Bridal Shower Ponytail Moment

Updated: February 15, 2017


I love a good ponytail.

Really nothing better.

I feel like so many women hide behind their hair ( I AM GUILTY OF THIS ) & a ponytail screams confidence, sex appeal, and gives off a total “I don’t give a F” vibe.

As some of you know from Snapchat, my lavender & lemon themed bridal shower was on Saturday at Herb & Wood. This was the perfect opportunity to ponytail it UP. Of course, we opened a bottle of rosé & made it a little pre-bridal shower party.

Here’s the thing about ponytails: they can be effortless while being oh-so-sexy at the same time. I am a fan of covering the band ( definitely go for a nude toned holder always ) with a little bit of the hair.

Since some of you guys Snapped me asking about achieving the perfect pony, I figured LET’S DO A POST ON IT! It’s so easy – really anyone can do it.


My favorite SD hair stylist, Shawn is BACK ( you may recognize Shawn from this post ! ).

Hey guys! I’m Shawn.

First things first, we washed Lauryn’s hair. Next up, drying the hair: I used Lauryn’s favorite blow dryer ( she loves it because it’s white…haha, I love it because it’s quick & doesn’t damage the hair ). After her hair was dry, I flat ironed Lauryn’s hair to make it very, VERY sleek. We decided on a middle part to give it a more severe, intense look.

You can do a high pony, a low pony or what we decided on was something kinda between the two. I would recommend something thicker than a thin rubber band so you can really secure the pony. Keep the hair tie nude. If your hair is on the finer side then maybe do a thinner one to avoid it from sliding.

Before you wrap the rubber band around the pony, take a comb to really make sure the top is sleek and you don’t have any random hairs popping up. Once you have the ponytail secure with the band, spray with a good hold hairspray to avoid any flyaway hairs.


OK! Now to hide the rubber band…because let’s face it, it looks so much more chic when it’s hidden. Lauryn & I definitely prefer the illusion that the ponytail is wrapped by the hair. It’s super easy. Take a strand from the outside of the pony. Wrap that strand clockwise until you’ve covered the rubber band. Once that’s done, take a bobby pin where the end of that strand is and try to pin it into the ponytail ( where the rubber band is ) to try to hide the pin.

For products: we added a dime-size amount of oil ( you know how Lauryn loves her oils, lol ) to smooth the pony to prevent fly-aways. We used Ghost Oil, a restorative oil that hydrates the hair. For shine, we did a dime-size amount of Living Proof Nourishing Oil ( this is great for color damaged hair too ). Lastly, Lauryn wanted to smell good so we did a few drops of Madam C.J. Walker’s Coconut Oil…& VOILA! A perfect pony.

Steps simplified:

1.) Wash & dry hair.

2.) Straighten hair. Keep it sleek.

3.) Part down the middle, secure a ponytail, not too high, not too low.

4.) Take a strand from the outside of the pony. Wrap that strand clockwise until you’ve covered the rubber band.

5.) Add some fly-away oil & nourishing oil to protect the hair, & some coconut oil for smell.

Products used:

T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i ( best blow-dryer there is )

Ghost Oil ( love this stuff, no parabens / sulfates / Phthalates & has tons of essential nutrients! )

Living Proof Nourishing Oil ( again no parabens / sulfates / phthalates & protects the hair )

Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture Scent & Shine Coconut Oil ( no silicone or artificial colors for its sweet vanilla coconut smell! )


The best part? MY MAGICAL OILS made me smell delicious. A real plus when you’re not the biggest deodorant fan. But you guys know how obsessed I am with OILS. I can’t stop. I think they’re the cure for everything.

Like I said, all of these products used are free of parabens, sulfates, & phthalates which is just the way to go if possible. I found them all at Sephora. There is nothing better than a good Sephora run. I always ask the girls that work there 6 million questions & they always have the BEST beauty products. This medley will be on repeat in Mexico. In fact, these are the only three oils I’m bringing.

Ok, TA-DA easy bridal hair that anyone & everyone can achieve. I’m going to try this look again in Mexico ( maybe I’ll Snapchat it? Thoughts? ).

To book with Shawn, e-mail her: & / or contact her via Instagram. & of course, let us know what other hair styles you’re interested in seeing.

Happy Friday!

Talk soon, lauryn x

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++ you can find my earrings here/dress here.

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  • Looove a good ponytail…definitely don’t rock one often enough. Pretty much only when I’m at the gym : ( but I should really change that up. Thanks for the inspo xoxo

    • They’re so easy and instantly chic. Definitely give it a try soon Lauren! xx

  • Love this look and absolutely love that white blow dryer, so glad you included the link where to buy it!

    I also can’t get over how much I love this hairstyle, and all 3 of those oils sound incredible, thanks for letting us in on your beauty secrets Lauryn!

    • I would die without oils!! I hope you love them all : ) xx

  • Jennifer

    Wow, I love those pearl earrings. Very snazzy! I am too jealous of your ponytail to even comment. :)
    I have bought a few of the beauty boxes from Sephora that come with different things – perfumes, Korean beauty, hair masks. They are nice!

    • They have the best products to try! You’re so sweet Jennifer. Thank you : ) xx

  • Christine

    Hey L! Where are the pearl earrings from? Obsessed!

  • Alexandria

    Love it! What kind of extensions do you use?

    • I use clip-ins from The Hair Shop! So amazing. xx

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  • Ah! Love this! Where is the clutch from?


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  • Wow, I love your ponytail. So simple yet super clean and beautiful look. I will bookmark your blog here. This could be my ponytail for this coming Christmas party. It would be a perfect ponytail for my jumpsuits for women on sale. Thank you so much for a beautiful blog. Really love your post here because it is so perfect guide for beauty tips.


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