Spring Vacation Vibes… Who’s With Me?

spring break vibes | by the skinny confidential

Frankie’s Bikinis Marley Bikini Topshop Lace Caftan Cover-Up Whim by Martha Stewart Flamingo Beach Towel Vix June Cover-Up Silk Maxi Skirt SunnyLife Inflatable Watermelon Panama hat Acure Organics Sunscreen SPF 30

Told you guys I was in a serious vacation mood.

Above are some of the absolutely essential items for vacation. You 100%, absolutely should not leave home without them!

I think the watermelon floaty is my favorite, LOL!

Where are you going on vacation this spring / summer?



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9 replies to “Spring Vacation Vibes… Who’s With Me?”

  1. Hi Lauryn- I need your help! I’m going to Austin in April for a bachelorette party and am already outfit planning. The problem is, most of my wardrobe is sharp, sophisticated pieces for my NYC corporate job. Any suggestions for a few hip, warm weather outfits I can purchase, that won’t look like I’m “trying too hard”?? HELP!

  2. Going to Cabo for my 21st on June 19th!! Seriously so excited. I’ve never been to Mexico! I was thinking about going to Vegas and then thought what a bore, lol. I’m not a big club or bar person whatsoever, unless I’m at a really good concert so I figured I wouldn’t fit in in Vegas. But Cabo will 100% be perfect for me. Btw, you definitely inspired Cabo for me!

  3. Ugh do a how-to post on how to make these collages! You’re so good at it and I just can’t lol. Great selections, watermelon is my favorite too! Perfect for a backyard stay cation in the pool!