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Happy 2019!

I thought it would fun to give you a post that showcases all the top favorite posts from 2018 so you have it all in one spot. You can use this as a resource for 2019.

Think of it as your one-stop-shop to have all these posts in one place.

With that, here are the favorite TSC posts from 2018:

Top Posts

+ woo more play
+ morning routine
+ live podcast with cupcakes & cashmere
+ live with intention
+ the most important post I’ve ever written
+ 9 badass habits
+ facial massage
+ face shaving
+ boob job 2
+ the god of facial massage

I’ve also compiled my top 10 podcast episodes. These are episodes that really resonated with me, & that I know resonated with the community too.

Top Podcasts

+ Dr. Dennis Gross
+ Wednesday Martin
+ Dr. Steven Gundry
+ Suzy Batiz
+ Jillian Michaels
+ Ed Mylett
+ Shaman Durek
+ Dr. Michael Gervais
+ Aubrey Marcus
+ Babes on a Budget

2018 best podcast episodes
Top YouTube Videos

+ drugstore must haves
+ facial steaming
+ AM skincare routine
+ PM skincare routine
+ at home facial massage
+ gua sha tips
+ how to clear a breakout
+ fiber coffee
+ makeup organization
+ tips for anxiety & depression

If you want a streamlined list of all my favorite things from 2018, be sure you stalk this post that was inspired by Queen Oprah.

Hope you guys are having the best start to the year ever, & it’s super super productive.

Happy Monday,

x, lauryn

+ get your wellness on track for 2019 with this TSC section.

Lauryn’s Favorite Things

  1. The most important post you ever wrote was genuinely the most important post. I lost my mother when I was young as well & it was shocking to learn you had too. It was something I kept hidden for most of my life until high school when I told a couple close close close friends. Over the last couple of years I’ve opened up more, so I admire your ability to be vulnerable because it can be soul-wrenching sometimes. Thanks Lauryn! :]

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