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25 Things

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger from San Diego with her chihuahua, Pixy Bean.

25 Things

1.) There’s to-do lists in my purse, on my computer, & in my car [ OCD… ].

2.) I love light beer: Corona Light, Heineken Light, & Red Stripe Light.

3.) I have two sisters & one brother.

4.) My room is all white with hints of black & grey. 

5.) Pixy has a different nickname every week. Some include Bogue, Gru, Lover-Do, Love of my Life, the Most Beautiful Girl in the World, Wellllllllllington & Mue. 

6.) Favorite books: Valley of the Dolls & Shantaram.

7.) I love playing tennis with my Dad.

8.) Sunscreen is on my face/neck almost 24/7.

9.) Latest obsession: all-natural Ciao Bella key lime graham gelato.

10.) The best nights are spent in my pajamas, in bed, reading, with a glass of white wine.

11.) I have a perverse, sick man-like sense of humor.

12.) Hashtags such as #blessed, #lovemylife, #winning, tend to #annoy #me.

13.) Most of my best friends are older than me.

14.) If I don’t eat every couple of hours, I get hypoglycemic. 

15.) Prisons intrigue me.

16.) I have to workout regularly or I feel depressed.

17.) Best feeling ever? A clean house & a mani/pedi.

18.) I faint when I see needles, literally. Faint.

19.) Food weakness: chips & salsa.

20.) I love, love, love anything creative.

21.) Michael & I cook together every weekend.

23.) I believe everyone should be the best version of themselves.

22.) Girl crush? Amber Heard.

24.) Totally addicted to online shopping.

25.) I aspire to be my own boss.

What’s something quirky/funny/weird about you?

  1. I hate hashtags too! I have some friends on Facebook who use hashtags to describe moods. :<

    1. They’re used for emphasizing a sentence (after the fact). For instance: “I had the best meal ever last night #lovemylife.”

      They’re super annoying for some reason!

      ; )

  2. Your #10 is quite similar to one of my quirky things! I love a day in bed on my computer blogging and reading other blogs with a hot cup of coffee! I also would love to be my own boss one day but don’t we all?! 😉 Something weird about me is that I have to change my nail polish color every three days! Love this post! xoxo

  3. Just come across this blog! Really inspirational, so excited to kick start my healthy eating again, but this time make it a change for life.
    Thank you

  4. Love your blog! I am also curious about what kind of sunscreen you use. I just can’t find one that I am willing to use everyday. The smell makes me gag, plus who wants to smell like you spent all day at a water park? haha

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