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Spring Vacation Vibes… Who’s With Me?

spring break vibes | by the skinny confidential

Frankie’s Bikinis Marley Bikini Topshop Lace Caftan Cover-Up Whim by Martha Stewart Flamingo Beach Towel Vix June Cover-Up Silk Maxi Skirt SunnyLife Inflatable Watermelon Panama hat Acure Organics Sunscreen SPF 30

Told you guys I was in a serious vacation mood.

Above are some of the absolutely essential items for vacation. You 100%, absolutely should not leave home without them!

I think the watermelon floaty is my favorite, LOL!

Where are you going on vacation this spring / summer?


  1. Hi Lauryn- I need your help! I’m going to Austin in April for a bachelorette party and am already outfit planning. The problem is, most of my wardrobe is sharp, sophisticated pieces for my NYC corporate job. Any suggestions for a few hip, warm weather outfits I can purchase, that won’t look like I’m “trying too hard”?? HELP!

    1. Hi Jess! Yes definitely stay tuned this week! I’m posting a ton of Spring Vacation and Cabo looks.

      Also email me at and I’ll give you some more recs.

      Thanks for reading! xx

  2. Going to Cabo for my 21st on June 19th!! Seriously so excited. I’ve never been to Mexico! I was thinking about going to Vegas and then thought what a bore, lol. I’m not a big club or bar person whatsoever, unless I’m at a really good concert so I figured I wouldn’t fit in in Vegas. But Cabo will 100% be perfect for me. Btw, you definitely inspired Cabo for me!

  3. Ugh do a how-to post on how to make these collages! You’re so good at it and I just can’t lol. Great selections, watermelon is my favorite too! Perfect for a backyard stay cation in the pool!

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