaster. He has an extremely interesting perspective of youth, wealth & college. He asks the questions that you’re thinking but wouldn’t ask out loud, which is what I like. He’s very minimalistic which is super interesting because he’s so successful. You should also note that his articles that he writes on are extremely well researched & his podcast is the same way. I would recommend getting to know him on Tim Ferriss’ podcast, then going over to his. James has tangible takeaways that you can apply to your own life. Anyways, he is constantly experimenting & very artistic at the same time. I think you guys will resonate with James’ creative outlet. I love his theory on 1% of improvement every day- walk a little further, do one more push-up, write one more word, read one more page- then watch it compound exponentially. This little self-help formula is something that’s actually doable.

So those are 3 podcasts that I’ve been listening to in the morning. Would love to hear more recommendations. It’s kinda like my breakfast, I typically like it to be the same thing every day, & right now I’m on a peaches & cream, fiber oatmeal kick.

With that, happy Sunday.

x, lauryn

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