Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, fashion blogger, and health blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss by using a juice cleanse.

Don’t Go Stuffing Your Face with Shit After the Juice Cleanse Ends!

Updated: August 19, 2016

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, fashion blogger, and health blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss by using a juice cleanse.

Almost done with Suja’s three day cleanse.

I’m bouncing off the walls with energy, feeling healthy, & definitely wayyyy less bloated.


Just because I’m off the cleanse tomorrow doesn’t mean I’ll be stuffing my face with crap. Hello portion control, clean eating, & water x a mill. I want this Suja buzz to last, peeps.

Naturally I asked Annie all her top secret post-cleanse tips:

+ Don’t go hog wild. I mean, you just detoxed your system. Eating until you feel like you’re going to puke is sick. Give your system a break. So: do not, I repeat, do not eat whatever the hell you want. K thx.

+ If you do decide to shovel food into your mouth the day after a cleanse, then. be. prepared to. feel. horrible. Your digestive system is a like giant that’s been sleeping…& he doesn’t want to be violently shaken awake. Leave the giant alone. Let the big guy wake up slowly ; ).

+ Breakfast: fruit. Tons of it. Alone, on an empty stomach.

+ Lunch/dinner: eat beans, avocado, chickpeas, sweet pototo, hummus, veggies, gluten-free grains, brown rice, wild rice, quinoa, millet,  nuts, seeds, broths, veggie soups, pumpkin seeds, coconut milk, fruit, smoothies, etc.

+ Drink as much h20 as possible. Bottoms up!

+ Just because you’re off cleanse doesn’t mean you shouldn’t juice. Juice it up, sex kittens! I’ll def be drinking some green juice toms.


Oh, & if you’re curious I will be celebrating with a glass ( or two ) of champagne tomorrow.

So sue me.

Ok, well I’m off to chug more juice & not going to lie, I’m excited! For reals. Maybe a lil too excited.


Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.
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  • AMAZING AGAIN! LOVE YOU. This has been soooo fun with you!

  • you’re making me want to try this cleanse with all your excitement!
    Tiare recently posted..5 Ways to Stay Persistent with Your GoalsMy Profile

  • Hey! I found your blog on “bloglovin” I just wanted to say I am trying to loose weight these days and I’ve been thinking about doing a cleanse because I hear lots of positive feedback from them. But congrats on making it through the cleanse and I completely agree that you shouldn’t eat whatever you want afterwards!

    Olivia Johnson recently posted..The Start of Something GreatMy Profile

  • OMG Lauryn:) Its like the youtube instagram:) juice and its also boobs;)

    I feel the same about their juices. LOVE LOVE LOVE Them.

  • Love hearing about you juice cleanse!

    Any suggestions for juice brands in NYC? Suja sounds great, but the shipping across the country is a beast.


  • Christina

    I loved hearing about your experience and how you plan on keeping up a healthy lifestyle after your juice cleanse! I am an avid juicer myself and definitely make sure to keep up the healthy lifestyle year round. I am really into the repair & enhance cleanse from Juice Crafters in LA.. if you have not tried it yet, I definitely recommend it! The juices are really fresh and tasty. Plus the staff is really helpful at guiding you through the juicing process!

  • I’m trying to find some good Juice for a cleans in austria. But it’s hard.
    Has anyone ideas?
    Syfly recently posted..Haferbrei mit Nüssen und Obst – Porridge with nuts and fruitsMy Profile