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Everything YOU Need For Coachella

coachella essentials | by the skinny confidential

Who’s going to Coachella??

Michael & I won’t be going SO I’ll have to settle for stalking everyone’s Coachella style on Insta.

The fashion at COACHELLA is pretty unreal in a California, boho way. Everyone sort of steps their game up for the iconic music festival.

That being said, there are certain items you 100% need in order to dance your ass off while keeping it hot.

Below is a huge list of items you need in order to look HOT at Coachella.

Crossbody bags:

You’re going to need something cute to carry your ID, money, sunscreen, lip balm, & whatever else in at the festival! Go with something small so it isn’t annoying when you’re getting groovy.

Unique accessories:

Music festivals are the PERFECT excuse to GET CRAZY with the accessories. Let your inner flower child dessert goddess out for the weekend

Desert chic dresses, rompers, & skirts:

Think floral, bohemian, edgy, anything goes really!

DENIM, & a lot of it:

Cut off shorts are great! Or go for a denim skirt or overalls. Either way, you really can’t go wrong.


These are 100% a MUST! Sunglasses will keep your eyes safe from the dirt & will hide your eyes when you start getting a little buzzed.

Boots & sandals:

When attending festivals, go for COMFORT. The days are long. Luckily, there is no reason to compromise. Here are some cute & comfortable options!

Crop tops:

It’s way too hot for full length tops. Show off those abs guys.


If you’re doing music festivals right, you should be spending some of your day by the pool. Here are some rad, unique swimwear items:

So what are you bringing to Coachella? What else is essential? Would love to know your thoughts!

For all of you going to Coachella, have a freaking ball,


  1. Not exactly on topic, but I really like how you’ve gone back to the full post being displayed rather than clicking to read the rest of the post. Personal pref 🙂

  2. Tangent off of swimwear… I would love if you did a post on bikini line/brazilian wax, shave, laser hair removal ? Pros and cons of each, or any crazy stories you have of finding what works for you!

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