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3 Beauty Tools You Really Shouldn’t Live Without


I’d rather talk about skin tools more than anything. You know how much I love my facial manipulation & the tools really come in handy when you wanna tighten & contour the face.

Some of you have been DMing about my favorite standouts & I wanted to talk about 3 that I’m loving right now.

This video was one of the most fun for me to film because it’s completely in my comfort zone. I’m perpetually puffy & I know my shit when it comes to tools. I’ve tried everything under the sun & these are 3 that you need on your vanity immediately.

Beauty Tools You Really Shouldn’t Live Without

Clarisonic Uplift
The Clarisonic is my favorite & totally worth the investment if you ask me. I like to apply a little oil & move it around in circles. I take the massage down my neck & sometimes down to my chest to really get the circulation going. We’re all about the lymph system over here. It totally depuffs & contours.

A facial massager helps by stimulating circulation to drain excess liquid out of your system.  It also helps in the prevention of fine lines and new wrinkle formation, while at the same time helping in tightening the skin and making it nice and elastic again

Hot Shave Razor
I’ve been shaving my face since 2014 & no, it doesn’t grow back darker. Why shave? It exfoliates your face which increases cell turnover. This creates younger looking skin & prevents signs of aging. Don’t believe me? Well I have this little theory. After noticing that men seem to age more gracefully in their faces I was wondering why. They shave for most of their lives. This keeps their skin fresh. Also Kate Somerville shaves her face. Yes the queen of skincare recommends shaving your face. Doing it at home is easy with Tinkles.

Shaving one’s face was discovered in Japan and is widely used by Asians.  Aside from removing facial hair, it can remove excess makeup after washing your race.  Shaving your face also exfoliates the skin leaving a matte finish that is nice and dewy which allows makeup to lay nicely on your face.

Gua sha tools
Gua sha tools usually come in jade & rose quartz. I like rose quartz because Cleopatra used soak in a bath with rose quartz. Obviously I’m gonna copy Cleopatra. When doing this at home, the key is to always work from the inside of the face then go outwards. And ALWAYS scrape UP, never down. Don’t ever pull your face down. This is so important, I can’t say it enough.
Make sure you use an oil with your gua sha tools, too.

Gua Sha is a type of massage technique to relieve skin muscles from tension and encourage lymphatic drainage and also to contour your face.  Ancient Chinese practice scraping to drain lymphatic drainage.  Use oil to make your skin super soft, prevent acne, and even skin tone.   Avoid applying too much pressure if you have sensitive skin.



Clarisonic Uplift
Hot Shave Razor
Gua sha tools

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What are your favorite beauty products, beauty tools? Skincare routine? Facial Masks? Would love to know what you guys are using & why you love them.

x, lauryn

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  1. These all seem like really great tools, definitely going to give these razors a go as I’ve never even thought to shave my face!

    Shannon |

  2. Ok, you totally hit on all my favourite skin care tools. I can’t live without my Tinkle razors or facial massage – I would be a hairy, puffy mess!

    Angela at Blush & Pearls

  3. Even the Mayo Clinic agrees with you that shaving hair doesn’t change its thickness or color. Great tips on skincare here.

  4. I’m OBSESSED with Tinkle razors!!! So affordable and so cute! I love applying my rosehip seed oil after I shave! It makes my skin sooo soft. ?

  5. Great post! I also use that razor to shave my face. It works wonders! Hope you’re having a great week.

    -Kate Christine

  6. I have the Clarisonic massagers and I’ve always wondered if they break down my Botox faster ? which is why I haven’t purchased a gua she (or similar) tool. Anyone noticed or experienced faster breakdown from facial massage?

  7. Hi Lauryn. I agree that most of women can’t live without the 3 beauty tools. For me, not only the 3 tools but one more that I can’t leave is a hair culer machine which I really love its performance. I bought from So my beauty tools are 4. Thanks for sharing.

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