Vodka Pomegranate Mojito’s

Updated: April 28, 2016
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Mint leaves & pomegranate seeds provide the freshest taste

Lately, I have taken a huge interest in herbs. Mint has so many benefits [ it has tons of minerals, rich in Vitamin A, C & B2 & is an antioxidant ], so I decided to create a skinny cocktail using this specific herb. As opposed to a regular mojito [ which normally contains rum ], I used vodka [ less calories! ]. A fun addition was the fresh pomegranate seeds & lime. This is super easy, has about 100 calories & is low on sugar. We enjoyed these skinny cocktails, while playing scrabble with Boardwalk Empire [ the guy with half a face steals the show ] in the background.

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Fresh grown mint

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My continued obsession with pretty, cocktail straws

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Crystal Head Vodka

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Fresh pomegranate seeds

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Skinny mojito’s






Vodka Pomegranate Mojito’s 

** Makes two cocktails


3.5 ounces of choice of vodka

1/2 cup pomegranate blueberry juice

6 ounces sparkling water [ I like the grapefruit Perrier ]

2 pomegranates [ remove seeds ]

1 small splash of triple sec

2 limes

1 handful of mint leaves

2 chilled glasses

2 handfuls of ice


Chill two glasses. Remove glasses and add pomegranate seeds to the bottom of each glass. In a bowl, use a muddler [ or a wooden spoon ] to press/muddle fresh mint, sliced lime and a splash of triple sec. Then, put ice cubes, 3 ounces of vodka & 1/2 cup of blueberry pomegranate juice in a martini shaker. Shake until the martini shaker is extremely cold. Strain contents in to two glasses & then add ice cubes. Over the drink add two splashes [ in each glass ] of grapefruit sparkling water. Do not shake the sparkling water in martini shakers; it will explode! Cheers with someone who provides great company!