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Boy oh boy has this post has been a long time coming!

It’s straight to the point with the 3 Amazon gadgets that you NEED.

Sure the headphones aren’t cheap but they’re something I’m so happy I invested in. I’m serious- podcasts while I’m flying have never been better AND you know I love my meditation music playing while I work ( shoutout to Relaxing Melodies– download the App for the best chill out tunes EVER ).

There’s nothing better than a glass of wine, a good book ( you need a book light, of course ), & noise canceling headphones.

But like, don’t worry because if you hate the book & you’re more of an iPad girl, I got you covered with blue light blocker glasses.

OK, OK let’s get to the meat of it, the video which will really break it down for you:



+ noise canceling headphones ( $230 on Amazon! )

+ blue light computer glasses

+ book light


I take my Amazon purchases very seriously so I feel like these three items are things I’ve tested, reviewed, & lived with for the last year.

What’s your ride or die Amazon purchase? Anything I need to add to my list?

We are actually in the car ( I can blog from the car now! ) driving up to LA for a work day tomorrow. Not going to lie, I can’t wait to get in bed & read. Tip: the drive from San Diego is usually 3 hours but when you cruise up at night ( like 10 pm ) it’s SUPER cute because there’s no traffic. Late night is key.

Anyway, hope you’re all having a fabulous week. Be sure to check out my IG because there’s an Instagram LIVE up: what’s in my purse.

Talk tomorrow!

x lauryn

+ outfit details: shirt- ROLLING ROSES BOUTIQUE | ‘b’ necklace | black nail polish


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3 Amazon Gadgets You JUST Need:

  1. Hahah those glasses are intense. I have some blue light blocker ones that are a bit cuter from amazon as well. Actually I have 3, I keep one pair at work, another at my home office and a third by my bed :p yep really like these babies and am ALWAYS on my computer/ipad.

  2. I’ve been wanting those noise cancelling headphones since the first time you mentioned them on your podcast! They would also make a perfect gift for my bf! Thanks!

  3. YUP! Blue light blocking glasses are a blogger MUST HAVE. I recently did a post on them too since they have been a game changer, especially with my sleep cycle! I am in desperate need for the noise cancelling headphones – adding that to my list 🙂 xx Shannon ||

  4. The glasses are so cool! right now I have this software installed on my computer that does a similar thing, its called Flux. It goes on automatically when the sun goes down and takes away the blue light. You should try it if you are ever in a situation where you can’t use the glasses haha

  5. I have those headphones and they are seriously the best..worth the buck! Will have to check out those other fun gadgets as well!!

  6. BTW, a brand called GUNNAR also makes blue light cancelling glasses if you’re looking for something with a bit more style. They offer prescription options too!

  7. Amazon is just amazing to purchase product from! I love these tech gadgets gift ideas, especially the headphones. It looked super cool! 🙂

  8. Without Music, Life would be very bored. I love Gadgets like headphone, smart light, tracker. I am using the some tech gadgets in my home. I am happy to enter the modern lifestyle.

  9. I have often thought that headphones were a little too much nowadays but they do actually look very good! I am getting fed up with the small ear pieces always getting trod on or falling behind the sofa. Great blog!

  10. I thought I would find some idea about watch here too. These ideas are great but adding watch in the list would make it perfect I think.

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