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My Big Winter Plans (AKA A Roaring Fire, Spiked Hot Chocolate, & Cute Clothes)

Updated: August 12, 2015

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Recently HauteLook & Nordstrom Rack approached me to let me know about their North Face end of season sale.

I don’t know about you but I LOVEEEE NORTH FACE for colder weather. And I’m really hoping colder weather is in my near future. Currently trying to convince Michael that we absolutely NEED a cold weather trip. We’ve got a lot of tropical, hot vacations down but I’m very much feeling a ski bunny-esque vacation.

( Mainly because I want to utilize the teal ski Emoji on an Instagram caption, but that’s neither here nor there ).

I envision myself in head to toe North Face, sipping a spiked hot chocolate by the roaring fire after a full day of skiing ( not snowboarding, skiing is sexier to me for some reason ). And naturally, I see myself in Aspen specifically ( take note, hunny ).

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Is this just me or does everyone else in the world have visions like this?

Anyway, since this vision is so crystal clear, I naturally jumped at the chance to stock up on North Face. Especially since there’s a end of season sale ( << up to 40% off markdowns!! ). Don’t twist my arm— I LOVE A GOOD SALE.

Here’s a little fun way to style some of these looks too:

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These photos are picks of some of my favorites. I leave them lying around the house so Michael can ask “Lauryn, why is there a sweater & a poncho on the floor in the middle of summer?”

I’ll casually laugh & just say: “that’s for our November Aspen trip, babe.”

Gotta plant my winter wonderland seed somehow.

What’s your favorite look out of all these? I think mine is definitely the white sweater with the teal North Face logo ( << $32 bucks! ). I feel like it will go well on Instagram with the teal ski Emoji.

– lauryn, x

+ sale details: sale begins 8 AM PST on 8/11. Shop the event here. Happy shopping!

++ white tee | blue sweater | white & teal sweater | sports bra | black sweatshirt | gold choker | red lipstick

{ pics & video }

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  • your vision sounds pretty ideal!
    kristin | W [H] A T C H recently posted..LONG RUN: HOW TO SUCCEEDMy Profile

    • Haha, thanks Kristin! It’s a very clear vision! x

  • Whitney Paige

    LOVE The North Face! And cold weather it’s my fave.

    I have a couple of random questions:

    1. Is is like a thing to start to feel sick once you start eating healthier? On days that I eat healthier I feel like I’m going to throw up. And if so is there any way to combat that?

    2. What are some cool places to visit in LA? My husband and I are going to be out there in October but have no idea what there is to do.

    Thanks! :)

    • Sure!

      1.) Yes, you have diet flu! Totally normal. This will go away.
      2.) Laurel Hardware, Alfred’s Coffee, Nektar Juice Bar, Urth Cafe, Cafe Gratitude, & BOA are some of my favorites! x

      Thanks for reading, Whitney! x

  • love the white sweater Lauryn!
    Kara recently posted..Look For Less: Kylie Jenner’s 18th Birthday DressMy Profile

    • Thanks cutie! It’s so comfortable!

  • Love the white North Face hoodie. May have to go grab that! :)
    Michelle recently posted..How I Made $25,138 Online In July Plus My 4 Year BlogiversaryMy Profile

    • It’s a total staple! x

  • Eliza

    Hey girl! Whats the name on the song in the video? You look gorgeoussss!

  • Yoona

    You should come to a whistler BC for skiing! You can do a Vancouver/Whistler trip!

  • Haha, your vision sounds perfect to me for about five minutes. Then after that my toes and fingers have gone numb and I’m ready to go back inside for some coffee or hot chocolate! Yet I would totally recommend it and say you need to go skiing (or snowboarding) & have that true winter experience (I’m just going to assume San Diego / LA won’t give you that)??
    Sara Hadar recently posted..Living in the Moment: Reality & KindnessMy Profile

    • Yay. Love that we’re on the same page ; ). SD and LA have no snow! BOO.

  • Love, love, love North Face – I had no idea this sale was even a thing, so I absolutely will stock up – thanks for sharing this sale! Agreed on both: 1. the white/teal sweatshirt and 2. Skiing is way sexier. Your vision is pure perfection and def needs to happen. My secret to convince the boy on where to go is to find just bomb places: restaurants, bars, hotels, spas, golf (<– always works for mine even if it is -4895349875 degrees outside), and email him just being like "oh wow – have you seen this? this place looks amazing!" or a simple "wow" – works like a charm! If you need some ammo, show him the Little Nell (hey they have a fireplace) and Justice Snow's in Aspen (srsly one of the coolest bars EVER – the menu is ridiculous). Just trying to help! 😉 #sendlauryntoaspen x

  • North Face is my go to for winter wear for sure as well as just activewear in general. Their 3 in 1 jackets are an outdoor girl’s best friend!
    Jessie @ Chasing Belle recently posted..a meditation on natureMy Profile

  • Erin

    #hairgoals!! seriously, I need to get on the sleep bun train ASAP your hair looks amaze!

    • TOTAL sleep bun. But it’s kinda green from Mexico. LOL!

  • OMG OMG I love this video, so CUTE and so many ideas :) Thank you for sharing xo C
    Courtney Bentley recently posted..Does Fruit Make You Fat?My Profile

  • The white sweater is so cool! & if you need cold weather and winter feel free to stop by Denmark! We have had two weeks of summer this year. That’s it! :)
    Heidi Kokborg recently posted..Fruit attack smoothieMy Profile

  • Living in Utah, I feel like summer is useless- hello no water?!? SO I am really excited about ski season once again! Thanks for the cuttttte clothing ideas!

    Katie @ Katie Wanders
    Katie recently posted..Napa Valley, California (Dog friendly trip!)My Profile

  • North Face is my favorite winter staple.

    Nothing is more comfy post autumn/winter workout than a big comfy North Face hoodie or fleece, with leggings and Uggs. So basic (haha), but I just love it!
    MacKenzie recently posted..Clean Eating and Candice KumaiMy Profile

  • I feel ya, I am so over this super hot weather!!! Love the teal lined sweater and your lip color x
    Kim Malachowski recently posted..This & That |Weekend EditionMy Profile

  • I’m so in love with The North Face, so I’m so glad to have read this!!!
    I’m also so ready for fall. I love long sleeves and hoodie weather.
    Annette @ Sweating Through Life recently posted..Weddings and WaterfallsMy Profile