25 Things

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger from San Diego with her chihuahua, Pixy Bean.

25 Things

1.) There’s to-do lists in my purse, on my computer, & in my car [ OCD… ].

2.) I love light beer: Corona Light, Heineken Light, & Red Stripe Light.

3.) I have two sisters & one brother.

4.) My room is all white with hints of black & grey. 

5.) Pixy has a different nickname every week. Some include Bogue, Gru, Lover-Do, Love of my Life, the Most Beautiful Girl in the World, Wellllllllllington & Mue. 

6.) Favorite books: Valley of the Dolls & Shantaram.

7.) I love playing tennis with my Dad.

8.) Sunscreen is on my face/neck almost 24/7.

9.) Latest obsession: all-natural Ciao Bella key lime graham gelato.

10.) The best nights are spent in my pajamas, in bed, reading, with a glass of white wine.

11.) I have a perverse, sick man-like sense of humor.

12.) Hashtags such as #blessed, #lovemylife, #winning, tend to #annoy #me.

13.) Most of my best friends are older than me.

14.) If I don’t eat every couple of hours, I get hypoglycemic. 

15.) Prisons intrigue me.

16.) I have to workout regularly or I feel depressed.

17.) Best feeling ever? A clean house & a mani/pedi.

18.) I faint when I see needles, literally. Faint.

19.) Food weakness: chips & salsa.

20.) I love, love, love anything creative.

21.) Michael & I cook together every weekend.

23.) I believe everyone should be the best version of themselves.

22.) Girl crush? Amber Heard.

24.) Totally addicted to online shopping.

25.) I aspire to be my own boss.

What’s something quirky/funny/weird about you?

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16 replies to “25 Things”

    1. They’re used for emphasizing a sentence (after the fact). For instance: “I had the best meal ever last night #lovemylife.”

      They’re super annoying for some reason!

      ; )

  1. Your #10 is quite similar to one of my quirky things! I love a day in bed on my computer blogging and reading other blogs with a hot cup of coffee! I also would love to be my own boss one day but don’t we all?! 😉 Something weird about me is that I have to change my nail polish color every three days! Love this post! xoxo

  2. Love your blog! I am also curious about what kind of sunscreen you use. I just can’t find one that I am willing to use everyday. The smell makes me gag, plus who wants to smell like you spent all day at a water park? haha