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I’m a beauty junkie.

So you should know finding products I love, love, love is one of my favorite things to do.

I’m all about the healthy skin & the minimal makeup trend right now too. I feel like it’s here to stay so I’m totally embracing it. I’ll even do a bare face to go out. It’s so refreshing.

Obviously I want to share what I’m stocking up on: a few amazing products to boost my complexion. No heavy cake-face makeup. And of course a good face mask.

Let’s get right to it: 3 essential products for glowy skin.


First off, this smells like a Pina Colada so it perfect because of my Mexico obsession. Secondly, it comes with an application brush. Genius. I’m a major fan of this line in general. I’ve had this mask forever.

I’m extremely picky when it comes to masks ( no surprise here ) & this firming one is insane. As in almost Botox insane. It’s gentle and really firms up/lifts the skin. Favorite part: the silver mask peels off!! Obsessed. My skin glows for days after. And it’s sulfate and paraben-free!


Eye pads are a major life-saver but sometimes I need more…Especially if there was drinking involved the night before. When I need to bring life back I use this eye concealer. Like after my bridal shower ( you read that right, the shower got a little crazy. Listen to it on the “girls only” episode of our podcast ).

A few swipes of this concealer under my eyes and brow bone and done. No more deathly dark circles or sleepy eyes. I’ll even put some around my nose if I’m blotchy. It makes my whole face look fresh and illuminated. Totally what I’m going for. I keep this in my purse 24/7.


This is a soy moisturizer and it’s organic, so nothing harmful here. Good for skin and your peace of mind. It’s full of vitamins and antioxidants, think: shea butter, bramble juice, Grape Seed Oil, Calendula oil, etc. Unreal right?

I lather this over my face, neck, and even hands and sleep in it. I wake up with finer lines, tightened pores ( and it actually cleans pores out, which I love ), and crazy hydrated skin. Perfect for before an event or traveling.

A mixture of those 3 products and my complexion is in great shape. And so easy, right? No fuss over here. Except if I’m getting really dolled up.

OK, off for more apres ski, warm faux fur jackets and peppermint schnapps in Aspen. Are you following along on SNAPCHAT? Michael is on one.

Have a great weekend!

lauryn, x

+For MORE beauty products I can’t get enough of, check out more “Essentials” on Pinterest.


  1. Question. Do you purchase these all directly through Amazon? Like when you link to Amazon, did you purchase it from there? I only ask because I’m wondering if you’ve dealt with any counterfeit items. It looks like the Eminence cream is distributed through Eminence so that’s less concerning. Same with the concealer. It just gets riskier when it’s sold by an unaffiliated 3rd party. For this reason, I’ve been hesitant to get my skincare products off Amazon. I ordered a Paulas Choice AHA cream from Amazon and directly through Paula’s Choice and they smelled very different 🙁

    Do you have any strategies for purchasing on Amazon? Thanks.

    1. I purchase them all through Amazon most of the time! I definitely check to make sure it’s coming directly from the brand and not a third party. That helps with not receiving any counterfeit items! xx

  2. If you can narrow it down to just three you’re incredibly well-curated! I feel like there’s a new product grabbing my attention every 10 seconds. Will definitely give these a try! I love a good mask.

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