My Favorite Workout: Core40 Pilates

Updated: April 29, 2016

Lauryn Evarts, Pilates instructor, fitness blogger, health blogger, and fashion blogger talks skinny tips and tricks.

Lauryn Evarts, Pilates instructor, fitness blogger, health blogger, and fashion blogger talks skinny tips and tricks.

Can I say that I die over this workout? Die= I & also meaning it’s incredibly hard…in all the right ways. For the past couple of months, at least four times a week, I’ve been attending classes at Core40. I’m addicted {!!!}.

Why? It’s high intensity, high energy Proformer Pilates with uplifting music [ they also offer an insane spin class too ]. After forty minutes, I leave the studio feeling strong, motivated, & dripping in sweat. The workout is all about creating that long & lean muscle. I’m also teaching it now- so come see me? Ok, ok, here’s all the deets:

+ Describe the new & improved BodyROK.

Core40: We’re so excited about our new brand- Core40 Studios! When we first opened in Solana Beach as Sculpt over three years ago, we offered only the incredible sculpting benefits of SPX Pilates [ aka Lagree Fitness]. With the addition of our indoor cycle program about a year ago, the studios have evolved into such a unique concept with the sculpt, the cycle, & the motivating vibe, that it was time to bring it all under this exciting new brand. Another new development is our partnership with the amazing surf photographer, Aaron Chang, whose photographs are now gracing our walls. Who doesn’t want to gaze into beautiful ocean art while getting an amazing workout?! We are the same studio, same body sculpting workouts, same incredible community– just a new name and a sleeker look! :)

+ How many classes per week does it take to see results?

C40: Three to four times a week is the best bet. Since it’s a form of strength training we recommend taking every other day to give the muscles a chance to recover, but you can always take a cycle/spin class in between to mix it up!

+ Which parts of the body transform the quickest?

C40: Abs & buns! The machine allows you to do exercises focused on the abs & obliques that really sculpt them- fast! And we have so many awesome moves for lifting and toning the buns: even lunges done on the Proformer do the trick for the backside more so than with any other method.

Lauryn Evarts, Pilates instructor, fitness blogger, health blogger, and fashion blogger talks skinny tips and tricks.

+ Best part of teaching at Core40?

C40: Watching people transform is definitely one of the best parts of the job. We see people of all ages [ 20’s to late 60’s ] slim down, tone up, & become stronger- it’s incredible. All of the sudden we notice their arms looking more defined, waists whittling, & buns lifting- everything that we work out for!

Another plus: time efficiency. You work out for forty to fifty minutes a day & see results in about three to four WEEKS. Can’t beat that!

+ What makes this workout stand out?

C40: Our method is based on slow movements & isometric holds while keeping the heart rate up throughout the whole class. If you do things at a slower pace, it digs in to the slow twitch fibers that build the long lean muscle that we all dream about. And the isometric holds send the muscles in to that exhaustion state- all you can take is forty minutes of this class. And…it’s so fun!

+ Describe Core40 in one sentence.

C40: #bestworkoutever.

++ For examples of the Core40 workout, click here. Also check out TSC feature on one of Core40’s fabulous teachers, Kim Kelly, here.

Lauryn Evarts, Pilates instructor, fitness blogger, health blogger, and fashion blogger talks skinny tips and tricks.

Lauryn Evarts, Pilates instructor, fitness blogger, health blogger, and fashion blogger talks skinny tips and tricks.

+ Pictured: Ashley Pelton & Whitney Sibley.

  • I just recently did a BodyRok class. It was amazing! My obliques were sore for like a whole weekend. I didn’t feel like it was overly hard during the workout but I definitely felt it after which was great!

    • laurynevarts

      Isn’t it fabulous? I’m always taking class at the Solana Beach BodyROK so maybe I’ll see you there : ))).

  • I found your blog from the comment section of cupcakes and cashmere

    I love your approach to life and fitness, so inspiring! I’m a san diego gal myself!
    Your about is super fun and unique.


    • laurynevarts

      Thanks doll! LOVE C & C. I’ll check out your blog too ; ). x

  • Sarah

    Hi Lauryn. You blog is bomb – everything I read here is fun and inspiring. This post has me looking for something like BodyROK here in Chicago. I currently do Pilates at Equinox but love the idea of sculpt & cycling. Any ideas? Thanks for sharing everything that you do!

    • laurynevarts

      Thx for reading, Sarah! I would google “Pilates Plus in Chicago” I am sure there are tons of options! xoxo

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  • Diane

    I always have such a hard time when I’m up at school during the year finding time and healthy recipes to incorporate into my life. All these different sites tell me useful tips and what not but I always end up feeling overwhelmed. I’m in love with you blog thought! It has everything I am looking for all in one place. I’m always trying your recipes and healthy variations on sinful foods, and especially trying new workouts and locations when I am back home in San Diego. THANK YOU!

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