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Save & Splurge: Seriously PERFECT Spring Hats

spring hats | by the skinny confidential


Hopefully by now, everyone knows how psycho I am about protecting my skin from the sun.

There are multiple ways to do this, I personally prefer an “ALL OF THE ABOVE, PLEASE” approach.

Here are the main things you always need to remember:

First, WEAR SUNGLASSES. Yes, sunglasses prevent sun damage. If they’re big enough, they’ll protect the areas around your eyes & prevent the dreaded crow’s feet.

Second, WEAR SUNSCREEN. I’ve written extensively about the importance of wearing sunscreen every single day, so hopefully you guys are totally on the sunscreen train by now.

Finally, WEAR A HAT. A hat will not only keep your face out of direct sunlight, but they look cute as hell. Hats are super chic, and give off a super confident vibe in my opinion. So be the chic, badass, confident bitch wearing a hat when running errands / hanging with friends / or by the pool. 

Whether you’re looking to save or splurge, below are some of my absolute favorite hat styles.

Sole Society Wool Panama Hat Rag & Bone Floppy Brim Wool Fedora Hat 
Vince Camuto Ribbon Band Floppy Hat Tomas Maier Women’s Stromboli Hat 
Eugenia Kim Billie Fedora Eugenia Kim Lillian Woven Hemp Fedora
FOREVER 21 Extra Wide Floppy Straw Hat Eric Javits Woven Floppy Sun Hat
Straight Brim Floppy Hat Lack of Color ‘Montana Midnight Muse II’ Floppy Wool Hat

Do you guys like these posts? If so, let me know below what save or splurge post you want to see next?


  1. I was going to text you on snap actually, not fashion related but I was in the grocery store the other day and I thought it would be cool if you did a save/splurge on grocery items? Like obviously eggs are a splurge, but maybe there’s some item’s that don’t necessarily have to be top of the line organic what not? Also, totally nosy and curious how much you spend on groceries. I love to see your hauls on snap and what your making, but I think I’m like a lot of people when I would never even think to buy pee pollen because I assume it’s ungodly expensive or something. Just a thought!

  2. Hey Lauryn,

    Do you know/use any natural sunscreens? I’ve read a bunch about the harm from the immense amount of chemicals in sunscreen, and some naturopathic doctors even recommend not using it but instead going in the sun for limited amounts of time each day to built up a “tolerance” (obviously this doesn’t take wrinkles into account). I know you have said time and time again that you can’t realistically eliminate all chemicals from you daily use, but I was just wondering your thoughts about this!

  3. Nice hats there Lauryn, at least spring is here to save us 🙂 But styling and trending in spring is usually one of the hardest, at least that’s what I can say for me. But I must get that white Vince Camuto hat. bright colors are just my thing.
    Thanks for the share.


  4. Adore the save vs. splurge post!!!! I am working on paying off my car and school stuff, so I am always on the look out for cute clothes that fit my budget!

  5. Hii..!!!
    I love collecting hats and own so many of them that I am out of space of now but still I keep buying them. I would love to add at-least three or four of them to my collection.
    Thanks for the post buddy..!!!

  6. Protecting our skin from the sun is the best way to avoid any skin allergies or even skin cancer. The ray of the sun is not like the old times that it provides vitamins now the ray of the sun provide danger due to UV rays.

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