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Nina Dobrev On Juicing, Working Out, & Healthy Snacks

nina dobrev | by the skinny confidential

Recently I hosted an event in LA with Adidas & Nina Dobrev.


Not in a celebrity way, just a gem of a person.

She was warm, nice, kind, & sweet.

Really, really cool. In a friend-type of way. AND she was engaging & interesting. She came with two of her best friends & had an amazing, charismatic vibe. 

We both sweat it out during a barre class & then I spoke to her about her healthy lifestyle…oh, & Vampire Diaries ( also I probably asked her one too many questions ):

| So what’s a healthy lifestyle tip for girls who are busy? I mean, obviously you’re VERY busy. What do you do to stay healthy? |:

Nina Dobrev: Well there are so many different things that you can do! Let’s start with healthy snacks.

I like KIND bars— I get angry if I don’t eat every hour. Or I have to get a juice or something…watch out if I don’t eat! I’m constantly snacking all day. Anyway, I always have KIND bars in my purse!

| Favorite fruit? |:

ND: For sure raspberries.

| Favorite protein? |:

ND: Umm honestly, because of my busy life I do A LOT of shakes. Herbalife shakes to be exact, because there are so many different flavors. I mix chocolate & strawberry. It’s a meal replacement. Typically I blend the powder with almond milk or banana— it feels like you’re having a dessert because it’s SO delicious.

nina dobrev | by the skinny confidential

| What’s your go to workout when you’re on set |:

ND: I switch it up a lot, just like food. It’s small portions through out the day. Working out & shocking your muscles is so important, because if you do the same thing over & over again your body will stop losing weight and toning.

I’ll have my friends come and when we’re talking during breaks we will be in plank position. In a triangle. Also, I had them build me a volleyball court on Vampire Diaries so we play at lunch break all the time. My crew members know how much I love playing volleyball so it was really sweet of them to put up a net for me. I always have a volleyball or a Bosu balance ball in my car. Sometimes in between set ups I’ll do push ups and sit ups.

nina dobrev | by the skinny confidential

| Favorite cocktail? |:

ND: If you’re trying to watch what you eat, you don’t drink! I think I had a cocktail after my last road trip, but really I haven’t had a drink in a while. I’ve been juicing a lot!

| Ok so, where do you go for juices in LA? |:

ND: I like Orchard Flats Cold Press Juicery.

nina dobrev | by the skinny confidential

nina dobrev | by the skinny confidential

| When you juice & cleanse, do you do food too? |:

ND: Both, I love food! I NEED it.

I have to work out harder because of it.

But I really, REALLY enjoy eating. It’s hard for me to do a cleanse without eating. I’ll do it through the day & eat dinner at night.

I can realistically do one maybe two days with the third day being a major cheat day.

| OK, last question, when you workout do you eat before or after? Like what’s your fave snack? |:

ND: They say you burn off the last meal you ate before you workout so usually I try to go on an empty stomach. Not completely empty, but not full.

Then afterwards I’ll have an Herbalife shake– my goal is to be healthy!

+ follow Nina on Instagram. 

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  1. Feeling this!

    ND: If you’re trying to watch what you eat, you don’t drink! I think I had a cocktail after my last road trip, but really I haven’t had a drink in a while. I’ve been juicing a lot!

    This is SO important when I want to like tighten up or slim down.

    Love her, she’s so cute!

  2. I’m so jealous you got to meet her! She seems like such an awesome girl, at least from what I have seen on Vampire Diaries and interviews.

  3. Hmmm…I probably would take this more seriously if it was not a profile on someone who is a know chain-smoker. I can’t take health advice from smokers seriously.

    1. We all have bad habits, we are all human. I do genuinely wonder how someone so young and healthy like Nina Dobrev would explain the choice to smoke. Hearing more on a real topic like this from someone like Nina would be interesting. To hear that someone in the health/fitness spotlight has a struggle with an unappealing habit could really bring it home to those of us with habits were trying to kick too!

    2. This is very rude of you. Perhaps if you can open your close we might all have something to hate of you. Nonetheless, she give good advises on keeping fit and living healthy, which you should appreciate.

  4. I love Nina Dobrev. I find her very inspiring – and she is so beautiful! Loved reading the interview with her. I like her approach to health – she is healthy but not extreme. & she inspired me to drink more juice! Thanks for sharing such a great interview, Lauryn <3

  5. I love this interview!! Kind bars are a good go to- i opt for the flavors with less sugar…Also, the herbalife shakes look good but 9g of sugar – doesn’t that seam like a lot? Love this interview, always so fun to hear what other people are doing. And yes…if you watch what you eat you don’t drink. TRUE STORY! Great post!! XO


  6. What an inspiration! I love that she is upfront about actually eating, but also relying on protein shakes. They are my saving grace when I get busy!

  7. I LOVE this interview! I love watching Vampire Diaries so I’m soooooooo jealous you got to meet her.

    xx. The Coastal Confidence

  8. I love nina! It always looks like she’s going on adventures one her insta. So cool that you got to interview her about these things! xx

  9. Loved this interview! I get super hungry if Im not eating often so I can totally relate! I’m also obsessed with KIND bars. A lot of people give them a bad rap because they’re high in fats but Almost all the fat comes from the nuts in them and thats a fat our body definitely needs and uses. KIND bars all the way!

  10. Hi Lauryn,

    I work for Herbalife, can you link to instead of Amazon? Herbalife Products on Amazon are not from verified sellers. thanks!

  11. I can’t believe I am just finding your website! You have some seriously amazing content!
    This post is awesome. I started watching VD when it came out, I was 18! LOL. I still enjoy reruns more than I like to admit!
    Your site is extremely inspiring. I just entered the blogging world and I will be launching my website in 2018. Again, you have great content! So happy I found your site!!

  12. Thanks, LAURYN for the attractive interview with gorgeous Nina Dobrev. I especially love her.Really she is stunning & healthy now.Also good photography.

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