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“22 Jumpstreet” Star Amber Stevens Talks Fitness, Diet, & Channing Tatum’s Dance Moves

The Skinny Confidential talks with Amber Stevens. The Skinny Confidential talks with Amber Stevens.


We’re all on the same page when I say Channing Tatum is pretty sexxxxy, right?!

So when I got the opportunity to interview co-star, Amber Stevens ( << who’s so beautiful it should be a crime!! ), I was SOOOOoooo excited. Amber is the upcoming female lead in “22 Jump Street” & pretty much a shining examples of healthy living.

This babe takes amazing care of her skin, has great makeup tips to attain that dewy look, AND she’s a talented actress. I’m also loving her philosophy on working out.

So check Amber out & don’t forget to see her movie which is in theaters now!! xx.

| Tell us about yourself. |

Amber Stevens: Well, my name is Amber Stevens…I grew up in Los Angeles & I’ve never left! I’ve traveled to a lot of places and I still think it’s the best city in the world. My mom was a model and my dad is a pretty well known radio personality/actor, Shadoe Stevens.

Growing up in the industry definitely influenced my decision to give acting a try. I began modeling when I was in the seventh grade, just doing shoots for catalogues: Target, Macy’s, Seventeen Magazine, YM Magazine ( agh, remember that one?! ) & other teen publications. Eventually that turned into commercial acting and after high school I gave TV and film acting a real shot.

My manager’s still the same man who got me started when I was seventeen ( shout-out to my BFF )! I still can’t believe I’m an actress, it doesn’t seem real. I’m just gonna keep at it until the universe tells me otherwise!

| Your movie is coming out, give us the scoop. |

AS: “22 Jump Street” ( the sequel to “21 Jump Street” ) stars Channing Tatum & Jonah Hill as undercover cops in college to investigate a campus drug ring death. I play Maya, a cool art student Jonah’s character investigates and the two develop a somewhat romantic relationship. The movie is hilarious and fun –and dare I say, even better than the first one!

The Skinny Confidential talks with Amber Stevens.

| How did you stay healthy while filming the movie? |

AS: I’m a fairly healthy person in my everyday life but we were filming in New Orleans & I knew I’d want to indulge in some good Southern eats! Before leaving town I ate as clean as possible to prep myself. In NOLA I was living in a hotel on and off for three months, so while I was there I worked out in the hotel gym almost every day. While on set I tried to avoid sugary snacks & eat vegetables whenever possible.

| Weekly workout tips when you’re not filming? |

AS: Find an activity you enjoy and it won’t feel like a workout. I enjoy hot yoga at a studio that plays really fun music during class, so time flies and before I know it I’ve had an intense workout while having fun. Also, I always work out with a friend. It motivates me when I need to keep a commitment to myself and a friend!

| Ok, so you’re gorgeous (!!!), what’s your beauty routine? |

AS: Haha! Thank you! I wear make-up every day so it’s important that I wash and exfoliate daily. I use an all natural beauty care system called Dr. Alkaitis. It’s improved my skin drastically. Every morning I wash my face, apply eye cream and a daytime moisturizer, preferably one with an SPF.

At night I wash with my Clarasonic brush, exfoliate, apply toner, a spot treatment, eye cream, & finally a nighttime moisturizer.

And obviously I always brush and floss my teeth! It’s a long routine but worth every minute!

The Skinny Confidential talks with Amber Stevens.

| Favorite healthy snack? |

AS: I love a good green juice, almonds, or any fruit or baby carrots with hummus or guacamole. I never have any snacks in my house that would make me feel guilty. Fuji apples are great for my sweet tooth!

| How did you get movie-ready? |

AS: I love to eat, so sometimes it’s hard to keep my portion sizes in control. Before filming I ordered my meals from a delivery food system Zen Foods. Their food is pre-portioned so I don’t have to think about it…and it’s delicious! And I started doing more weight training at the gym with my friend. Again, I always work out with a friend!

| Quick skinny tip? |

AS: Always keep a healthy snack on hand so you don’t get too hungry and say “screw it!” And before reaching for munchies, drink some water…you’re likely just thirsty!

| Makeup tips/tricks? |

AS: The Beauty Blender is the best way to apply foundation. It makes for a dewy, streak-free finish. I always wear a little bit of eye liner on the inside of my lid and on my top lash line. It gives the illusion of thicker lashes. And don’t neglect the rest of your body! Use body oil or lotion every day after the shower.

| Any behind the scenes goodness you can share with us? |

AS: Jonah & I would play backgammon on set in-between set ups. He also likes to play DJ, so we listened to a lot of underground hip-hop. Jillian Bell & I did a lot of talking to each other in silly British accents. Her’s is much better than mine. And yes, Channing is ALWAYS dancing. Always!!

The Skinny Confidential talks to Amber Stevens.

| What’s in your bag? |

AS: Chapstick, blotting papers, sunglasses, & lots of old receipts…and usually ALL my makeup. I don’t know why, I rarely reapply.

| Quick, easy, healthy recipe you love? |

AS: I love to cook comfort food, but I try to save the hearty recipes for the holidays. During the rest of the year I like to cook guilt-free versions so I can still eat till it hurts!

Here’s a favorite recipe from Skinny Taste for Zucchini Lasagna. It’s not so quick, but it’s worth the time and effort. This one’s a crowd pleaser!

Note: I like to make it with regular mozzarella cheese instead of part-skim & some tomato paste.

But if you don’t have this much time, try this: mix greek yogurt, a little honey, some almond butter and a dash of cinnamon. It’s an amazing dip for apples!

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++ Check Amber out on Conan here:

The Skinny Confidential talks with Amber Stevens.

  1. She is so gorgeous! For a second I thought she was Bonnie from TVD!
    Going to see the movie next week – let’s hope its good!! 😀

  2. Great interview! I love her attitude to a healthy life 🙂 Just quickly, the link for her recipe isn’t working, do you know where we may find it? xx

  3. Don’t smack me but… I actually don’t find Channing Tatum to be all that good looking. He was STUDLY in SHES THE MAN – but otherwise, Meh. 22 Jump Street is flipping HYSTERICAL THOUGH! Totally recommend it !!

    And Amber = STUNNING!

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