Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, fashion, & health.

Why Dry Brushing Is The Freaking Shit

Updated: January 3, 2017

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, fashion, & health.

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, fashion, & health.
Hi, I’m Lauryn & I’m addicted ( like, absolutely totally addicted ) to dry brushing.

Ya, dry brushing.

I’m not talking about brushing your teeth/hair/brows/whatever.

I’m talking about your bod.

Soooo. What the F is dry brushing anyway?

First things first: if you read my previous dry brushing post, you’ll remember I’m enthralled with the lymph system ( I walk around hitting myself daily ). I find it so interesting because there’s so many different elements & it seems like people forget about their poor, little lymph system.

This post also provided more of an explanation stating: “waking up the lymph system gets rid of excess fluid, bacteria, viruses, and cell waste. The lymphs act as check points along the passways of the vessels. And when they’re working well, we feel strong, healthy, and energized.”

& dry brushing stimulates the lymph system.

Cool, right?

But wait.

Let’s also explore what Mind Body Green says, “what is the largest organ in the body? What is one of the most important elimination organs in the body, playing a large role in daily detoxification? What organ receives a third of all the blood that is circulated in the body? When the blood is full of toxic materials, what organ will reflect this with problems? What organ is the last to receive nutrients in the body, yet the first to shows signs of imbalance or deficiency?”

Answer for all: the skin!

Which brings me to dry brushing: brushing the skin.

But dry. LOL.

Check out the benefits:

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, fashion, & health.

All the cool-ass benefits: dry brushing removes dead skin ( << because no one wants dead skin ), improves circulation, gets rid of cellulite ( yes, you heard that correctly. Cellulite-! ), sheds dead skin, rejuvenates the nervous system, eliminates clogged pores ( which help to better absorb nutrients ), & gives ya a major energy boost.


I found exact directions from Mind Body Green; check it:

1.} Start on dry skin before bathing & work in gentle circular, upward motions, then longer, smoother strokes. You can use an exfoliate too ( I like this one ).

2.} Always begin at the ankles in upwards movements towards the heart – the lymphatic fluid flows through the body towards the heart, so it’s important that you brush in the same direction.

3.} Your back is the only exception to the preceding rule; brush from the neck down to the lower back.

4.} After you’ve finished with the ankles, move up to the lower legs, thighs, stomach, back and arms. Be cautious of softer and sensitive skin around the chest & breasts, and never brush over inflamed skin, sores, sun-burnt skin, or skin cancer. ( Also: ensure you shower to wash away the dead skin cells and impurities ).

Tip: alternating temperatures in the shower from hot to cold will further invigorate the skin and stimulate blood circulation, bring more blood to the outer layers of the skin.

Then follow it up with a slick moisturizer to nourish the skin— coconut oil works great!

Anyway, in America, ESP, most people’s circulation needs improvement.

Like realllll bad.

Many of us sit at desks for hours & hours without enough movement; circulation is key!

So on that note, start brushing your body, k?

Oh, & have no fear- this is def NOT my last post on the lymph system. I will research this until I’m dead.

K thx, bye.

x L

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Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, fashion, & health.