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Updated: August 19, 2016

Lauryn Evarts talks with Jayde Nicole, Playmate of the Year and Playboy model about health and fitness tips.

When I met Jayde Nicole at her birthday party last year, I was completely motivated. Let me tell you, her figure is just as toned & fit in person, as you see in the pictures. I am so excited for her to be March’s Skinnista of the Month. Not only has she been named a Playmate of the Year, she also just launched a healthy-living website, Jayde Nicole Fitness and was on the hit MTV show “The Hills.” Thanks to Jayde for sharing her skinny secrets!

+ Describe your fitness background.

I have always been a health & fitness fanatic! I have been a vegetarian since I was about four years old. No one else in my family was, so as a child my diet was not great. When I turned about twelve I was told by my doctor I was malnourished & anemic. I started reading books, visiting professional nutritionists, & trainers to try to understand my body and what it needed to be completely healthy. Since then I have been a complete health & fitness junkie. I love learning about foods that can make your hair grow, clear up your skin, reduce stress, reduce the chances of cancer. Pretty much anything you need can be done through a proper diet and fitness program. Last year I made it official by becoming a Certified Personl Trainer and Fitness Nutritionist certified by the International Sports and Science Association.

+ Tell us about your Jayde Nicole fitness products:

JNF has an amazing line of supplements! We carry everything from fat burners, cellulite killers to fat free proteins, cleanses & multi- vitamins. It’s a one stop shop for anybody that is trying to loss weight, get in shape, and/or start a healthier life style. There are also all natural & actually work!

Lauryn Evarts talks with Jayde Nicole, Playmate of the Year and Playboy model about health and fitness tips.

+ Favorite product from your store?

I take & love all of them! The most popular supplement is The Supermodel Skinny. The Supermodel Skinny helps burn fat, boost the metabolism, suppress hunger,  and it promotes weight loss.

Quick skinny tip?

Switch all your beverages [ ex. juice, soda, etc. ] to water.

Skinny cocktail of choice?

Veev, water, & lime or Veev & Sprite Zero.

+ Favorite exercise?

All my favorite exercises are on my DVD [ found on her website ]. I like a workout you can do anywhere. I am not a huge fan of machines and I love to make my muscles multi-task by working several at the same time.

+ Healthy go-to snack?

I really focus on eating lots of fruits and vegetables & NO fast food or junk, just some dark chocolate for dessert. I also try to only drink green tea & water. I think people drink a lot of their daily calories and that adds to their weigh gain. I make my own healthy 100 calories packs and keep them on hand for when hunger hits.

Lauryn Evarts talks with Jayde Nicole, Playmate of the Year and Playboy model about health and fitness tips.

+ Motivation to stay in shape?

The beach! My boyfriend has a nighclub called Pink Kitty in Cabo. I’m there offen so I have to be in bikini shape year round, it is a big motivation for me.

+ Natural beauty product recommendation?

Most of my beauty routine is at night. I usually cleanse with my Clarisonic, tone, and use antioxidant vitamin serum. Then I use Eminence Mango Night Cream, a little nighttime eye cream, & then I get as much beauty sleep as possible! In the morning, I make sure I take my vitamins, eat healthy throughout the day, and drink plenty of water.

+ Follow Jayde on Facebook and Twitter here.

Lauryn Evarts talks with Jayde Nicole, Playmate of the Year and Playboy model about health and fitness tips.

Lauryn Evarts talks with Jayde Nicole, Playmate of the Year and Playboy model about health and fitness tips.

  • slynne

    I love all Jayde’s products. She really does practise what she preaches!!

  • Michelle

    I admire Jayde for wanting to have a healthier lifestyle, however, she was in my Barry’s Bootcamp class a couple months ago and could barely keep up. She never ran, always walked, and had to take a break every 15 minutes outside. I question how fit she really is and if she’s using her newfound title as a way to leave her Playboy image behind to make money. I don’t think we need another naturally thin “celebrity” endorsing products and saying how hard they work on their bodies and how they’ve always been healthy, especially when on The Hills, her diet was never anything but Jager or Tequila. But Lauren, I love your site and everything that you do, I just don’t think Jayde should be anyones role model for fitness. Jamie Eason is that :)

    • slynne

      While I respect your opinion, I believe you may be mis-informed. Im sure it isnt a surprise to anyone that all reality shows are about editting, and not reality, but even if you would like to stick to that story, The Hills were years ago. I do know Jayde and she often trains whether or not she is under the weather, so perhaps that may have been the case on that particular day. Jayde really does practise what she preaches and regurgitating a single incident may be a little myopic of you.

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  • It’s women like this that keep me in the gym and motivated. Thanks for sharing her story, I am excited to pop by her site.
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  • Elena Erlandson